The Battles From Two Mains
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United States May 24, 2017
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Jon, Typhlosion, Drake, April, Mary and Rotom-Dex, along with Rosa, are standing on a local battlefield. Drake is acting as the referee as April, Rotom-Dex and Mary are just watching.

Drake: This is a one on one battle. The battle is over when one of the Pokemon is unable to continue.

Rosa: This will be over before you know it.

Jon huffs.

Rosa: What?

Jon: Your attitude.

Rosa: My attitude?

Jon: Yeah, it stinks. You remind me of Ryan from Johto.

Mary: The Ryan we met?

Jon: No, this is another Ryan.

Rosa: I just don’t like strangers, let alone trust them.

Jon: Something tells me that will never change. Typhlosion.

Typhlosion moves from Jon’s side to the battlefield.

Typhlosion: Phlo!

Rosa: This will be a piece of cake.

Rosa sends out Greninja.

Jon: A Greninja.

Rosa: I started with Greninja in Kalos.

Jon: And I started with Typhlosion in Johto.

Drake: Battle begin!

Rosa: Water Shuriken!

Jon: Flamethrower!

Greninja uses Water Shuriken, but Typhlosion stops it using Flamethrower.

Rosa: Night Slash!

Greninja moves fast and hits Typhlosion with Night Slash, causing a bit of damage. A few spectators show up.

Jon: People want to see this?

Rosa: Well, I am going to defeat you easily.

Jon: Double Team!

Typhlosion uses Double Team and makes a lot of copies.

Rosa: Pitiful, now Water Shuriken.

Greninja uses Water Shuriken and cancels out all the fakes, but Typhlosion isn’t there anymore. Greninja and Rosa look around frantically.

Jon: What? Can’t tell where Typhlosion is?

Rosa: What tricks are you playing?

Jon: None, just using my battle style.

Typhlosion appears behind Greninja swiftly.

Jon: Focus Blast!

Typhlosion uses a close-range Focus Blast, causing a lot of damage to Greninja. Typhlosion moves near to Jon again.

Mary: That was good.

Rotom-Dex: However, Greninja’s are Ninja Pokemon for a reason.

Rosa: Aerial Ace!

Greninja moves fast and hits Typhlosion with a barrage of Aerial Ace attacks.

Jon: Argh.

Rosa: Double Team!

Greninja uses Double Team and creates a lot of copies.

Jon: I thought you said that move was pitiful.

Rosa: It is when you are using it!

Jon: Come on! Why do you hate me!

Rosa: Night Slash!

All the Greninja move towards Typhlosion using Night Slash.

Jon: Shuriken Blaze!

Typhlosion uses Shuriken Blaze at all the Greninja’s, hitting them and cancelling out the fakes. However, the real Greninja is now above Typhlosion.

Rosa: Aerial Ace!

Greninja hits Typhlosion with Aerial Ace and smashes Typhlosion into the ground, creating a small crater. Greninja moves next to Rosa.

Rosa: That was easy.

Jon: Why are you always so sure you’ll win or the battle is over?

Rosa: Because I’m a great trainer and strangers with unrealistic dreams to win something are just stupid.

Jon: Says the trainer who has taken her eyes off the battle.

Rosa: What?!

Jon: Do it!

Typhlosion bursts out of the ground and sends Greninja into the air and then Typhlosion jumps above Greninja and uses repetitive Focus Blasts to smash Greninja into the battlefield. Typhlosion lands on the battlefield in front of Jon. Greninja stands back up.

Rosa: You like using sneaky tricks.

Jon: I use my battle strategy to its fullest potential.

Rosa: Night Slash!

Jon: Block it!

Greninja uses Night Slash and Typhlosion blocks it. Greninja keeps relentlessly attacking Typhlosion, with Typhlosion blocking. Eventually, Greninja gets a strong hit on and knocks Typhlosion back.

Rosa: Water Shuriken!

Jon: Shuriken Blaze!

Greninja uses Water Shuriken and Typhlosion uses Shuriken Blaze and the moves cancel out.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Typhlosion uses Flamethrower towards Greninja.

Rosa: Night Slash!

Greninja use Night Slash to cancel out the Flamethrower.

Rosa: Night Slash again!

Greninja moves fast and hits Typhlosion with a powerful Night Slash.

Jon: Double Team!

Typhlosion makes a lot of copies.

Rosa: Why?!

Jon: You disagree because you think it’s pitiful?

Rosa: Only a select few can use Double Team.

