This is dedicated to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky, so if you haven't played the game yet, DON'T READ THIS!

A Mudkip stares at a building with a Wigglytuff head built as the roof*
*Inhales deeply*
Mudkip: Come on! You can do this!
*Slowly approaches the entrance, and spots a crate hole*
Mudkip: Pull yourself together! The Wigglytuff Guild isn't a horrible place! *I hope...*
*Walks around the crate hole*
Mudkip: H-hello? New recruit here! I wanna join the Gui-
???: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
Mudkip: Whaaaa! What's going on!-
*Falls through the dirt floor*
Mudkip: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!
Mudkip: Ow!
*Looks up*
Mudkip: That's coming out of my pay check, if I ever get one...
???: *Groans*
Mudkip: Wh-who's there?
???: *Groans again*
Mudkip: It's pitch-black down here, I can't see anything! I mean, I'm a fierce explorer! Stand back!
???: *You're...squishing my spine*
Mudkip: Oh, sorry there little fella!
*Gets off mysterious pokemon*
Mudkip: Whaaa! Again? Okay! Where is this "intruder"? Is he big? I won't fight anyone bigger than me-
*Mudkip gets grabbed and blindfolded*
???: An explorer, eh?
???: Oh my gosh, he's soooooo cute!
???: Golly! We sure don't see any Mudkips around here!
???: State YOUR name!!!
Mudkip: Mudkip...Can I take this off now?
???: Typical
???: Friendly Friends!~ Who's this new friend?
???: FRIEND?! He broke through the sentry floor, and squashed Diglett!
Diglett: I'm OK, really!
???: You will pay for hurting my son!
*Mudkip scratches his head in confusion*
Mudkip: Son? Who's son?
???: Why mine, you meatsack!
???: Hey! hey! Don't be rude!
???: Guildmaster, what should we do?
Guilmaster: Why take off this silly blindfold of course!~
*Mudkip's blindfold gets taken off, revealing a room full of Pokemon*
*Mudkip covers his face with his hands, trembles*
Mudkip: Whaaa! Don't hurt me!
???: Such a timid little fellow, Meh-heh-heh...
*A bird pokemon approaches Mudkip, places hand on Mudkip's shoulder*
Bird Pokemon: Why would you break in the Guild, Mudkip? You know Magnezone can arrest you for breakin entry, right?
*Mudkip backs off, raising his hands to show that he means no harm*
Mudkip: No! no! I didn't break in, the floor just collapsed, that's all!
???: "Collapsed", ya right!
Bird Pokemon: Quiet! Anyways Mudkip, why'd you come here?
*Mudkip shivers*
Mudkip: I-I-I...
*Runs away crying*
???: Golly, what was that all about?
Bird Pokemon: I feel bad for the guy
???: Not me! He SQUASHED my son!
Diglett: I told you papa, I'm fine!
???: Oh my gosh, poor litte guy...
???: I know, my son may be hurt-
???: Not him! Mudkip!
???: What did we do to make him cry?....
???: Whatever, he's a CRYBABY!
Guildmaster: Yoom....
*Ground starts to shake*
Everyone: Oh no!
Guildmaster: TAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
*Earthquake force, explosions everywhere*
*Whole building collapses*
Bird Pokemon: Guildmaster! Are you okay?
Guildmaster: My new friend...gone...*sniffs*
*Bird Pokemon faces other Pokemon*
Bird Pokemon: Okay everyone! Get ready to rebuild the Guild! That's the way our friendship builds!~
Everyone: *Groans*
???: Meh-heh-heh...whatever...
???: It's all that MUDKIP"S fault!
???: Golly, I though he was going to join the guild...
Meanwhile...at the Beach
Mudkip: *sobs* I'm a coward, I don't deserve to show my face to the Guild ever again!
*Sees bubbles floating everywhere*
Mudkip: *sniffs* I always do love this place, it helps me to relax whenever I'm sad..
*Notices an unconcious Pokemon being splashed by the waves*
Mudkip: Whaaa! Oh no! Someone's knocked out! I gotta get hel-
*Pokemon struggles to stand up*
Mudkip: Are you okay, Shinx?
Shinx: I'm fIIiiiiIIiiiiiiIIiiIIIINE!
*Stares at his blue paws*
*Mudkip stares in confusion*
Mudkip: Are you okay?

(Chapteres 1 - 4 are already pre-written several months ago, by me :3)