"For all outlaws and evils!!"
— Cruelution, the leader of the Team.

Team Daredevils is an evil Team that consist of four Members. Cruelution, the Serperior, is the leader of this Team. This is a Gold Rank Team, but they were Three-Star Master Rank until their former leader was defeated. Despite their crime, they are quite famous (though Team Aqua Fire is more popular then this one).


She is the leader of the Team. She is highly hatred does for her nasty amount of crimes. She is also the smartest of the team. She only uses Leaf Storm against Pokémon that are weak against it or when facing a tough oppenent. Moves: Leaf Storm, Wrap, Growth and Dragon Tail. She also so skilled with Status Powder that she had upgraded them, making these more effective.


He is a material arts master, but also became a pyromaniac. His speed is incredible. He is a Blaziken and his moves are Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Sky Uppercut and Double Team.


She is a Milotic, and, extremely ironic for her species, is evil. She absorbs the calm emotions from other Pokémon in order to stay calm. The victim with lost calmness will become either excited or become very violent. It won't last that long, however, as its calm emotions will restore in several weeks. If she become enraged, she gives her mad emotions to a Gyrados or more, if not sufficent. Her known moves are Surf, Attract, Dragon Pulse and Icy Wind.


As a Spiritomb, he is obviously a bad Pokémon. He can fool the other with his Transform, but the way how he learned it is unknown, as a normal Spiritomb cannot use this move. His Moves: Transform, Telekenisis, Dark Pusle and Ominous Wind. He is second in command.


Furybird's real name is Flya Frearriski, but she is nicknamed Furybird because she loves her fury. She is a Fearow and will show no mercy when it comes to battle. Her known moves are Roost, Drill Run, Sky Attack and Feather Dance.


Darkagon is a Hydreigon. He wants to be a complete brute. Although he is a Dark-type Pokémon with Ghoulface, Darkagon prefers to stay away from Ghost-type Pokémon and specialize in Special Attack. His known moves are Taunt, Dragon Pusle, Body Slam and Grass-Type Hidden Power.


Former member of Team Daredevils. He is very sinster in the past. Until then, a mysterious Water Suriken destroyed Marshadow's Team Daredevils' badge, he no longer become a member. Currently, he's now a member of the Team Dreamers.


Although he stayed in shadows for now, he is indentified as a Genosect and is the former leader of the team. His known moves are Water-Type Techno Blast, Signal Beam, Rock Polish and Shadow Claw.


  • Darkrai
  • Luxray
  • The Storm King
  • Yveltal


  • Grovyle



  • The Team Daredevils is the first team that have a legendary Pokémon, even though it is a former leader.
  • In Tale of the Dreamer Trios, they knew Team Daredevils bullying Poppy who is Skyla's friend in the past, later they bullied Poppy again in Beware the Daredevils!.
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