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A Forged Path to Victory Saga is seventh upcoming saga in the Tales of the White Vast saga and is based on the core events of the Generation VIII games, Pokémon Sword and Shield. Like the previous sagas that came before, Hilbert and his Oshawott set off on a journey throguhout the Galar region where they're introduced to new friends and Pokémon. 

His confirmed traveling companions are Marnie, Sonia, Bede, Milo, and Allister.


Season 1

The Galar region is the main location of this saga.

Determined to find another new region in the world to explore, Hilbert (accompanied by Oshawott) have been lost at sea on a raft for presumably a long period of time with no signs of reaching any land, until they're rescued by a cruise ship, the ship captain soon informs them about the Galar region, and with a new outfit and reaffirmed ambition, the duo arrives at the new region.

Hilbert first arrives in Postwick, soon discovering a person that he never met before, a concert being held by a rockstar named Piers alongside his Galarian Zigzagoon. Hilbert expresses his excitement at the Pokémon that he's never seen before and immediately begs Piers if he can battle against the Zigzagoon with his Oshawott.

The two have a good battle together, which coincidentally gains the attraction of a talent scout named Chairman Rose who is quite impressed with Hilbert's battling skills, especially since finding an Oshawott in the Galar region is quite rare. Rose invites Hilbert to represent his sports team known as Team Royal in the Galar League, in order to make it to the league, he first must acquire all Gym Badges before competing.

Rose personally drives Hilbert to Wedgehurst where he is given the chance to meet many of his new friends and fellow teammates that are trying to compete in the Galar League as well, the team manager is Professor Magnolia, her granddaughter Sonia is the engineer and commentator, Marnie and Bede are contestants along with Hilbert, Milo is the coach and trainer, and Allister is a commentator who desires to someday become a contestant.

Meanwhile, N and his Snivy arrive in the Galar region as well, they are secretly investigating the shady side of Marco Cosmos and attempting to expose Chairman Rose for his crimes.

Season 2

The second season centers around Hilbert and his friends going on a world tour across the world and competing in the Pokémon Olympics to win like never before.


Main Characters (Joined During Season 1)

Main Characters (Joined During Season 2)

Secondary Characters

Main Pokémon


  • This saga marks the first time of many things:
    • The first time that Hilbert persued the goal of collecting Gym Badges and challenging the league since Kalos.
    • The first time that Hilbert travels with two Gym Leaders, Milo and Allister.
    • The first time that Hilbert isn't the only character that is collecting Gym Badges in the series.
  • This is the saga features the most regions visited in a single arc, with the main characters visiting all the known regions in the Pokémon world.
  • This series holds the record of the most traveling companions of any saga thus far, in the first season Hilbert travels with a total of five friends, with the number expanding to seven in the second season.