"We must prevent huge crimes!"
— Swimud, the leader

Team Aqua Blast is a Master Rank team that have recently appeared in roleplays. Their goal is to make sure that a specific overall Type Pokémon (in pluriel) hasn't made to many crimes. They prefer to arrest dangerous outlaws with valuable prizes as they are professional at arresting. It consist of six members.


He is the leader of the team. He is a Swampert. He have a strong sence of justice but get timid when he face a Grass-Type oppenent alone. Moves: Hydro Pump, Mud Bomb, Ice Beam and Rock Slide. He can use Mud Bomb to camuflage him and his mates.


He is second-in-commend of the team. He is a Typhlosion. He alway attack the oppenent with caution. He uses Quick Attack to strike oppenent at distance or to strike first. Moves: Lave Plume, Quick Attack, Smokescreen and Shadow Claw. He only uses Lava Plume against Pokémon that are vulnerable against Fire-Type moves, or when he is surrounded.


She is the most intelligent member of the team. She is a Vespiquen. She is sometime rude if one of the member don't do it's work unless that member is too tired. Moves: Attack Order, Power Gem, Fly and Hone Claws. She can uses Power Gem multiple times in few seconds, making this Pokémon too dangerous against other Bug-Type Pokémon.


The toughest member to deal with. He is a Sawk. He is alway ready to arrest an outlaw unless it is too weak. Moves: Cross Chop, Payback, Focus Energy and Retaliate. He raises his chances of Criticals hits with his Focus Energy to then make more chances to critical hits with his Cross Chop more than he have. He can also block OH-KO hits instands of enduring these.


She is the most soft member of the team. She is a Froslass. She only attack against villains or when she is threated. Moves: Blizzard, Psychic, Wake-Up Slap and Captivate. Rarely, when she become enraged, her moves become davastating and make Captivate reduces the enemies's Sp.Attack to minimal instand of decrease it by 2 levels. Better not make her angry!


The newest member. He is a Foxature. He never leave allies alone and tend to uses Reviver Seeds when an any ally even it's most hatred fainted, making this Pokémon very honorable. His moves are Leaf Blade, Growth, X-Scissor and Protect.


The newest member. She is an Audino. She helped some of the members of Team Dreamers who were injured duing the fight. She is the rival of Furybird due to Fearow's fury. Her moves are Heal Pulse, Power-Up Punch, Thunderbolt and Helping Hand.



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  • The former name, Team Aqua Fire is names after the player's team in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorators of Time. The player is a Mudkip and the parthener is a Cyndaquil, which evolve later after meeting certain conditions.
  • This team is similair to Team HydroShock does to members' similair abilities and personalities, and can be a bit unoriginal. Despite that, they are highly respected.
  • Although recently appeared, Li from Team Unbeatable, in It Looks Like Rain..., said their team name, and the team hasn't said their team name neither. Possibly because she already met them, or just know them.
  • As of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Awaits, Team Aqua Blast are friends of Team Terrain. When Delphox meets Swimud first time, Team Dreamers knew they meet them.
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