The Battle For The Chosen 128
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United States April 17, 2018
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Everyone is at the main area for the rest of the battles.

Jon: You are up Nate.

Nate: Yep.

Everyone is in their seats and soon Nate is battling Riley and her Simisage. Nate has his Alolan Sandslash out.

Jon: Nate has used his Sandslash for all her Pokemon.

April: He knows what he is doing.

Josie: Nate is a great battler.

Drake: I wonder how Simisage will do.

Nate: Blizzard!

Sandslash uses Blizzard and hits Simisage.

Riley: Rock Slide!

Simisage uses Rock Slide and traps Sandslash.

Riley: Got you now!

Nate: You think so?

Riley: Brick Break!

Simisage then hits Sandslash, destroying the rocks too.

Nate: Icicle Spear!

Sandslash regains her footing and then uses Icicle Spear towards Simisage.

Riley: Seed Bomb!

Simisage uses Seed Bomb and cancels out Icicle Spear.

Riley: Rock Slide!

Simisage uses Rock Slide again and traps Sandslash.

Nate: Same again? Not this time. Metal Burst!

Sandslash uses Metal Burst and sends the rocks towards Simisage along with Metal Burst, hitting Simisage, knocking it out.

Referee: Simisage is unable to battle, Sandslash wins.

The screen then moves to Jon and Brionne on the grass battlefield battling against Lisa and her Garbodor.

Tyler: Jon is at a disadvantage.

Constantine: He can do this.

Tyler: I'm not doubting he can.

Lisa: Garbodor, uses Thunderbolt!

Jon: What?

Garbodor uses Thunderbolt towards Brionne.

Jon: Moonblast!

Brionne uses Moonblast and cancels out Thunderbolt.

Jon: Ice Beam!

Brionne uses Ice Beam towards Garbodor.

Lisa: Sludge Bomb!

Garbodor uses Sludge Bomb, cancelling Ice Beam out.

Jon: Aqua Jet!

Brionne then hits Garbodor using Aqua Jet.

Lisa: Body Slam!

Garbodor then lands on Brionne using Body Slam.

Jon: Brionne!

Mary: Brionne is trapped.

Jon: Hydro Pump!

Brionne tries to use Hydro Pump, but can't.

Lisa: Garbodor can't take much more.

Garbodor then begins to use Explosion.

Lisa: What are you doing Garbodor?!

Jon: Use Ice Beam on yourself!

Brionne uses Ice Beam on herself covering herself in ice. Then Garbodor uses Explosion, knocking itself out and shattering the ice covering on Brionne.

Referee: Garbodor is unable to battle. Jon and Brionne win.

The scene then moves to Rosa battling with her Pikachu and Kurt with his Durant. Pikachu has just hit Durant with Thunderbolt.

Rosa: Now, Quick Attack!

Pikachu heads towards Durant using Quick Attack.

Kurt: Agility!

Durant uses Agility and raises its speed a lot, then gets hit by Pikachu's Quick Attack.

Rosa: Iron Tail!

Kurt: Iron Head!

Pikachu then uses Iron Tail towards Durant, who heads towards Pikachu using Iron Head, hitting Pikachu.

Kurt: Dig!

Durant uses Dig.

Josie: What is Rosa going to do?

Rosa: Quick Iron Tail!

Pikachu uses Quick Attack and then jumps up and heads towards the floor fast using Iron Tail, causing Durant to burst out of the ground.

Rosa: Thunderbolt!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and hits Durant, knocking Durant out.

Referee: Durant is unable to battle. Rosa and Pikachu win.

Josie: Awesome.

The scene then moves to Nathan and Midday Lycanroc battling Chris and his Arcanine.

April: So Nathan has a Lycanroc.

Jon: Seems a lot of people have.

Nathan: Swords Dance!

Lycanroc uses Swords Dance to increase his attack a lot.

Chris: Dragon Pulse!

Arcanine uses Dragon Pulse and Lycanroc dodges.

Nathan: Accelerock!

