Team LegendStrike is a famous team in the Pokeland:Team LightStrike vs Team DarkStrike. They inspired the members of Team LightStrike and sorta Team DarkStrike .


  • Drago:Drago is a dragonite who wears blue scarfs on his wings and a golden one(a painted one) on his neck,he also wears a charm on his tail he calls "The Super Charm" which makes him learn draco meteor and never lose his special attack stats when in danger,he's not the leader but is called the strongest on the team.
  • Lilia:Lilia is a gardevoir who can mega when she wears her Super charm which is on her golden scarf.She wears a golden scarf around her neck.She knows Kabu likes her.
  • Kabu:Kabu is a kabutops who wears a golden scarf on 1 of his arms and his super charm on the other,which activated makes his power and speed increase,He likes Lilia.
  • Victi:Victi is leader of Team LegendStrike and is a Victini,he wears his super charm on 1 of his ears and his golden scarf on the other.Victi used to be good friends with Tydoom before he made his own team ment for evil called Team DarkStrike

Former Members

Tydoom:Tydoom used to be in Team LegendStrike before deciding being the hero wasn't for him(he would'nt be able to rule) so he quit and tried to leave with his super charm which can make him mega,his scarf(which had the charm on it) was took and Victi said they burnt the scarf with the charm on it(later Team LightStrike found out that the scarf was burnt,but the charm could'nt and got sealed away guarded by the regis).