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Pokémon: The Frontier Saga also known as T.F.S is a series of non-profit fanfictions created by TrainerSYNC and is set in the Pokémon Universe.

Though the saga is mostly based on the main series of games created by Nintendo, other stories such as the crossovers were created to show what certain characters from one story would do if they met characters from another.

Main Series Arc

These stories contain events that occur during the main series of games such as Pokémon: Emerald Version, Black Version, Platinum Version, etc.

Book One - Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier

Main Article: Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier

(Japanese: ポケットモンスターエメラルドの冒険!Pocket Monsters Emerald Adventure!)

Encouraged by his older brother to begin the legacy, Matt Hasley takes the leap into becoming a great Pokémon Trainer. Though he is not alone, his best friend Jennifer Lacrosse and new companion Drew join him as they fight the good fight, stop two evil organizations, save the world and do their best in becoming great Pokémon Trainers.

Book Two - Pokémon: Unova Terminal

Main Article: Pokémon: Unova Terminal

(Japanese: ポケットモンスター黒と白の冒険!Pocket Monsters Black Adventure!)

A mere visit turns into chaos as Professor Juniper leaves a package at Alex Cruise's house. Inside, him and his friends Bianca and Jesse recieve their first Pokémon. But are they getting more than they bargained for? As a dark force looms over the Unova Region, convincing citizens, Gym Leaders and Pokémon Trainers alike to release their Pokémon, it's up to Alex and his friends to stop the chaos and prove that Pokémon are treated equally as humans.

Book Three - Pokémon: Sinnoh Frontier

Main Article: Pokémon: Sinnoh Frontier

(Japanese: ポケットモンスタープラチナの冒険!Pocket Monsters: Platinum Adventure!)

The Battle Frontier was a huge success and the Hoenn Trio deserve a celebration for all their victories. As they get serious, Matt, Jennifer and Drew discuss their new adventures. News of Gyms, Contests and more make the trio eager to tackle their newest target, The Sinnoh Region.

As they arrive in Sandgem Town and are greeted by Professor Rowan, things seem like home. But it turns chaotic when a group of evil masterminds have plans to create a new world with the help of the Time and Space Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia. Their acts must be stopped and their plans shall be foiled.

Book Four - Pokémon: Johto Quest

Main Article: Pokémon: Johto Quest

Meet Sam Hasley. A young wannabe Pokémon Trainer wishing he'd go on a journey but stuck with his family and surrounded with violence. But a shimmering miracle occurs when Professors Elm and Oak require Sam to do an extraodinary task by going around the Johto Region and to catch different Pokémon while also becoming a Pokémon Champion.

Join him in this prequel to Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier as he adventures to the top of the charts and becomes a legend that all Gym Leaders and Trainers know of today. This is the dream he has been waiting for; this is his Johto Quest.

Book Five - Pokémon: Unova Terminal Revolution

Main Article - Pokémon: Unova Terminal Revolution

After winning a Pokémon Tournament in Nuvema Town 5 months after the Unova League, Alex now becomes bored with his hometown and asks for a new challenge. Due to his fear of planes not allowing him to cross the ocean, Alex then hears the Pokémon League Committee is cancelling the standard once a year Unova League and replacing it with the Unova Masters League.

Alex gets excited as he already has the badges to qualify, but overexcitement causes him to drop his badges down a well where a lurking Whiscash swallows them. Upset, he then takes the oppurtunity to begin his new adventure by recollecting his badges at newly made Gyms. But trouble lurks as Team Plasma returns under command of a new leader and the safety of the Unova Region is once again at stake

Book Six - Pokémon X&Y: Battle Genesis

Main ArticlePokémon X&Y: Battle Genesis

(Japanese: ポケットモンスター新たなる冒険'のX&Y - Pocket Monsters New Adventure X&Y!)

