Team Wonderland is a Normal Type Exploration Team created and owned by Kerauno These are the members.

  • Alice the (Shiny) Eevee
  • Chester the Meowth
  • Hattie the (Shiny) Spinda
  • Pockie the Buneary


Alice is a generally spacey Eevee that wears a Red Bow on her head. She is very quiet often, but can get very talkative on some subjects. She often hums or sings to herself, and often thinks out problems for a while before taking action. her mind often wanders to think about things that ahve utterly nothing to do with the problem at hand, and seems to have some form of logic locked in theat noggin og ehrs. She's of the Calm nature.


  • What You Waiting For
  • Hitobashira Alice
  • Yellow Submarine


Chester is a partially insane Meowth that likes smiling; his smile is huge, really. He is striped with violet and magenta stripes, and has a habit of disappearing and reappearing at the oddest times. he's got a mouth on his, and often speaks in twisted or simple riddles. hes' persuasive and confusing, but there'a some form of logic in his words. Some rgue he's the smartest of the team, rivaled by Pockie. He's of the Naughty nature


  • Trick and Treat
  • Eyes Like Yours
  • The Jabberwock


Hattie is a crazy Spinda that wears a large green hat that matches her spots. She likes to dance and sing all around, and loves tea. She's closest to Alice. Her logic and brains are somewhat addled, but she can sometimes be sane and comprehensible. She also loves cake and her hat functions as a bottomless Treasure Bag, which she constantly pulls things from. She's completely fearless. She is of the Jolly nature.


  • The Unbirthday Song
  • Not Afraid
  • Triple Baka


Pockie is a frantic white Buneary that carries a golden pocket watch that Hattie constantly tries to stuff cake and tea into. He's the most levelheaded of the group, but often panics at the slightest thing that goes wrong. he looks at things and examines the worst case scenario, making him a big worrywart. He's said to be the msartest of the group, but is somehow rivaled by Chester. He is if the Hasty nature.


  • I'm Late
  • 4 Minutes
  • Hello Goodbye