The Form Story: A Biography of Michael Mastre

Chapter One

Michael Mastre was born in 2036, on September 7th. He was born to Steve Mastre and Lake Johanna, the former being the wealthy owner of TriTech. He was born and lived his childhood in Aspertia City. When Michael was born, he was an ordinary child. Only Steve knew his potential. Yes, in later interviews, it was discovered that even his mother knew not. For that was the nature of the Mastre family. In fact, the eccentricity of the family is the very reason that Lake kept her maiden name. Steve's vanity was the reason that Lake was allowed to keep her maiden name. He was too proud to share his name, what he called "the noble name of Mastre", with his wife, and she was happy to agree. Michael had a very good childhood, as a very average, though rich, boy. This all changed upon his entry into school. When Michael enrolled in elementary school, he excelled at literally everything. He wasn't just smart, he also excelled at sports. In fact, he might've been a bit better at sports. He was constantly being nominated for all kinds of things, all of which he was excellent at. At age 10, he was the captain of every sports team, and top of his class. As such, he made quite a few friends, and quite a few enemies. Not all of these he left behind upon graduation from elementary school. One such enemy was Jack Terus, a boy just as gifted as Michael, though much less fortunate. Before the rest of Michael's tale can be told, you must first know the tale of this boy.

Chapter Two

Jack Terus was born to John and Karen Terus, both of Birchplank, in Extol, but Jack himself was born in Aspertia. Unlike Michael, however, he showed his prowess at a very early age. He was extremely precocious and learned to read and write very early. However, he was orphaned at age 6, his parents killed in different accidents within the same day. He believed that this was a conspiracy rather than a coincidence, and from then on he was an extremely suspicious person.  John Terus died first, in a freak accident; a four-way car crash, and Karen died in a wild pokemon attack. After his parents died, Jack was sent to an orphanage, seeing as his other relatives were in extreme poverty and could not afford to feed another mouth. Once Jack enrolled in the same school as Michael, they became fast friends, Yes, they were friends at first. They had very similar interests. But Michael was very popular, and Jack wasn't. So their friendship turned, at the first small argument, into an enemyship. And being as gifted as he was, Jack had many weapons in the war of hate. However, Michael had just as many.

Chapter Three

Upon Jack and Michael's entry into middle school, Jack was constantly trying to ruin Michael's reputation. At first Michael ignored this, as most of Jack's attempts didn't work. Meanwhile, at the Mastre household, Jacob Mastre was born. This changed the life of Michael Mastre drastically, maybe the first time. Jacob was born on March 4th, 2047. Jacob Mastre developed much more slowly than Michael, however.

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