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Note: This is a sequel to Adoption and Subtraction!, If you haven't read it, I recommend reading it before this.

Preview Trailer/Sneak Peek

In this special fiction Halloween episode, The group travel into a mystical cavern. and then escape the cavern from aliens. and then fight the fleet of aliens and the leader of the fleet's alien army

Major Events

  • Kandalee's Drowzee evolves into Hypno and learns Focus Blast.
  • Kandalee's Wigglytuff is revealed to know Hyper Voice, Flamethrower, Gyro Ball and Dazzling Gleam.
  • Kandalee's Meowstic is revealed to know Assist, Thunderbolt and Energy Ball, and activates Prankster for the first time.
  • Nodoka's Popplio is revealed to have evolved into Brionne.
  • William's Lillipup is revealed to have evolved into Herdier.
  • Dragonic meets Jane and co. for the first time.
  • Lillie's Floette is revealed to know Vine Whip and Solar Beam.
  • Jane's Lycanroc is revealed to know Accelerock, and has Tough Claws as its ability.
  • Chaos is revealed to have been controlled by Samukai, but is shown to have betrayed him, freed from its control.
  • Mimi's Claydol is revealed to know Earth Power.


Chapter 1

The group are inside a giant cave, lit up with shards of glowstone.

"Woah. This place is awesome!" says Dragonic.

"What is that?" Konoka asked.

"Good question." said Cdr. "Unfortunately I didn't bring my science books."

Suddenly, a snake in a suit of futuristic armor appears.

"Heya! So.. Who are you guys?" asked the snake.

"Uh... What is that?" Kandalee asked.

"I don't know, read the script or something," said Cdr

"What the hell?"

"I don't have any data on this snake," Rotom-Dex said.

Suddenly purple energy goes over the snake, revealing one of the alien generals, Pythor. Then, Pythor grabbed the Rotom-dex and ripped it in two, causing Rotom to come out from it.

"Smell you later."

Pythor grabbed a small steel plate with a red button, pressed the button, and teleported away.

"Now what? Now I need a new Pokedex now, thanks to that stupid Pythor," Rotom sighed, who felt broken-hearted.

"You wanna borrow mine?" asked Cdr.

"I bought another one, in case that happens" William told to Rotom. As Rotom went in the extra dex he had, transforming himself to Rotom-Dex again.

The group proceed through the cave

"Man. Why do these aliens have to show up?" says Dragonic

"Beats me, Dragonic" William shrugged.

"Oh they're probably just here to take over the world". Said Cdr. "No biggie really, typical alien stuff"

"I've got a a bad feeling about this...." Nodoka said, a little scared.

"Me too." says Flurr.

An explosion came out of nowhere.

"Why the heck! an explosion in a cave with no bombs at all?" asked Dragonic.

Kandalee also heard the noise.

"You guys hear that? Weird, right?" asked Cdr.

"Yeah," Kandalee replied.

Suddenly, a being made of water with a brain and two glowing green eyes appeared.

"Who are you?" asked Flurr.

"I am Chaos. Chaos Zero" Chaos says in a distorted voice.

Chaos then fires water into the team's eyes, turns into a pond of water, and escapes.

"Well, that was helpful," remarked Cdr sarcastically. "He shows up, tells us his name, shoots water in our eyes, then leaves. Just wonderful. "

Chapter 2

"Yeah..." Kandalee agreed, blinking rapidly.

"I know right? That water really stings your eyes" said Cdr, noticing Kandalee's rapid blinking and stopping to rub his own eyes.

"It definitely does," she replied.

Suddenly, the cave starts crumbling to the ground.

"We need to get out of here!" says Dragonic.

They managed to get out of the cave, until they spotted a skeleton looking person with a giant Pokémon, which looked like a Y.

"That's...." William stuttered.

Rotom-Dex recited the entry. "Yveltal, the Destruction Pokémon. A Dark and Flying type. According to legend, Yveltal can turn anything into stone. When its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more."

"My name is Samukai, idiots." says Samukai.

And then Chaos Zero and Pythor walk behind Samukai.

"Let's get to my spaceship to escape this madness, guys!" says Flurr.

Yveltal began to launch an attack, a powerful devastating beam was heading for them.

"You're not getting away this time, Flurr." says Samukai.

The beam struck Konoka, Setsuna, Yue, Negi, Chamo, Serena, Bonnie, Pikachu, Ash, and Hunter, turning all of them to stone.

