"You catch on abnormally slowly. This entire 'treasure' trip was simply a front for an outlaw capture job. Kori, the Blast Seed, if you will." -Kaywer Emprism after catching a crook in a cave

A picture depicting the three original members of Team Frostfource, Kaywer, Seed and Kori from left to right.

Team Frostfource is an Exploration Team formed within the region of Shayka. Kaywer formed it initially as a two-man squad with Kori after a certain crisis of time; shortly after, a wandering treasure hunter named Seed joined out of curiosity. Now, there are many more members from across the land; It's practically a mini guild by now.

There is also a currently postponed Flipnote Hatena series that documents the adventures of Team Frostfource.


Founder, Leader and Strategist: Kaywer Emprism

Co-Founder and Intelligence/Item Keeper: Kori Rynosuke

Administrator and Ambush Lead: Seed (last name not really known)

Administrator and Attack Lead: Char Flamesong

Moderator and Taskmaster: Ongaku Hikaru

Member and Battle Supporter: Ditto

Member and Front-on Assault: Kiseki Hikari

Member and Defense Lead: Zerchu (last name not really known)

Musical Theme

Team Frostfource's musical theme is Battle Comrade ("Senp'yuu Tomo Yo" in Japanese), a somewhat commonly appearing theme within the Makai Senki Disgaea series.

300px|Number 22 of the Disgaea: Hour of Darkness OST, Battle Comrade