Team Sleepless is a junior exploration team, made up of Zala, Aly, Flera, and Bethany.

Basic Info

Rank: Normal

Members: Four


Zala is an outgoing and sneaky Castform. She wears a dark purple bow and is best friends with Aly. She tends to be the main leader of the team, but likes to divide responsibilities evenly.


Aly is a shiny Ratata with a black bow. She's best friends with Zala. She tend to be uplifting and positive, but a battle can cause her to break that attitude, sometimes even making her reply to other negatively.


Flera is hyper and speedy Knotty. She wears a bright yellow bow and will ask random people random questions. She feels the need to constantly talk, even when she's already talking. She wishes to find somebody with stimulating conversations so she will ot get bored.


Bethany is a quiet and shy Litwick. She wears a blue bandanna and stays quiet around strangers. She usually is not found along with the others, wether visible or not.


  • It is unknown why they call their team Team Sleepless
    • It's possible it relates to how they all met. Each of them were unable to sleep and decided to wander and watch the ocean's waves.