Crossover Arc

Unlike the main series, the crossover arc is either two stories collaborating or either being an expansion of one story. Some stories in this arc are not canon and do not tie in with the main series. Stories that are connected to the main plot of an arc are respresented by a *

Book One A - Pokémon: Unova Terminal - Reshiram vs. Groudon*

Main Article - Pokémon: Unova Terminal - Reshiram vs. Groudon

As a evil force threatens to disrupt the flow of peace between humans and Pokémon by capturing Groudon and taking it away, it is up to Matt Hasley to stop it. But little does he know the destination he is headed for is out of his world. Transported to the Unova Region with Groudon, Matt must team up with Jesse West and Liz Andrews in order to restore the balance between the Pokémon and return things to normal.

Book One B - Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier - Kyogre vs. Zekrom*

Main Article - Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier - Kyogre vs. Zekrom

A public holiday ends in panic as a thief controls the legendary Pokémon Zekrom and uses its mighty power to reign chaos on the people. Though as Alex Cruise gives chase, he mysteriously is transported to the Hoenn Region. In order to restore the world to its normal state, Alex must team up with Jennifer Lacrosse and Drew McLean and put an end to the villan's schemes and save the world.

Book Two - Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier - Wrath of the Golems

Main Article: Pokémon: Hoenn Frontier - Wrath of the Golems

Book Three - Pokémon: Unova Terminal - Kyurem and the Absofusion Dilemma

Main Article -  Pokémon: Unova Terminal - Kyurem and the Absofusion Dilemma

Book Four - Pokémon: Sinnoh Frontier - Shaymin & the Garden of Gratitude

Main Article - Pokémon: Sinnoh Frontier - Shaymin & the Garden of Gratitude

With the Festival of the Garden underway, Princess Sara demands to live the life of a normal teenage girl and become a Pokémon Trainer, but is forbade by her mother - the Queen. Taking refuge in the less secure parts of the city, she meets up with none other than the Hoenn trio themselves; Matt, Jennifer and Drew. Making friends with them quickly, Sara reluctantly shows the trio the Garden of Gratitude; an unspoiled greenland that has been the myth of the kingdom and the celebration of the current festival.

But political anguish strikes through the royal family, and a few steps down in line for the throne - Prince Valdamar attempts to use the legendary Pokémon, Shaymin to fufill the requirements and obtain the power of the kingdom before Princess Sara can become queen.

Book Five - Pokémon: Johto Quest - Origins of the Eon Pendant*

Main Article - Pokémon: Johto Quest - Origins of the Eon Pendant

2000 years after a disastrous war threatened the safety of the planet, an evil force known as the Pursuers of the Ancients, seek out and attempt to acquire a jewel known as the Eon Pendant. Unfortunately, the one who has recieved it in the modern world is Sam. Fighting against the Pursuers, Sam uses the help from Latios and Latias in order to stop them and keep the pendant safe.

Book Six - Pokémon: Unova Terminal Revolution - Genesect: Crisis Overdrive

Main Article: Pokémon: Unova Terminal Revolution - Genesect: Crisis Overdrive

Book Seven - Pokémon: T.F.S - Arceus & the Azure Flute*

Main Article: Pokémon: T.F.S - Arceus & the Azure Flute

A year after the distortional events of Book One, the Pokémon world has faced its biggest threat yet. Several spatial explosions have occured worldwide, inccouring the wrath of Arceus; the Alpha Pokémon who created the planet millions of years ago. Enraged and disgraced of the planet's caretakers - the humans, Arceus plans to wipe world clean of all sentient life, and start all over with hopes that it will never occur again.

Book Eight - Pokémon X&Y: Battle Genesis - Yveltal & the Swords of Justice

Main Article: Pokémon X&Y: Battle Genesis - Yveltal & the Swords of Justice


  • Though the series is named "The Frontier Saga" not all the stories have Frontier in their name
  • Though the saga is based off the events that take place in the games, the way some events are written are based on the anime. Such as the Battle Frontier or the Pokémon Contests.
  • TrainerSYNC has confirmed that the "Frontier" means Battle Frontier
    • Also, it is stated that the Unova Arc of the Saga was difficult to name due to Unova's Battle Subway. TrainerSYNC thought the name Unova Subway would seem absurd and decided to choose Unova Terminal.