The Grand Trial Battle
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United States March 8, 2017
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Jon, Drake, Mary, April and Typhlosion finally arrive in Iki town, with their new eggs in incubators in their arms.

Drake: Iki Town!

Jon: We are here!

April: And now you can battle Hala to win the grand trial.

Jon: Yeah.

Jon looks partly sad.

Mary: Why are you sad, I thought this is what you wanted?

Jon: It is, but I have the Normalium-Z but no Z-Ring to use the power.

???: Well, this is a present I was waiting to give to you on your arrival.

Everyone turns around and sees Hala.

Everyone: Hala!

Hala: Hello there. Here you go Jon.

Hala hands Jon a Z-Ring, which Jon attaches to his left wrist.

Jon: Thank you Hala!

Hala: Now, are you ready for our battle?

Jon: Really ready!

Soon, everyone is in the centre of Iki Town. Jon and Hala are on a wooden stage. A few of the residents of Iki Town arrive and wait to watch the battle.

Hala: I hope you don’t mind.

Jon: No, not at all.

Jon gives April his Pokemon Egg.

Jon: You don’t mind do you?

April: Not at all.

Jon: Thanks.

Jon turns back to Hala.

Jon: I’m ready!

Hala: Good. Then let’s get this grand trial started!

Hala grabs a Pokeball and throws it, sending out Crabrawler.

Jon: Crabrawler. Okay then, Litten let’s go!

Jon sends out Litten.

Hala: Ah, Litten is starting then.

Jon: Yeah!

Hala: Then begin!

The crowd of Iki Town begin to cheer for Jon and Litten.

Jon: Already cheering eh. Now, Ember!

Litten uses Ember towards Crabrawler.

Hala: Bulk Up.

Ember hits Crabrawler and then uses Bulk Up to raise its attack and defence.

Jon: Scratch!

Litten runs towards Crabrawler using Scratch. Litten is very close to Crabrawler.

Hala: Crabhammer!

Jon: Oh no! Litten is too close to dodge!

Crabrawler hits Litten with Crabhammer, which causes super effective damage. Litten is in the air and crashes on the floor next to Jon.

Jon: Litten!

Litten staggers up. The crowd cheer Litten on.

Mary: What is Crabhammer?

April: Crabhammer is a water type move.

Drake: Crabhammer causes a lot of damage normally, but it is surprising that Crabrawler has it.

Jon: You good to continue Litten?

Litten nods towards Jon.

Jon: With Bulk Up and Crabhammer, we need to keep our distance. But that isn’t our battle style.

Hala: Power-Up Punch!

Crabrawler moves fast and hits Litten with Power-Up Punch, increasing its own attack stat in the process. Crabrawler has gone back to Hala.

Jon: More stat boosting moves?!

Hala: You’re stumped already?

Jon: Distance isn’t going to work with that power or speed.

Mary: What will Jon do?

Jon: Litten, you trust me?

Litten looks at Jon and nods.

Jon: Good. Now run around in circles!

Drake: What?!

Litten does what Jon says and begins running in circles around the battlefield.

Hala: What is he doing?

Jon: Now, Flame Charge!

Litten uses Flame Charge while running around in circles to increase his speed a lot.

Jon: Now, go!

Litten quickly jumps at Crabrawler, hitting its mark and causing a lot of damage.

Hala: Interesting.

April: Didn’t think he was going to do that.

Hala: Pursuit!

Jon: Growl!

Crabrawler runs towards Litten using Pursuit, but Litten attacks with Growl, lowering Crabrawler’s attack stat. Crabrawler hits Litten, but not as much damage is dealt as it could have been.

Hala: I see. You are applying your strategy well.

Jon: Thanks.

Hala: Now, Crabhammer!

Jon: Scratch!

Crabhammer and Scratch collide, cancelling each other out.

Jon: Flame Charge!

Litten hits Crabrawler with Flame Charge.

Hala: Crabhammer!

Crabrawler hits Litten with Crabhammer.

Jon: Growl!

Litten uses Growl and lowers Crabrawler’s attack stat.

Hala: Good. What else do you have!

Jon: Let’s give it a shot!