"N-No way......" William gasped in horror.

"Samukai, HOW COULD YOU!" Sayo said in anger.

Samukai uses his scythe to grab Sayo.

"May you stay here for your death?" says Chaos Zero in a distorted voice as always.

"Uh, hello? I'm already dead?" Sayo remarked, she was unaffected by the scythe, due to being a ghost, but she was not immune to the Oblivion Wing.

"Aw, nuts," Sayo said as she was turned to stone as well.

One by one, everyone was turned to stone except for William, Kandalee, Flurr, and Nodoka. Kandalee summons Drowzee to stop them, William with Mandibuzz so Drowzee can ride on her.

Chaos absorbs these two Pokémon and then starts bulking up and becoming bigger, and now he has became Chaos Two.

Samukai, Pythor, and Chaos Two retreat into a sand green version of the star destroyer and fly off.

However, Drowzee escaped, but Mandibuzz didn't as she absorbed, and then turns William to stone as well and then they fly off.

"Let's follow them" Nodoka said to the remaining who were not stone.

Chapter 3

The remaining ones were running to catch up to the two, but Samukai whacks Kandalee back with his staff, shocking everyone. Drowzee got the worst shock of it.

"Drow..." ("No way...")

Drowzee shuts its eyes tightly then grew angry at the two.

"Drow zeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Drowzee yelled as it began to glow!

"Whoa, Drowzee!" Nodoka gasped in astonishment.

"That can't possibly be..." Nodoka's Gardevoir said.

Drowzee evolved into a yellow creature holding a pendulum.

"Hyp noooooo!" it yelled.

"Let's get into Flurr's spaceship and fight the alien's fleet of spaceships!" says Dragonic, who was not stone because Flurr unstoned him via some unknown means.

Hypno began to create a huge white ball.

"Is that...Focus Blast?" Nodoka asked.

Hypno fires Focus Blast which struck Chaos Two with tremendous power causing it to knock it out, causing to revive everyone, Mandibuzz and Kandalee as well.

"That Pokemon....." William said after reviving, who was helping Kandalee up.

"Hypno, the Hypnosis Pokémon. A Psychic type, and the evolved form of Drowzee. While it is an extremely dangerous Pokémon, people who are in need of a good, sound sleep call it their savior." Rotom-Dex recited.

"Congratulations, Drowzee!" Kandalee smiled.

"Hyp Hypno" ("It's Hypno now")

Chaos Two who got up and manages to fire a beam at everyone.

"Kandalee, Hypno, LOOK OUT!" Nodoka yelled.

Kandalee shielded herself embracing for the impact, but it never did, as a silhouette figure blocked the hit and taking the blast. She felt relief, happiness, sadness, and sheer terror, all at once.

"Guh...are you okay...Kandalee?" said a voice.

"Y-yeah.. I think so..." Kandalee replied. Seeing her father almost die (she knew in the back of her mind that that was still a possibility) had shaken her up a little.

"Have fun with this, punks! Go Darkus 8-Z Striker!" says Samukai.

A black, slim robot with legs like Mechagodzilla (but less bulky), arms like metal knuckles, hands like metal sonic, feet like metal sonic, a body like robo sonic, and a slim, round, edged, black head with a grey visor.

"Darkus 8-Z Striker online. Activating attack mode."

"Oh no you don't. Klinklang, initiate Gear Grind," William called, as Klinklang obeyed and fired a flurry of gears, but Darkus blocks it with its hand.

The robot manages to create a shoulder cannon with the gears and then shoots at everybody.

"Quick, dodge it!" William yelled. He was dodging the hits.

Klinklang dodges them.

The robot manages to shoot at Dragonic's left eye, damaging him.

"You will pay for this," says Dragonic.

Dragonic digs his claws under the ground, pulls up a giant ball of lava, and chucks it at Darkus, seemingly destroying the robot.

"There," says Dragonic.

"Use Shift Gear, Klinklang!" William called, which Klinklang does so.

"What's Shift Gear?" Bonnie asked them.

"Its a move that sharply increases Klinklang's Speed and raises its Attack power, William's planning to use it to make Klinklang's attacks more powerful than normal," Brock stated.

Chapter 4

"Let me." said the Balloon Pokémon.

Wigglytuff looked in concern at Kandalee, willing to battle them.

