The Adventure Begins is the first story in the Next Generation Saga


  • Episode 001 - Mike and Calum begin their Pokemon journey, after getting Pokemon (Mike and Charmander; Calum and Squirtle) from Prof. Oak.
  • Episode 002 - Mike and Calum arrive in Viridian City. Mike catches a Mankey, and a Pidgey, while Calum catches a Weedle.
  • Episode 003 - The duo enter Viridian Forest, and are ambushed by two Team Rocket "grunts", Archer and Ariana.
  • Episode 004 - Calum's Weedle evolves into a Kakuna, and the two defeat Archer and Ariana. Calum catches a Pikachu.
  • Episode 005 - Mike and Calum arrive in Pewter City. Mike challenges Brock to a Gym Battle. 
  • Episode 006 - Mike's Pidgey evolves into a Pidgeotto. Mike wins against Brock, and receives the Boulder Badge.
  • Episode 007 -  Calum challenges Brock to a battle. Calum wins, and his Kakuna evolves into a Beedrill. Mike and Calum leave Pewter City.
  • Episode 008 - Mike and Calum enter Mt. Moon, where Calum catches a Zubat. They also run into more Team Rocket grunts, and Mike's Charmander evolves into a Charmeleon. The two leave Mt. Moon after dealing with Team Rocket, and arrive in Cerulean City.
  • Episode 009 - Calum challenges Misty to a battle, and wins without a problem. Mike challenges her, and defeats her with more difficulty. Calum finds a Thunder Stone, and the two leave Cerulean City.
  • Episode 010 - Mike and Calum arrive in Vermilion City, where both have a difficult time against Lt. Surge. Calum's Pikachu evolves into a Raichu, as well as his Squirtle into a Wartotle. They both win a Thunder Badge, and leave Vermilion City.
  • Episode 011 - Mike and Calum arrive in Celadon City. Mike's Mankey evolves into a Primeape, and Mike wins the Rainbow Badge. Calum and Erika's battle begins.
  • Episode 012 - Calum looses to Erika. He has a re-match against her, and wins. The two leave Celadon City.
  • Episode 013 - The two arrive in Fuschia City, and meet Janine, a Poison-type trainer at the city's Gym. Janine is revealed to be Koga's, the Gym Leader, daughter. Mike battles with Koga and wins.
  • Episode 014 - Calum and Koga battle, and Calum wins. Mike goes to the Safari Zone and catches a Tauros. He also catches a Abra, and gives it to Calum. Mike, Calum, and Janine enter a battling tournament outside of Saffron City.
  • Episode 015 - Janine, Mike, and Calum make it to the second round of the tournament. Mike's Charmeleon evolves into a Charizard. After Calum is eliminated by Janine, Mike wins his battle, and the two are paired up for a battle.
  • Episode 016 - Janine defeats Mike in their battle. Janine wins the tournament. Mike and Calum go to Saffron City.
  • Episode 017 - Mike and Calum meet Will, a Psycic-type trainer who is one of Sabrina's students. Mike and Calum both battle him, and they both loose. Will decides to travel with the duo for a bit. 
  • Episode 018 - Calum wins his battle against Sabrina, and his Wartotle evolves into a Blastoise. Mike's Pidgeotto evolves into a Pidgeot.
  • Movie 01: The Birth of Mewtwo - Team Rocket scientists have kidnapped Mew and cloned it to make a powerful Pokemon and take over Kanto, at Giovanni's command. The cloning is successful, and they call their creation 'Mewtwo'. Mewtwo and Mew escape, and Mewtwo goes on a rampage and attempts at destroying Pallet Town. Mike and Calum make it there just in time to defeat it. Mewtwo calms down, and thanks Mike and Calum for their assistance. It vows to repay them one day, and the two friends put Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave on their way back to Saffron, so it can be safe.
  • Episode 019 - Team Rocket has taken over Silph. Co, and Calum, Mike and Will decide to stop them. They meet Archer and Ariana again, but they are now Executives. Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni, challenges Mike and Calum to a battle against him and Archer.
  • Episode 020 - Mike and Calum defeat Giovanni and Archer. Team Rocket leaves, and Calum receives a Lapras from a Silph. Co employee.
  • Episode 021 - Mike, Calum and Will go back to Pallet Town to meet up with Professor Oak and their families. Calum's younger brother, Josh, has been revealed to have started his journey about a month after Calum did.
  • Episode 022 - Mike, Calum and Will go to Cinnabar Island. Calum catches a Magmar, and he also defeats Blaine. Mike does eventually, as well. Will decides to challenge Sabrina, as he already has the other 7 Gym Badges, and returns to Saffron. Mike and Calum return to Pallet Town.
