Hilbert and Oshawott

The story of Hilbert and his partner Oshawott...

"If you have a dream...make that dream come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become the truth! If anyone can, it's you!"

Tales of the White Vast (Japanese: 白い広大な物語 Tales of the White Vast), otherwise known as Pokémon: Tales of the Vast White (ポケットモンスター 広大な白の物語 Pocket Monsters: Tales of the Vast White), or simply Pokémon (VanityX) is the animated adaptation of the Pokémon Black & White games and would subsequently escalate into adapting the proceeding generations and the subsequent ones as well.

It features the tale of a teenage boy named Hilbert, and his partner Oshawott, journeying throughout the world of Pokémon in hope to someday become the worlds greatest Pokémon Trainer. Meanwhile, a young named named N and his Snivy travel the world to understand the bonds between people and their Pokémon, which often acts as the subplot of the story.

The series currently has a total of seven sagas based on the different Pokémon video game installments.


Main Characters

Further information can be found in Hilbert's Friends.


Further information can be found in Rivals.

Oshawott Short

Oshawott shorts are anime shorts that feature almost exclusively Pokémon and chronicle miscellaneous adventures of Hilbert's Oshawott.

Truths & Ideals Saga


  • All of the protagonist usually begin with a Pokémon prior to receiving a Starter Pokémon or on-screen capture, the only exceptions were Hilbert, Cheren, Bianca, Hilda, and Lillie who didn't own any.
  • The Aqua vs. Magma Saga holds the record of having the most regions traveled to in a single story arc, while The Beautiful World Saga holds the record of having the least, only exploring Kalos.
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