"I'm asking you if I can battle them." Wigglytuff said again.

"Go ahead," Kandalee shrugged.

Wigglytuff began spinning like a ball and struck it.

"That's Gyro Ball, right, Kandalee?" Nodoka said.

"I think so," Kandalee replied.

Wigglytuff fired a fiery blast and struck some damage.

"That's Flamethrower!" William said.

"What's going on?" says Dragonic

Wigglytuff glows gleams while it attacks it.

"That's Dazzling Gleam," Nodoka said.


"Stopping Chaos Two" William said.

"Yeesh, calm down," Kandalee replied.

They realize that they are fighting a cardboard chaos 2.

"See, that's what was saying."

"YOOM-TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Wigglytuff yelled as it was using Hyper Voice.

They heard a rustle in the the crumbled robot.

The robot bursts out of the rubble on top of it and flies into space, and floating down came a Pokémon with a microphone much to Ash's horror. Kandalee clapped a hand to her mouth.

"So cute!" Nodoka said.

"Stay back, that's the same Jigglypuff from Kanto" Ash said.

Jigglypuff began to sing her song like always.

Dragonic covers his left claw with lightning via his lightning generators in his mechanical claws and punches the Jigglypuff miles away to the sky, blasting off like Team Rocket.

"Can we just get into my spaceship." says Flurr

"That was just some frequent flyer" William said. "Meowstic, use Assist!"

Meowstic's hand glows a white orb, and launched an Electro Ball.

"That move was from Minun's Electro Ball" Nodoka called.

"Meowstic, Assist!" Kandalee called.

Kandalee Meowstic's hand glows a white orb, and launched Flamethrower.

"Flamethrower? Was that from Slurpuff?" Serena asked.

Flurr drags everybody to his spaceship

"Alright guys. Let's chase after these aliens and go back to our well. Home or something!"

The group found a huge mansion, and arrived before it got dark.

Chapter 5

The group get in the mansion but suddenly it rises into the air toward the same sand green star destroyer they saw before by a chain that had the darkus 8-Z striker flying around it

"Aw great. Another annoying situation for me. There are too much of these" says Dragonic

"It's time to call in the cavalry" William said as he held a Luxury Ball, and threw in the air. "Go, Herdier!"

Suddenly Darkus 8-Z striker grabs the ball and chucks it towards the ground, no damage done, but left they unable to be reached by the group, but was summons before the fall.

"Hey guys. Should we explore the ship? We could beat the generals and the unknown leader!" says Flurr

"Herdier, go and see if you can find any clues" William instructed.

Herdier nodded, and did what it was told.

"I don't think this is a very good idea," Kandalee said, slightly nervous.

"What's wrong?" Mimi asked her.

"It just gives me the chills."

Herdier was sniffing around the ground looking for clues, then Kandalee noticed his Herdier. Mistaking it for something else, she gave a small scream before fimnally realizing it was harmless.

"Her her dier" ("Calm down, its only me!")

The mansion had been completely lifted into the ship and then multiple darkus walk towards the mansion searching for organic lifeforms.

"Organic lifeforms detected. Scanning. Scanning." says one of the robots with claws like dragonic.

Kandalee braced herself.

Herdier protected Kandalee with Play Rough to block the attacking claw.

The robot malfuctions and explodes destroying the other robot.

The group travel though the ship seeing millions of capsules holding organic lifeforms inside of them.

"This is creepy." says Dragonic.

"I'm with you on this one." Herdier said to Dragonic.

They see a organism resembling the pokemon chaos absorbed in a capsule

"I think chaos absorbs things so then they can store them in their capsules and well do something with them. I guess." says Flurr

"How do we stop it?" Herdier asked him.


Herdier pulled William's shirt by biting carefully.

"What is it, Herdier?" William asked him.

"We need to find the alien's weak spot, maybe it might stop Chaos Two." Herdier said to everyone.

"Or chaos zero if my theory is right" says Flurr

After going though the area with the capsules. They see one capsule containing the pokemon chaos absorbed

"Huh. Looks like Flurr's theory is true" says a voice.

"I brought reinforcements" Herdier told everyone, revealing the the characters from the episode The Shape-shifters Appears!.

A female alligator like organism with futuristic armor covering up the whole body jumps down with only the creature's hair exposed.

"Needed more help?" says this being. After getting back onto her feet.