Jon: Why are you so against everything! Flamethrower!

All the Typhlosion’s use Flamethrower.

Rosa: Water Shuriken.

Greninja spins on the spot really fast and then uses Water Shuriken to stops the Flamethrower but also get rid of all the fake Typhlosion’s.

Mary: Rosa is good.

April: I agree, but her methods are a bit ruthless.

Rotom-Dex: Jon still has the advantage. Even with a type difference.

Jon: Focus Blast!

Typhlosion sends Focus Blast towards Greninja.

Rosa: Aerial Ace!

Greninja uses Aerial Ace and knocks Focus Blast up and out of sight and then run towards Typhlosion really fast using Aerial Ace. Greninja hits Typhlosion a few times and then jumps back to Rosa. Typhlosion is now panting.

Jon: You still okay buddy?

Typhlosion nods and smiles at Jon.

Rosa: Let’s finish this with our A game.

Suddenly, Greninja is covered in a water bubble and stays that way.

Jon: Your Greninja has the ability access use Battle Phenomenon?!

Rosa: Yeah.

Rotom-Dex: This is very troubling for Jon.

April: I agree, but Jon can still pull this off.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Rosa: Water Shuriken.

Greninja’s water veil transforms into a big Water Shuriken in front of Greninja, then Greninja launches it at Typhlosion, hitting it’s mark and causing a big explosion. However, Typhlosion is still standing. Rosa’s Greninja now looks like Ash-Greninja.

Jon: That was powerful.

Rosa: Just give up, you are both pathetic.

Greninja: Greninja Gren Ja Inja.

Typhlosion is angry and suddenly Jon feels all his anger.

Jon: Whoa.

April: Are you okay Jon?

Rosa: He’s realised that he is losing this match. He hasn’t got any power.

Mary: Say the person who had to use Bond Phenomenon to power up.

This frustrates Rosa.

Jon: I’m fine guys. Typhlosion, you are really heated up, aren’t you?

Typhlosion: Phlo. Typhlosion Phlosion!

Jon: I’m up to doing that if you are.

Typhlosion nods.

Jon: Right, then let’s power up!

A fire vortex surrounds Typhlosion and then forms a fire Shuriken on Typhlosion’s back. Typhlosion has now become Jon-Typhlosion.

Rosa: Well, you have a bit of a kick to you then.

Jon: We aren’t giving up.

Rosa: I thought you were just a boring trainer, but I guess I was wrong.

Jon: Focus Blast!

Jon-Typhlosion uses Focus Blast and the move hits Rosa-Greninja.

Rosa: Aerial Ace!

Rosa-Greninja hits Jon-Typhlosion repeatedly with Aerial Ace, causing a lot of damage.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Rosa: Water Shuriken!

Jon-Typhlosion uses Flamethrower but Rosa-Greninja uses Water Shuriken to cancel out the attack.

Rosa: Night Slash!

Rosa-Greninja uses Night Slash and causes a lot of damage.

Jon: Urgh.

Rosa: Water Shuriken!

Rosa-Greninja uses Water Shuriken and the move hits Jon-Typhlosion, and Jon-Typhlosion falls over and goes back into Typhlosion. Rosa-Greninja then reverts back into Greninja. Rosa returns Greninja.

Rosa: Told you I’d win.

Rosa then walks off.

Jon: Oh man.

The spectators walk away. Mary, April and Rotom-Dex go over to Jon, Typhlosion and Drake.

Drake: She was mean.

Jon: Well she did win.

Mary: You need to stop being down on yourself.

Typhlosion blinks and stands up. Jon gets a Moomoo Milk out of his bag and then gives it to Typhlosion, who begins to drink it.

April: Well, we will probably meet her again.

Jon: Yeah.

Drake: So, rest up at the Pokemon Center as it is getting late.

Mary: Sounds good to me.

The screen freezes.

Narrator: Jon and Rosa began their battle and it was a well fought battle. However, both trainers had to access Bond Phenomenon to try and beat each other, but Rosa and her Greninja were the victors. Now, our heroes are heading to the Pokemon Center to rest for the night.

Major Events

  • The group meet Rosa Jones, a trainer from the Kalos Region
  • Rosa has a Greninja that can use Battle Bond.







  • Greninja (Rosa's; Rosa-Greninja)


  • An instrumental arrangement of the song exists, called "サトシゲッコウガ参上!(Ash-Greninja Appears!)" for Rosa-Greninja.