The Blushing Geothermal Power Plant
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United States October 14, 2017
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Jon, Drake, Mary, April and Typhlosion leave the hotel.

April: That was a good sleep.

Drake: Yeah, sure was.

Mary: So, are we heading to the next trial again?

Rotom-Dex: There is a small Geothermal Power Plant just near by that I think would be interesting for everyone to see.

Jon: That, does actually sound quite interesting.

Drake: So shall we head over there?

April: It will be a good place to visit.

Mary: Then let's go.

Everyone walks along the path and soon arrive at the Thermal Power Plant.

Drake: This is it.

April: It looks.

Mary: Really worn down.

Jon: Yeah. You sure this is a sight to see Rotom?

Rotom-Dex: Yeah. It should be, I'm not sure why it isn't.

Jon: This is strange.

A young man walks up to them.

Man: Are you here to see the Power Plant?

Mary: Yes.

Jacob: My name is Jacob, and I run this Power Plant.

Jon: I'm Jon, and this is my partner Typhlosion.

Typhlosion: Ty.

Rotom-Dex: I'm Rotom-Dex!

Mary: My name is Mary.

Drake: I'm Drake.

April: And my name is April, pleasure to meet you.

Jacob: I can take you inside, but it isn't a pretty sight any more.

Jon: That's okay.

Jacob takes everyone inside the power plant, but they see a lot of destroyed wires and electrical boxes.

Drake: Wow, theses all look damaged.

Mary: Very damaged.

Jacob: There are some Pokemon living here.

A Magneton then moves into view from behind one of the broken electrical boxes.

Jon: A Magneton.

Mary: I see.

Jacob: Magneton has been here trying to look after the facility.

Drake: But how did it get like this?

Jacob: Some Rattata broke in and damaged the equipment.

April: But I guess Magneton looked after the place.

Jacob: As best as Magneton can.

Jon: So, what would make this place operational again?

Jacob: Fixing all the electrical equipment would be a start. Then check the wiring and all sorts.

Drake: Well why don't we start.

Jacob: Well, that is the other problem.

April: What?

Jacob: The main room where the electrical equipment gets the power, it is currently overrun by a Pokemon, and it is too dangerous to fight.

Mary: What Pokemon is that?

Jacob takes everyone outside of the operational room.

April: So, what Pokemon is it?

There is a loud roar from within the room.

Jacob: We have no idea.

Another loud roar is heard.

Jon: Well, if we can stop that Pokemon, then you can have the power plant back.

Jacob: Yeah. But Magneton tried to stop the Pokemon and failed.

April: So who is going to try and defeat the Pokemon?

Drake: I will, with Jon's help.

Jon: If you need it.

Drake: Then let's go.

Jacob opens the door partly, and then Jon, Typhlosion and Drake run in and then the doors close and the room is dark.

Drake: I can't see a thing.

Jon: I know.

Typhlosion lights up the flames around his neck but there is still little light.

Drake: Still not enough, good idea though Typhlosion.

Then some emergency lights turn on and show the Pokemon.

Drake: Who is that?

Jon: That.....that is a Tyrantrum!

Drake: Tyrantrum?

Rotom-Dex: Allow me.

Rotom-Dex brings up a picture of Tyrantrum.

Rotom-Dex: Tyrantrum, the Despot Pokemon. Tyrantrum is a Rock and Dragon type. Nothing could stop this Pokemon 100 Million years ago, so it behaved like a king.

Rotom-Dex gets rid of the photo.

Drake: This is bad. But, here goes nothing.

Drake sends out Stufful.

Jon: Stufful! Really, against that?!

Drake: I believe in Stufful.

Jon: So do I.

Drake: You don't. Now, Force Palm!

Stufful uses Force Palm towards Tyrantrum but Tyrantrum hits him with Dragon Tail, knocking Stufful back towards Drake.

Jon: Right, let's go Hakamo-o!

Drake: No!

Jon: Huh?

Drake: We have this.

Jon: If you say so.

Drake: You good Stufful?

Stufful stands up and then nods at Drake.

Jon: Go get them Stufful!

Drake: Swords Dance!

Stufful uses Swords Dance and increases his attack stat a lot.

Drake: Good work.

Tyrantrum then uses Ancient Power towards Stufful.

Drake: Dodge!

Stufful easily dodges, but is now close to Tyrantrum.

Drake: Stufful!

Tyrantrum then uses Brick Break on Stufful, causing a lot of damage and hits Stuffl into the air. Tyrantrum then hits Stufful with Dragon Claw, causing a lot of damage, causing Stufful to land near Drake. Tyrantrum then uses Ancient Power towards Stufful.

Jon: Dragon Pulse!

Typhlosion uses Dragon Pulse to cancel out Ancient Power.

Jon: Great.

Drake: Stufful, are you okay?

Stufful struggles up.

Jon: You okay?

Stufful: Ful.

Drake: Aerial Ace!

Stufful goes towards Tyrantrum using Aerial Ace but Tyrantrum hits Stufful with Dragon Tail, smashing Stufful into the ground near Drake.

Drake: Stufful!

Mary (Outside): Are you okay?

Jon: Having a bit of a situation here.

April (Outside): Do you want us to open the door?

Tyrantrum then uses Ancient Power towards the door, damaging it.

Jon: Well, we can't now.

Drake: Are you okay Stufful?

Stufful struggles up, but then collapses.

Jon: Typhlosion, let's go.

Suddenly, Stufful glows blue.

Jon: Stufful?

Stufful stands up and then grows in size and then evolves into Bewear.

Drake: Bewear!

Jon: Who is that?

Rotom-Dex puts up a picture of Bewear.

Rotom-Dex: Bewear, the Strong Arm Pokemon, and the evolved form of Stufful. Bewear is a Normal and Fighting Type. This immensely dangerous Pokemon possesses overwhelming physical strength. Its habitat is generally off-limits.

Rotom-Dex gets rid off the picture.

Jon: That sounds dangerous.

Drake: Awesome.

Bewear then hits Tyrantrum using Shadow Claw, causing a lot of damage.

Drake: Shadow Claw!

Jon: Well, this is an increase in power.

Drake: Force Palm!

Bewear uses Force Palm, and causes a lot of damage to Tyrantrum, tiring it out.

Drake: You are strong!

Drake then throws a Pokeball at Tyrantrum and Tyrantrum goes inside and the ball wriggles a bit and then sparkles.

Jon: You caught Tyrantrum!

Drake goes over and picks up the Pokeball.

Drake: Now, we can get this place up and running again.

Jon: One problem, Tyrantrum damaged the door.

Bewear then rips the doors off like they are paper. April, Mary and Jacob walk in with Magneton.

Jon: That seemed easy.

Jacob: You stopped the Pokemon?

Drake: Yeah, it was a Tyrantrum.

April: A Bewear?

Mary: Stufful evolved!

Jon: Yep.

Jacob: Now we can get this plant up and running again.

Mary: Let's help out.

Drake: Good shout.

The screen freezes.

Narrator: Our heroes came across an old power plant which looked over run and couldn't be used. However, they found out a Pokemon was in the middle of the power plant, causing all the problems. Jon and Drake went in to face the Pokemon, but the Pokemon was none other than Tyrantrum, who Drake caught along with his Stufful evolving into a Bewear. Now, our heroes are helping out Jacob to get the plant up and running again.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts






  • Magneton
  • Tyrantrum