"Jane, How do we stop a Darkus 8-Z Striker? Any way to destroy it?" Herdier said.

"I know. We need to get to the control center of this ship and break his control pod. That would do the trick. By the way. My name is Zea. I'm a friend of Flurr. Just saying." says Zea.

Lillie held William's arm with worry.

Kandalee smiled knowingly to herself, as Mimi was riding on Claydol's back.

"What lane?" says Flurr

"Right." says Zea

Dragonic, hearing this, runs through the right lane and smashes the control pod saying "8-Z" on it causing Darkus 8-Z striker to go berserk and out of control out of the same time making Darkus to break into the ship and smash walls and control pods and such. Even hurting the group until then his core pops off revealing skin before then falling down, dead.

"W-wait. What? Is that my o-older brother? I though he was dead."

"What?" said Dragonic.

A beam fired at the gang but Brianna got in the way and was hit, as she sprawled to the floor.

"Go on ahead........I may be dying in this episode the world..Guh...." Brianna said weakly and collapsed then faded in specs of light and died in Digimon style.

Out of nowhere, Kandalee gets grabbed by a claw that suddenly came out of the ground and retreats with her.

"No!" says Flurr.

"I can't believe it, they just killed Brianna!" Lillie gasped in horror.

Dragonic sits down disapointed

"It's all my fault. I'm the one who caused this. If me and Flurr did not go to Earth, this would of never happened" says Dragonic.

Everyone was mourning Brianna's death, including their Pokemon.


"lets just get going! and beat samukai up for this!" says flurr

Hunter was suddenly fascinated by the ground; he was wondering what was happening to his sister.

Then they heard Samukai.

They see a screen with Samukai on it with a speaker below the screen

Samukai (on screen): Look who is on the loose on MY ship! You of course! Go through the left lane if you dare.

After the message, the screen deactivates.

Brock was holding the injured Kandalee on his arms, she was badly hurt from the claw and was unable to walk, and Slurpuff had to use Psychic to keep her from falling.

Suddenly, another beam fired at the gang once again but Jacob and Mimi got in the way and they were hit, as they both sprawled to the floor.

Then the claw appeared again grabbed Kandalee again but it pulls Brock with her and goes under the floor and retreats

The screen activates again

"I've taken Kandalee and Brock for a test of mine to recharge the small sparks of the transformation orb in her DNA to change her into a more different version of her transformed version" says Samukai on screen.

"You....little....." Jacob managed to say until he was deleted to his death.

"Guh....Everyone, have to survive.....NOOOOOOOOW!" she yelled the final word until she was deleted to her death.

"And I will give some of the energies to Brock's DNA too. So you will have DOUBLE the destruction when you get past the left area. And the area after that." says Samukai on screen

Chapter 6

"It's giving me the heebie-jeebies" Sayo thought to herself.

Then while they are progressing though the left lane. A robot jumps down. It's a silver Darkus 8-Z striker with two cannons on it's shoulders

"Metalric 9-X Ranger activating battle mode." says the robot.

The robot fires at the group with its cannons.

The bullets that hit Sayo go though here since she's a ghost. And then Dragonic grabs the bullets and puts them into his blasters and fires them back at the robot catching it off guard

A thud is heard near them, a slight green glow can be seen where the thud was, partially appearing like 5 blurred dogs and the silhouette of someone darts behind something, the glow disappears behind it as well.

Hunter grabbed William's leg and buried his face in his jeans.

A Pokeball is thrown from where the glow was, it has a Z on it in green, when it opens, a paper with a color key of some kind showing red, orange, white, cyan and blue, with cyan underlined. There are also scribbles of Zygarde 10% with a tail of Zygarde 50%, a Zygarde 50% with 5 stripes, each one color of the key, and a Zygarde 100%. "Remember?" is written in the margin.

"Uh. Those are some Zygardes. I have always been fascinated by these Pokemon" says Flurr

The sound of someone banging pots and pans is heard, and dogs barking.

Flurr finds a grappling hook crossed with a lazer gun lying on the ground. He grabs it and uses the grappling hook to pull Metalric 9-X Ranger towards him and shoot through the chest of the robot by using the lazer gun causing the robot to explode.

"Well, that was easy" says Flurr

The area starts glowing green, greenish sparks flow around the room.