Jon activates his Z-Ring, which has the Normalium-Z in it. Jon moves his right hand over his left wrist where his Z-Ring is, then he moves his arms in front of him, then moves his left arm up at a 45 degree angle above his head. He moves his right arm at a 45 degree down, making a straight line from his left arm all the way down to his right arm. Jon then moves his right arm in front of his chest and his left arm in front of his head. The Z-Ring begins to glow.

Jon: Let’s go!

Litten gets covered in a bright light and then runs towards Crabrawler with amazing pace and power. Litten hits Crabrawler and Crabrawler flies into a wall behind Hala. Litten then goes back to Jon, huffing and panting. Crabrawler is unable to battle.

Jon: Whoa!

Hala: Good work.

Hala returns Crabrawler.

Drake: Was that Breakneck Blitz?

Jon: Breakneck Blitz?

Hala: That is the Z-Move used when the Normalium-Z is in use.

Jon: Sweet. I like the Z-Move, though it uses a lot of power.

Hala: Yes it does. Now, Hariyama!

Hala sends out Hariyama.

Jon: Hariyama!

Drake: Who is that Pokemon?

Drake gets his Pokedex out and scans Hariyama.

Drake’s Pokedex: Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokemon. Hariyama practices its straight arm slaps in any number of locations. One hit of this Pokemon’s powerful, openhanded, straight arm punches could snap a telephone pole in two.

Drake puts his Pokedex away.

Drake: Whoa. Extremely powerful.

Mary: Yeah.

Jon: Ember!

Litten uses Ember and the move hits Hariyama, but nothing seems to have happened.

Hala: Arm Thrust!

Hariyama uses Arm Thrust and hits Litten repetitively. Litten lands on the floor next to Jon.

Jon: Litten!

Litten is unable to battle. The crowd gasp. Jon returns Litten.

Jon: You were fantastic Litten. Take a good long rest.

Jon then turns to Typhlosion.

Jon: Ready buddy?

Typhlosion walks over to Jon and stands in front of him on the battlefield.

Jon: Now, let’s win this!

Hala: Confident. Use Force Palm!

Hariyama hits Typhlosion with Force Palm, causing a bit of damage.

Jon: Shadow Claw!

Typhlosion retaliates using Shadow Claw and hits Hariyama.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Typhlosion uses Flamethrower and Hariyama braces for impact. Hariyama gets hit but doesn’t seem to be taking much damage.

Jon: Thick Fat.

Drake: Thick Fat?

April: It’s an ability which halves the damage taken from fire and ice type moves.

Mary: Oh, I see.

Hala: Yes, Thick Fat is Hariyama’s ability. Now, Knock Off!

Hariyama moves fast, faster than what Jon would have thought, and hits Typhlosion with Knock Off.

Jon: Argh, man.

Hala: Now, Poison Jab!

Jon: Shadow Claw!

Hariyama uses Poison Jab and Typhlosion uses Shadow Claw and the tow moves collide. They are pretty even, and continue being even for a while until Hariyama uses Poison Jab with its free hand, hitting Typhlosion and causing him to skid back to Jon.

Jon: Cheeky.

Hala: Tactical.

Jon: Focus Blast!

Typhlosion uses Focus Blast, but Hariyama just knocks Focus Blast away like it is paper.

Hala: You need to do better than that.

Hala activates his Z-Ring and the Z-Ring begins to glow. Hala moves his arms in front of him, then pulls his right arm back and then launches it forwards at the same time he moves his left arm back. Then in quick concession, he moves his left arm back and his right arm forward, then right arm back and left arm forward. This continues for a few seconds. Hala then puts all of his strength into punching his right arm in front of him. Hariyama begins to glow and then hits with his hands loads and loads of times at Typhlosion. Typhlosion gets hurt quite a lot.

Jon: Another Z-Move!

Hala: The Fightinium-Z, All Out Pummelling!

Jon: Whoa! You okay bud?

Typhlosion staggers to an upright position.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Typhlosion uses Flamethrower and hits Hariyama.

Hala: Thick Fat makes Flamethrower worthless. You can’t beat me with pitiful tactics with this.