  • Episode 023 - Mike catches a Snorlax in the way of the entrance to Route 1. Calum and Mike go to Viridian Gym, and the Gym Leader is revealed to be none other than... Giovanni!
  • Episode 024 - Mike and Calum defeat Giovanni. Giovanni vows to train until he is stronger, and flees Viridian Gym. Calum's Abra evolves into a Kadabra.
  • Episode 025 - Mike and Calum go to Victory Road and train. They meet Karen, a Dark-type Pokemon trainer. Mike, Calum, and Karen arrive at Indigo Plateau.
  • Episode 026 - Mike, Calum and Karen register for the Pokemon League. They meet up with Janine and Will, who are also registering.
  • Episode 027- The Indigo Conference begins! Calum and Mike are teamed up for a tag battle, while Karen and Will are as well. Janine is paired with a mysterious and powerful boy named Stephen.
  • Episode 028 - Mike and Calum defeat two girls in the qualifying round. Will, Karen, Janine and Stephen are all revealed to be moving on to the next round, as well.
  • Episode 029 - Mike is selected to face off against Karen. Mike barely wins, and a trainer named Blue offers to train him. Mike agrees.
  • Episode 030 - Calum, Janine, Stephen and Will are all revealed to move on to the next round. Calum defeats Janine, and she returns to Fuschia City. Mike makes it to the quarter-finals, alongside Calum, Will and Stephen.
  • Episode 031 - Calum beats a trainer with a Fearow, and Mike has been revealed to have defeated Will. Mike and Stephen are set to face off against each other in a full on 6-on-6 battle.
  • Episode 032 - Stephen's Venasaur and Mike's Charizard go head-to-head as the last Pokemon standing. Charizard puts up a good fight, but looses and Stephen goes to the finals against none other than... Calum!
  • Episode 033 - Calum defeats Stephen, and wins the Indigo Conference. Mike, Janine, Will, Karen, Stephen, his parents, Professor Oak, and his brother Josh are all there to congratulate him. Calum moves on to fight the Elite Four.
  • Episode 034 - With Calum facing off against the Elite Four, Mike leaves Viridian City and returns home to Pallet Town. He stops by Professor Oak's lab, where it is revealed that Calum's Golbat has been there ever since Calum caught his Magmar.
  • Episode 035 - Mike watches Calum battle Bruno in the Elite Four. He wins.
  • Episode 036 - Mike leaves Pallet Town to go watch Calum battle, but doesn't make in time to see his battle against Agatha. Calum is revealed to have won, and goes to fight Lance.
  • Episode 037 - Calum defeats Lance in battle after a long struggle against him, and his Dragon-type team. 
  • Episode 038 - Calum and Mike think about everything they've been through together, from getting their starters to registering for the Indigo League. Calum and Mike find out that the champion is... Blue!
  • Episode 039 - Calum and Blue begin their battle, and the winner is left unknown after a large explosion on the battlefield.
  • Episode 040 - The outcome is revealed; Blue's Blastoise fainted, and Calum's Kadabra not only evolves into Alakazam, but is left standing. Calum becomes champion of Kanto and (unbeknownst to him) Johto. Mike and Calum return to Pallet Town.
  • Episode 041 - Professor Oak, Calum's parents and his sister, Hannah, all congratulate him on his win. Green, a trainer the same age as Blue, goes over to Calum and Mike. She tells them the legend of Red, who some believe to be the most powerful trainer from Kanto. Green tells them that Red is currently at the top of Mt. Silver in the Johto region, and only skilled trainers can make it up to the top and challenge him to battle. 
  • Episode 042 - Calum and Mike leave their Pokemon behind with Professor Oak, except for their starters. They are revealed to be taking on Green's challenge and going to Johto to attempt at taking on their Gym Leaders and facing Red on top of Mt. Silver. 
  • Episode 043 - Professor Oak gives the boys an updated PokeDex with Johto Pokemon in it. Calum and Mike video-chat with Josh, who is in Celadon City. Mike and Calum leave for Johto.


  • The story is based off of my Pokemon FireRed game file, as well as the anime.
    • However, the story takes place after the events of Ash's Hoenn journey.
  • Mike and Calum are both based off of real people; Mike is based off of me, while Calum is based off a friend of mine.
  • Despite the fact that she didn't appear, the first member of the Elite 4 was indeed Lorelei.

Trainers & Their Pokemon (at the end of the story)

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