Team LightStrike are the main heros in the seriesPokeland:Team LightStrike vs Team DarkStrike and were inspirted by Team LegendStrike to become a team and to save the world.


  • SeaHorsela:SeaHorsela was a horsea who started the team once Victi asked her to start it when he was kidnapped. Once she started it she got alot of pokemon to join. She evolved into Seadra after going to the evolution chamber
  • Sinvla:Sinvla is a female Snivy who evolved into Servine during a fight with Team DarkStrike after touching an evolution stone.She likes Zanglo a bit but not as a loving like
  • Zanglo:Zanglo is a zangoose who only joined because he hates Sevi of Team DarkStrike or so he said(later the other members find out Zanglo was sent from Victi of Team LegendStrike to help the 3 but wasn't ever in team LegendStrike at all).
  • Puppet:Puppet is a shuppet who joined Team LightStrike to defeat team DarkStrike.He doesnt like any member of team darkstrike.
  • Dragotain:Dragotain is Drago's brother. He flys and wears a blue scarf to show his love for his brother.He is the nicest in the group.
    • More will be added soon**