Jon: Argh!

Mary: Hala is annoying Jon.

Jon: Then, let’s go!

Hala: Show me!

Jon: Shadow Claw!

Typhlosion runs towards Hariyama using Shadow Claw.

Hala: No added power? Force Palm!

Hariyama uses Force Palm but Typhlosion dodges and hits Hariyama using Shadow sending Hariyama into the sky.

Jon: Shuriken Blaze!

Typhlosion claps his hands together and creates fire shuriken and throws them at Hariyama. They hit Hariyama who is still in the air. Hariyama begins to fall and increases speed while heading towards the ground.

Hala: Force Palm!

Hariyama uses Force Palm while heading down to the ground.

Jon: Focus Blast!

Typhlosion uses Focus Blast and the two moves collide causing an explosion and covers the battlefield in smoke. When the smoke disappears, only Hariyama is seen.

Drake: Where did Typhlosion go?

Hala: Given up?

Jon: Nope. The best offence is the best defence! Strategy plays a big key. Typhlosion trusts me and I trust Typhlosion, this is what makes us an unstoppable team! Shadow Claw!

Typhlosion runs in from the trees and repetedly strikes Hariyama using Shadow Claw.

Hala: Knock Off!

Hariyama tries to hit Typhlosion with Knock Off, but misses.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Typhlosion hurtles Flamethrower towards Hariyama.

Hala: Arm Thrust!

Hariyama uses Arm Thrust to keeps Flamethrower away.

Jon: Gotcha!

Hala: Huh?

Hariyama stops using Arm Thrust and Shuriken Blaze blasts through from where the Flamethrower was and hits Hariyama. Hariyama is down on one knee.

Jon: Let’s go with all that we have! Shadow Claw!

Hala: Poison Jab!

Hariyama runs towards Typhlosion using Poison Jab and Typhlosion runs towards Hariyama using Shadow Claw. The two moves collide and they connect, with neither side giving up.

Mary: This is intense!

Jon: Let’s go!

As Jon shouts this, Typhlosion uses Shadow Claw to lift Hariyama into the air and then jumps above it and then uses Shadow Claw to smash Hariyama into the battlefield. Typhlosion lands next to Jon. Hariyama is unable to battle.

Hala: Hariyama, you were great.

Hala returns Hariyama.

Hala: Good work Jon. You have shown me a great battle. Here.

Hala hands Jon the Fightinium-Z.

Jon: The Fightinium-Z!

Hala: With this, you can use All Out Pummelling.

Jon: Yeah. Thanks Hala.

The crowd cheers and then stops when they hear a Pokemon cry.

Hala: Tapu Koko!

Surely enough, Tapu Koko appears in front of Jon and Hala.

Jon: You want that battle now don’t you?

Tapu Koko nods.

Jon: Do you mind if with have it tomorrow? Typhlosion and I are quite tired from today.

Tapu Koko: Koko ko.

Tapu Koko flies away.

Drake: What did it say?

April: It’s obvious that Tapu Koko agrees and will come back tomorrow.

Jon: Yep.

Jon gets the egg from April.

Jon: Thanks for looking after the egg.

April: No problem.

Hala: We best all get to Nurse Joy.

Drake: Right.

Everyone heads to the Pokemon Centre. The screen freezes.

Narrator: After arriving in Iki Town, Jon and Hala begun their battle. While Litten was facing Crabrawler, Jon and Litten performed the normal Z-Move, Breakneck Blitz and defeated Crabrawler. However, Hariyama defeated Litten easily. With Jon choosing Typhlosion as his final Pokemon, Hariyama and Typhlosion had a tough battle, with Hala and Hariyama using the fighting type Z-Move, all out Pummelling. This caused Typhlosion a lot of damage but they continued on, with Jon and Typhlosion using the environment to win. Now, after seeing Tapu Koko, Jon and our heroes along with Hala have headed to the Pokemon Centre to heal their Pokemon and get some rest.


Jon Spencer

April Cass

Drake Milford

Mary Potts


Iki Town Residents




  • Crabrawler
  • Hariyama


  • Tapu Koko