Note: If you have been ignoring the past 4 warnings, then your obviously making a plot to spoil the ending to all you friends, I hope you're happy...

Shinx: Should I be concerned about what's happening over there? *Points at the broken Guild*
Mudkip: Nope! Nothing at all!
Shinx: You sound very jumpy-
Mudkip: Have you seen treasure town? It's a good place!
Shinx: Well, as long there's a McDonald's nearby, then I'm fine.
Mudkip: A Mc-Whatald's?
Shinx: You guys sure like living the primitive era...
*Mudkip shows Shinx around*
Mudkip: That's the Duskull Bank! Duskull keeps your money safe from dissapearing! DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT SHINX!
*Shinx spits out a coin*
Shinx: Hehehehe...he...
Duskull: *Crosses arms* My deepest sorrow! Is this your friend?
Mudkip: *Groans* Acquiantance
*Mudkip pulls Shinx away from the Duskull Bank*
*Points at the Marowak Dojo*
Shinx: What's that? A colloseum?
Mudkip: Sorta, it's the place where exploration teams train. Marowak is the Dojo Master, that place is known as the Marowak Dojo.
Shinx: So...can we see some heads get chopped off or what?
Mudkip: *Groans* *Pulls Shinx deeper into town*
Shinx: Are we done with this musuem tour? Because I need to see my therapist for a VERY long time
Mudkip: I don't know what your talking about, honestly
Shinx: *Grumbles something about sueing his therapist*
Mudkip: *Points to Chansey's DayCare* That's Chansey's DayCare
Shinx: So, does she babysit you everyday? Or just the week days?
Mudkip: Shinx...I'm losing my patience...
Shinx: And I'm losing my mind! Hahahaha!
Mudkip: *Grumbles* Anyways, she takes care of the Eggs you give in-
Mudkip: *Clenches fists, deep breaths, calms* Moving on...
*Pulls Shinx*
Shinx: I feel like a little brat being pulled away from the candy shop...
Mudkip: Suits you
Shinx: Wha'd you say?
Mudkip: Nothing...
*Points at Electrivire Shop*
Mudkip: That's the Electrivire Shop, Electrivire links your moves...yeah, I don't know what it means either, but you ask him on your own time.
Shinx: But...that's when I play Mercenary Team Deathmatch on Modern Warfare 2 with my clan!
Mudkip: What are you saying?!
Shinx: You REALLY need to get out more!
Mudkip: *Sighs* Shinx, I'm not from where you came from, so I don't even know what you're talking about!
Shinx: *Grumbles something about Mudkip not having a Facebook account*
*Mudkip walks further into town, Shinx follows*
Shinx: What's wrong? Is my weight pulling you down?
Mudkip: No, I just got bored of pulling you around
Shinx: Weak, Mudkip, weak...
Mudkip: Look, Shinx, if I'm gonna help you find out who you are, then could you please lower down on the insults? Just for an hour?
Shinx: *Sighs* Fine...
*Mudkip points to the Kecleon Shop*
Shinx: Why do you keep pointing at people? It's not nice to poi-
Mudkip: *Sighs* It's the only way to get your attention, Shinx. Anyways, that's the Kecleon Shop, they sell a bunch of useful...Shinx? *Looks around* Shinx? Where are you?
Shinx: *At the Kecleon Shop window* Ya, I'd like to buy some 2 by 4's and a 6 cylinder engine please.
Kecleon: My dear customer, we don't have such things!~
Shinx: Oh...then, *looks at a Yellow Gummi* May I buy that Yellow Gummi thingy?
Kecleon #2: Sure! *Grabs Yellow Gummi, gives it to Shinx* That will be 800 poke please!
Shinx: Mudkip's paying for me.
Kecleon: Oh isn't that sweet! You two will become the best of friends one day!
Shinx: Yeah...*Sniffs the Gummi* Whatever...
Mudkip: *Runs to Shinx* There you are! *Huff, huff* I thought I lost you again-
Shinx: Mudkip, you owe Kecleon 800 poke.
Mudkip: 800 POKE?! ARE THEY?- *Spots the Gummi* You son of a...*Grumbles, pays 800 Poke*
Shinx: *Looks at the Gummi* What the heck is this thing? Looks like a giant, yellow bean. *Slowly puts it away from his face*
Mudkip: You never seen a Gummi before? Wow, and you say I need to get out more...
Shinx: Shut up. Anyways, what is this? *Observes the Gummi*
Mudkip: It's a Gummi, it's suppose to make you smarter when you eat it.
Shinx: Well I don't see the reason-
Mudkip: JUST EAT IT! *Shoves it in Shinx's mouth*
*Shinx chews it, eyes goes haywire*
Shinx: Hahahahahhahaha!!!! What is this stuff? I feel CRAZY!!!
Mudkip: I told you, it's a-
Shinx: *Calms down* Yellow Gummi, yeah I know
Mudkip: I thought you had a seizure or something?
Shinx: Well, I think I still do, considering the fact that, oh I don't know...I'VE BE TURNED INTO A *Blank screen turns on*
*Turns off*
Shinx: *Breathing heavily*
Mudkip: Wow Shinx, I didn't know you had it in ya *Backs off slowly*
Shinx: Hey! We're you going?
Mudkip: Oh, you see, I have this *knocks over a vase* job to do and I don't think *knocks over Skunktank* it will last for so long so...BYE! *Runs off*
Shinx: *Scratches head* What's his problem? It seems like I've creeped him out or somethin. Oh well, I better-
*Skunktank bumps him*
Skunktank: Where do you think you're going, punk?
Zubat: Wenh-he-he-he! Remember us, furball?
Skunktank: No one gets away from bugging Team Skull! Now, prepare for the Noxious-Gas combo! Koffing!
Koffing: Whoa-ho-ho! *Flies beside Skunktank* You're in for it now!
*Both spray the Noxious-Gas combo*
Shinx: *Sniffs the air, covers nose* AUGH! What did you eat this morning? Goat cheese? Because I...feel...whoa...I'm dizzy...hahahahaha...*Drops unconcious*