The Flowers OF Ula'ula Meadow
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United States November 11, 2017
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Everyone is in the Pokemon Aether House with Acerola after a nights sleep.

Acerola: How is everyone this morning?

Drake: Great thanks.

Jon: All refreshed.

Mary: Thanks for letting us stay over.

Acerola: No problem. Hope your grand trial goes well.

Jon: Thanks.

April: So, shall we go?

Everyone leaves and then walks along the path and soon ends up in Ula'ula Meadow.

April: Look at all theses flowers.

Mary: They are so beautiful.

Jon: We have been to the other meadow's too.

Drake: True.

April: I know, but these red flowers look better.

An yellow Oricorio goes to a red flower and then drinks its nectar and then its form changes into a red Oricorio.

Jon: Oricorio changed forms.

Mary: Awesome.

Everyone looks around and sees lots of Ledyba, Ledian, Ribombee and Cutiefly having fun around the nectar and drinking it.

Drake: They are enjoying the nectar.

Jon: Seems so.

Mary: They all seem at peace.

April: They do yeah.

Jon: What shall we do here?

April: Picnic?

Drake: Nice idea.

Mary: I'll help you.

Typhlosion looks towards a sign showing directions to the Lake of Sunne and Moone.

Typhlosion: Phlo!

Jon: What's up?

Typhlosion runs off towards the lake.

Jon: Hey!

Mary: April and I will get the picnic ready, you two go after Typhlosion.

Drake: Thanks.

Jon: This isn't like Typhlosion.

Jon, Drake and Rotom-Dex head over towards the lake. Soon, they catch up to Typhlosion who is standing on the bridge, in the middle.

Jon: Typhlosion!

A Skarmory uses Flash Cannon towards Typhlosion, but Typhlosion uses Focus Blast to cancel out the attack. Then a Noivern uses Dragon Pulse towards Typhlosion from behind, unknown to Typhlosion.

Drake: Energy Ball!

Drake sends out Dartrix and Dartrix uses Energy Ball and cancels out Dragon Pulse.

Jon: Thanks Drake and Dartrix.

Dartrix smiles.

Jon: Hmm.

Noivern then uses Dragon Pulse towards Dartrix, who dodges and flies up into the air.

Drake: Good dodging.

Jon: Why are they attacking?

Typhlosion: Ty, Typhlo!

Jon: Guardians then. This is some kind of challenge, set by who ever is here.

Drake: Human or Pokemon?

Jon: No idea, but either way, let's do it!

Skarmory then uses Brave Bird and heads towards Dartrix, but Typhlosion gets in the way and blocks the attack and grabs hold of Skarmory.

Jon: Great, now Flamethrower! Full power!

Typhlosion uses Flamethrower and sends Skarmory flying out of sight.

Drake: Energy Ball!

Dartrix uses Energy Ball repetitive fire at Noivern, causing Noivern to flee.

Jon: Good job.

Drake: Thanks. Let's continue.

They all head over the bridge and then up some stairs which is a huge flight of them. When they eventually reach the top, there is a white Pokemon.

Drake: That's!

Jon: Solgaleo!

Drake: What is the legendary Pokemon doing here?

Solgaleo then roars at Jon, Drake and their Pokemon.

Drake: Whoa.

Dartrix and Typhlosion give Solgaleo a fierce look.

Jon: Seems like Solgaleo wants a battle.

Solgaleo roars again.

Drake: I'm wondering why though.

Solgaleo moves fast and hits Dartrix using Flare Blitz, causing a lot of damage.

Drake: Dartrix!

Solgaleo then uses Stone Edge and hits both Typhlosion and Dartrix.

Jon: You guys okay?

Typhlosion and Dartrix get up.

Jon: Super effective moves against both of us.

Solgaleo looks at Jon and Drake.

Drake: Guess Solgaleo is waiting for us. If that's the case then use Energy Ball!

Dartrix uses Energy Ball but the move does nothing to Solgaleo.

Jon: What?

Rotom-Dex: Solgaleo is a Psychic and Steel type.

Drake: So it is resistant to Grass type attacks.

Jon: Then let's give it a taste of the good stuff. Flamethrower!

Typhlosion uses Flamethrower and the move hits Solgaleo but Solgaleo shrugs it off.

Jon: Argh.

