Team Ecto is a Dark/Psychic/Ghost type Exploration Team. It is owned by Kerauno and 1LugiaLover. It contains the following members.

  • Peridot the Sableye
  • Hannah the Mismagius
  • Haze the Banette
  • Ceci the Shedinja
  • Amethyst the Rotom
  • Saph the Gengar
  • Alexei the Hypno
  • Lyla the Sableye
  • Tini the Skorupi


Members: 9

Rank: Gold


Peridot is a strange Sableye that wears a Green Scarf. He spends his time in the Guild's Library, rarley leaving, So he's not truely the leader, though every other member excpet Ceci respects him. He hardly ever takes off his scarf, even in the hottest days of Summer. If he does and gets too angry, he'll turn into his Dark Form. In this form, he is black with red eyes. When he touches his scarf or it gets it back on, he'll turn back to normal. In Dark Form, he has no true control of his actions, for it is really just another side of his mind. He may flicker in and out of Dark Form, and this is because he is trying to regain control of himself without the help of his scarf. He used to work for Duskinor, but later tried to stop him when he realized Duskinor and Primal Dialga's true plans. He is a bit headstrong and independant, also he voice of Knowledge in the team. Sometimes when thinking about his past when he worked with Duskinor, voices may go off in his head. He tends to silently fight with them till bursting out and actually speaking/yelling. When he was 8, a rogue Team attacked his town and burned almost every building down. His parents were caught in the blaze, and he couldn't help them. Before he died, his father gave him his scarf and told him of his Dark Form. And that Duskinor may notice this. He also doesn't like being reminded of his past or his childhood.

Age: 20

Likes: Reading, Studying, Quiet


  • I Will Not Bow {Main Theme} - Breaking Benjamin
  • Happy Song
  • Trick And Treat - Rin/Len Kagamine
  • Be My Escape - Reilent K
  • Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  • Open Your Eyes - Sum 41
  • Last Man Standing - Hammerfall
  • Bones Shatter (Never Say Never) - Hedley
  • Monster - Skillet
  • Bet On It - Zac Efron


Hannah is an obnoxious Mismagius that wears a Pink Bow, sometimes a Red Scarf, given to her by Haze. She's actually a bit younger than most of the team, but is a pretty skilled healer. Haze is like an older brother to her, even though they are truley not related. She has trouble with her powers and illusions as they usually backfire or "blow up", so most of the time, her team won't depend on her for distractions or battles. She is the niave one.

Age: 14

Likes: Fruit, Trying out moves


  • Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montanna
  • Pocketful Of Sunshine
  • Song Of Eared Robot - Teto Kasane
  • Reverse Upside Down Rainbow - Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine
  • Triple Baka - Teto Neru Miku


Haze is a shy Bannete that wears a Blue Band. He is like an older brother to Hannah, but secretly has a crush on her. One time, he gave her a Red Scarf, but was devastated that she hardly wore it, even though she liked it alot. He tends to overreact sometimes and gets really ticked if Hannah's attacks backfire and hit him instead. His half brother is Silence the Banette and his stepmother is Chill the Frosslass.

Age: 16

Likes: Drawing, Ocean


  • Be My Escape
  • Going Down In Flames - 3 Doors Down
  • Crime And Punishment - Miku Hatsune
  • Kiss The Girl
  • Numa Numa (English)


Ceci is a mysterious Shedinja that wears a black Bow. so far, nobody knows anything about Ceci, except she really likes Rawst Berries. sometimes in battle, she'll just float there, but only if there aren't any enemies with super-effective moves. Other times, she'll go full force releasing a barrage of Shadow Balls. she really doesn't like Peridot. She is the neutral party in the group.

Age: 19

Likes: Rawst Berries


  • I Can Walk On Water - Basshunter
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Ghost - Fefe Dobson
  • My Immortal - Evansecence
  • Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
  • Nageki No Mori


Amethyst is a cheerful Rotom that wears a Yellow Bow. Her glow sometimes acts as a mood sensor. If bright pink, she's angry, and if green, she's envious, etc. The voice of happiness in the team.

Age: 17

Likes: Summer, Winter


  • All We Wanna Do
  • The Game
  • He Drives Me Crazy


Saph, or Sapphira, is a stern Gengar that wears a Mint Band. She's the powerhouse of the team, and the main leader when Peridot isn't out of the library. She's also the Voice of reason in the team.

Age: 18

Likes: Music, Training


  • All We Wanna Do
  • The Game
  • He Drives Me Crazy


Alexei is a headstrong and smart Russian Hypno that wears his silver charm as a pendant. He has a crush on Lyla, despite her tendencies. He slightly lack in the common sense department and spends much time in the library or scolding Lyla. He has great ides but the rest of the team rarely listens to him. He's the protective type of person, and tries to keep them out ofharms way, but often fails. he harbors a few secrets that are rather unspeakable; like that he sided with Dusknoir at one point.


  • Secrets
  • Kryptonite
  • Get Out Alive
  • In Your Shadow
  • Bittersweet Symphony
  • Miss U


Lyla is a quiet Sableye that wears a pair of old brown aviator goggles on her head. Her right eye is light green and her left eye is dark blue. She's very closed up but sometimes can be open and sometimes cruel, but holds a crush for Alexei. She's not all that bright and often makes rash decisions and speaks before thinking. She's fierce in attacking, but lacking in defense. She loves to tese the other team members and enemies, and is of the wicked-yet-shy type of person. No one knows why she is that way, but they know it's not natural. It's later revealed that she never got over the death of her father when she was young, and was abused regularly by her mother, whom she later killed. She has several deep and dark secrets that she doesn't wish to share; like that she worked for Dusknoir.


  • Fear Garden - Rin Kagamine
  • Bring Me to Life
  • Take It Off
  • Numb
  • In The End
  • Rue's Lullaby


Tini is a nervous and easily startled Skorupi that wears a White Charm. She's smaller than most Skorupi and tends to chicken out alot, getting nervous seeing higher ranking teams. She didn't really wish to join Team Ecto, but did to prove she wasn't a "fraidy cat", as Haze and Hannah called her. Secretly has a side almost nobody else knows about. She is also part dutch and may spout off in Dutch when angry or frustrated. Her father was killed by Damian the Sableye.

Age: 17

Likes: Quiet, Peace


  • Fear Garden - Rin Kagamine
  • I Caught Myself - Paramore
  • Nageki No Mori
  • Beat It - Micheal J
  • Have Faith In Me
  • Going Down In Flames


  • The whole team was originally made in the Chatango Chatroom, while Lu and Kera Were doing a prototype of This Roleplay.
  • There is really no true leader of Team Ecto, but the main ones are Peridot and Saph.
  • The true first four members of the team were Haze, Lyla, Alexei, and Hannah. They were unknowingly made in a different Rp in the chatroom.