"What are these energy sparks?" asked Flurr

Suddenly a group of 5 zygarde 10% and a person wearing what appear to be zygarde boots dash through the hallway (the person is going too fast to be identified), through the open door

The rest of the group go through the door before the door closes behind them.

There's a green glow again, and then the 5 Zygarde 10%s fuse into one Zygarde 50%, the person is now wearing Zygarde armor, not just boots

"Who are you?!" says Dragonic, aiming his claw blasters at the person

"I think he's just here to help" says Flurr

The person uses the Zygarde cube, it turns the armor into cells, absorbs the cells, and reveals the person was Mikey.

Dragonic stops aiming at Mikey

"Thank god it's Mikey" says Dragonic

Mikey uses the cube again to put the armor back on, then pets the Zygarde, which has stripes that are red orange white cyan and blue like the picture

Suddenly holes open in the ground and two capsules come out of these holes, one containing a dragon while the other contains a T-Rex

"What is that?" says zea

Mikey starts twisting the Zygarde cube, it starts to glow and spark, Zygarde starts to become surrounded with what appear to be green lightning bolts

Suddenly both organic things open their eyes before breaking out of captivity. Both roaring before setting their eyes on the group.

Hunter's breathing sped up. He was already scared for Kandalee and Jacob; this, too?

Suddenly anger starts going through Dragonic's mind waiting to be released causing his anger to be built up on more and more before all the anger evolves into negative energy releasing a dark fume from his body. That then covers up his whole body and armor before then most of the aura bursts off. Dragonic's suit is now gunmetal grey and black and his fur is now black and his eyes are completely white.

"What happened to Dragonic?" asked Flurr

"Crap this could be bad" Mikey said as he reversed the twist direction, seeming to have the same effect on him as the zygarde due to the armor

Hunter moved closer to Flurr.

"Why are you moving so close to me?" asked Flurr

Mikey looks stressed.

Hunter looked up at Flurr. "I'm 6. What kind of bravery do you expect?"

Brock tries to stomp on Dragonic. But Dragonic grabs his foot and throws him creating cracks in the floor.

"I don't know." says Flurr

Hunter moved closer. "Okay."

Mikey was ready to block and parry until everyone else tired out "That's... That's Kandalee and Brock..."

"Wait, what?" asked Flurr

Hunter gave a little whimper. He didn't want to see his sister like that, let alone her boyfriend.

Kandalee breathes fire at Mikey, who's armor morphs slightly, creating a sheild shape fused onto an arm of the armor, Mikey blocks it.

Dragonic jumps on kandalee's back and begins punching her before getting off and grabbing her tail before throwing her

Hunter closed his eyes. No more.

Dragonic covers his right fist with fire and begins running at Brock.

Mikey jumps in the way and tries to block with the sheild on the armor, but instead ends up being smashed into brock instead. "ARFGH"

Chapter 7

Finally, Hunter just passed out.

Dragonic throws Mikey out of the way and continues hurting Brock.

"Zygarde? I'd say it's time" Mikey said, using the Zygarde Cube to blast a beam of cells at Zygarde, which becomes a 100% Zygarde, then he grabs hunter and jumps as Zygarde uses Thousand Arrows, not caring that Dragonic was there.

Dragonic after being hit by Thousand Arrows charges at Zygarde and begins recklessly hurting Zygarde

The Zygarde splits into 5 10%s and the other 50% is used to wrap around Dragonic in half a second

Dragonic begins choking the 50% Zygarde before then escaping its grip and then proceeding to do his thing

"I'm glad that's just a bunch of cells." Mikey said, using the cube to take the cells back before twisting the cube, the Zygardes start running faster than sound.

After enough beating, Kandalee and Brock change back. But they are highly hurt

"I defeateeee-" says Dragonic before he faints.

The Zygardes stop in confusion

"I'm glad that's over, but... ...What about Jacob and Mimi?" Mikey asked.

At the mention of her brother, Kandalee perked up before glaring at Mikey. "What happened to Jacob...?"

William and Nodoka both began to cry, tearing up.

"I....I....I'm sorry but...Jacob's dead" William whimpered.

"Along with Mimi, they were killed by Samukai who simply deleted them both." Nodoka said.

Kandalee put a hand on her mouth. Brock put an arm around her.

Thee next door opens and then the group go through.

"When I get my hands on that jerk Samukai, I'M GONNA RIP HIM LIMB FROM LIMB" William yelled with rage.