Drake: It is definitely a legendary Pokemon.

Solgaleo heads towards Typhlosion using Iron Head.

Jon: Focus Blast!

Typhlosion uses Focus Blast and the move hits Solgaleo but Solgaleo continues and hits Typhlosion back a lot. The Solgaleo hits Dartrix with Flare Blitz and then jumps up into the air and then uses Sunsteel Strike towards Dartrix, who is still down.

Drake: Dartrix!

Jon: Typhlosion!

Solgaleo is near Dartrix but Typhlosion jumps in the way taking the full force of attack and smashing into a pillar, causing it to crumble on top of Typhlosion.

Jon: Typhlosion!

Solgaleo looks towards Jon and then looks at Dartrix, who is now struggling up.

Drake: You okay Dartrix?

Dartrix nods and then glows blue.

Jon: Dartrix is evolving!

Dartrix grows in size and gets a longer wingspan and then the blue light disperses and then shows he has evolved into Decidueye.

Drake: Decidueye!

Decidueye then uses Spirit Shackle on Solgaleo, causing some damage.

Jon: What was that?

Rotom-Dex: That was Spirit Shackle. It is a move only Decidueye can learn and is a Ghost type move.

Drake: Which is good as Decidueye is a Ghost type.

Solgaleo then hits Decidueye with Stone Edge, and causes a lot of damage.

Jon: On the plus side, it isn't super effective any more.

Typhlosion gets out of the rubble and then stands next to Decidueye. Typhlosion looks at Jon.

Jon: Yeah, I agree.

A fire vortex covers Typhlosion and then forms a fire shuriken on his back. Solgaleo is a bit shocked by this form.

Jon: Solgaleo, meet Jon-Typhlosion!

Drake: Ready Decidueye?

Decidueye nods. Solgaleo uses Stone Edge towards them both.

Jon: Shuriken Blaze!

Jon-Typhlosion grabs the fire shuriken on his back and then uses Shuriken Blaze, stopping Stone Edge.

Drake: Energy Ball!

Decidueye then uses Energy Ball which hits Solgaleo.

Jon: Dragon Pulse!

Jon-Typhlosion uses Dragon Pulse but Solgaleo dodges and then uses Sunsteel Strike, hitting them both. Then Solgaleo nods.

Drake: Why is Solgaleo nodding?

Jon-Typhlosion gets covered in a fire vortex and reverts back to normal form.

Jon: The battle is over.

Solgaleo: Sol.

Drake: Huh?

A Cosmog flies in from behind some rocks to Solgaleo.

Jon: A Cosmog!

Drake: Isn't this the same Cosmog?

Cosmog smiles.

Jon: Yep, the very same. But I thought Jane was looking after Cosmog.

Solgaleo: Leo, Sol.

Jon: Ah, so this is where she was bringing Cosmog.

Cosmog then goes over to Jon and Drake.

Jon: How are you doing Cosmog?

Cosmog smiles and Solgaleo looks at Jon and Drake.

Drake: You want us to look after Cosmog?

Solgaleo nods.

Jon: Then we accept.

Solgaleo nods and Cosmog uses Teleport and everyone arrives at the picnic.

Mary: Whoa!

April: How did you do that?

Mary sees Cosmog.

Mary: Cosmog?

Drake: It's a long story.

Drake tells them both the story.

April: Ah okay, and that's why you now have a Decidueye too.

Drake: Yeah.

Cosmog goes over to April.

Jon: Seem like Cosmog has chosen you to look after it.

April: Me?

Mary: I would say so.

April: Well, let's have some lunch and then we can decide on what to do next.

Everyone begins to eat and the screen freezes.

Narrator: Our heroes arrived at Ula'ula meadow and prepared for a picnic, but Jon and Drake followed Typhlosion to a location where Solgaleo was waiting and then battled them, causing Dartrix to evolve into Decidueye. Now, our heroes have a Cosmog to join their travels and also a picnic to eat.

Major events

  • Drake's Dartrix evolves into Decidueye, and learns Spirit Shackle.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass






  • Cosmog


  • Oricorio
  • Skarmory
  • Ribombee (Multiple)
  • Cutiefly (Multiple)
  • Ledyba (Multiple)
  • Ledian (Multiple)
  • Noivern
  • Solgaleo
  • Cosmog