Lycanroc heads towards Arcanine with Accelerock.

Chris: Flame Wheel!

Arcanine uses Flame Wheel and blocks Accelerock.

Chris: Flamethrower!

Arcanine uses Flamethrower, hitting Lycanroc.

Nathan: Crunch!

Lycanroc hits Arcanine with Crunch.

Chris: Crunch too!

Arcanine retaliates with Crunch.

Nathan: Stone Edge!

Chris: Flamethrower!

Lycanroc uses Stone Edge and Arcanine cancels out the attack using Flamethrower.

Jon: Chris seems to be able to stop all of Nathan's attack.

Nathan: Accelerock!

Lycanroc uses Accelerock towards Arcanine.

Chris: Dragon Pulse!

Arcanine uses Dragon Pulse towards Lycanroc, who dodges and hits Arcanine hard with Accelerock.

Referee: Lycanroc wins.

The screen moves to Josie's battle with Lilly. Lilly has Pyukumuku out while Josie has Arcanine out.

Jon: So Growlithe evolved.

Drake: Seems so.

April: Who is the opponents Pokemon?

Rotom-Dex: Pyukumuku.

Jon: That sounds like a disgusting name.

Mary: I've heard Pyukumuku only use defensive moves.

April: So the plan is to stall Arcanine out?

Nate: That doesn't seem plausible.

Kyle: Maybe tire Arcanine down before attacking.

Josie: Dragon Pulse!

Arcanine hits Pyukumuku with Dragon Pulse, but not doing much damage.

Josie: Crunch!

Arcanine heads towards Pyukumuku using Crunch.

Lilly: Bide!

Pyukumuku uses Bide just before Arcanine uses Crunch, taking damage but storing energy for Bide.

Josie: We need to beat Pyukumuku before Bide is ready.

Jon: Josie has a job on her hands.

Tyler: Is she planning on knocking out Pyukumuku before Bide takes effect?

Kyle: I'm guessing so.

Josie: Extreme Speed!

Arcanine hits Pyukumuku with Extreme Speed.

Lilly: Keep it up.

Pyukumuku keeps using Bide.

Josie: Dragon Pulse!

Arcanine uses Dragon Pulse and hits Pyukumuku. Pyukumuku is still standing.

Josie: Crunch!

Arcanine hits Pyukumuku with Crunch and then moves back to Josie.

Lilly: Ready?

Pyukumuku uses Bide towards Arcanine.

Josie: Flamethrower!

Arcanine uses Flamethrower and connects with Bide, and then they explode, covering the battlefield with dust. Soon the dust settles and Pyukumuku is unable to battle. Later on, everyone is in the trainers room. Rosa and Nathan are with them. Josie has Minccino out and Arcanine.

Josie: Want to help me clean Arcanine's fur, Minccino?

Minccino nods and helps out.

Jon: So you caught a Minccino?

Josie: Yeah, quite recently too.

Rosa: I'm glad we are all in the top 128.

Nathan: I wonder who we will battle now?

Jon: Hopefully not each other this soon.

Drake: I'm hoping you all battle each other within the top 16.

Tyler: That will be amazing.

The next round of battles appear on the screen.

Rosa: I'm second.

Jon: Don't like being first.

Nathan: I'm last.

Constantine: We are all great trainers, doesn't matter which order we go in.

Josie: Constantine is right.

Jon: Then lets have a great time this afternoon battling.

Kyle: Let's go!

The screen freezes.

Narrator: Our heroes continued their battling, and they all progressed into the top 128. Now, everyone is getting ready for more battles this afternoon.

Major events

  • Josie's Growlithe is revealed to have evolved into Arcanine.
  • Josie is revealed to have caught a Minccino.
  • Rosa revealed to have a Pikachu while Nathan revealed to have a Lycanroc.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Josie Adams

Tyler Moor

Kyle Winterman

Rosa Jones

Nathan Foster

Nate Spencer







  • Sandslash (Alolan Form)



  • Simisage


  • Garbodor


  • Durant


  • Arcanine