"YEAH! ITS UNFORGIVABLE!!" Lillie agreed with rage.

"Agreed," Kandalee snarled.

"Floette, you with me?" Lillie asked to her Red Flower Floette.

"Oh. You better have you hands on your knees after we beat you." says a voice

Mikey pulls out a green pokeball with a P on it, smirking at the voice

"Deleted files on a computer actually stay there for a while but are marked as 'free space', if something like that happened it could be reversed within the time before something overwrites them..." Mikey said, finger on button ready to open the ball. "Deletion is reversible."

A heavy lobster like mech appears in front of the group. It has a robot snake like head with a cockpit on its forehead and surprise surprise, this cockpit has Pythor inside it.

"Did you think that voice was me? Yes it was!" says Pythor

"Oh no..." Kandalee groaned.

"Heh! Did you think transformation to become mindless reptile slaves was enough! No it was not!" says Pythor

Pythor's mech "The Python" begins chasing after the group with the rockets on its back and the wheels under it's feet

"Hold on. Mindless what?" Kandalee asked. She and Brock didn't remember what had happened.

"Guess you don't remember. Guess i have no reason to mention that" say Pythor

Mikey unleashes the pokemon that was in the pokeball "Porygon Neutralizer, go!"

It's a Porygon, but its green where pink would be and yellow where the blue would, and presumably has modified data.

The Zygardes fuse back into a 50%

Floette shot vines from its petal ears.

"That's Vine Whip!" Lillie said.

The Python gets some dents from the vines but nothing else was done.

Zygarde uses thousand waves.

Flames begin spewing out of the dents showing there was damage

"GROUAAAAAAGHHHGHHHHHAAAAGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" says Pythor

Pythor presses the self destruct button on the mech and then the cockpit come out and flies away

"Uhhh... Well lets go try to find the deletion machine." Mikey said, looking at Porygon Neutralizer and smiling.

"Gon Gon Porygon!"

The explosion does not reach that far making the group safe.

"Sooooo... We gonna look for the deletion gun or whatever it is or...?" Mikey asked.

Chapter 8

"Floette, try and shut it down with Solar Beam" Lillie told her Pokémon.

Suddenly, a trap door opens under the group. Sending them to a unfinished room with bite marks on the pipes and such.

"Is everyone alright?" William asked them.

Floette appeared to have swirly-eyes implying she was out of commission.

"Floette, return!" Lillie recalled Floette back into the PokeBall.

"Don't worry, Delphox will light the way, right Delphox?"

"Yeah!" She said, as her branch set alight with a flame.

They hear a monstrous screech that de-lights the branch

Kandalee clamped her hands onto her ears.

The group see 5 eyes glowing near then before then the beast reveals itself with another chaotic roar. It was Chaos 6.


chaos opens its mouth wide and begins sucking in plating and such around the room.

Kandalee tried to hold her ground.

"Floette, come on out and use Vine Whip" Lillie called.

Floette appears and uses Vine Whip and grabbed everyone to hold on tight from each vine.

Chaos stops and begins walking away making a whimpering sound. As chaos was just being mind controlled by Samukai before and it was reduced to its original state at this time and could only hide in this room.

Floette approached it, and began to talk softly to hit.

"Um, you feeling okay?" Floette asked to Chaos, as Chaos whimpered and began talking to her.

Chaos then reduces himself to his first form so he can talk to the group

"I was under control. I could not disobey Samukai because I was under control. I wish I was never under control" says Chaos

Kandalee felt sorry for it.

Floette used Aromatherapty and evaporates Samukai's control.

"Maybe if we work together we might take down Samukai" Floette said.

Mikey runs off, looking for a terminal. Porygon Neutralizer and Zygarde follow close behind.

"The way to the mind controller is past the trapdoor!" says Chaos.

"How are we gonna get out of here and reach it?" William thought.

Zea puts down a mechanical cube. the cube begins making a staircase 

Mikey decides to go up to look for a terminal, doubting there would be one in the unfinished room, his pokemon follow.

The gang plus Chaos discover the Mind Controller.

"So how do we shut it off?" Lillie asked to Chaos.

"Cut the pipe above the light. It also activates the self destruct system. So be ready to run with you legs getting boiled by the flames going though the main pipes of the ships breaking out of the metal the pipe is made of"

"HOLD UP, I need to find a terminal to access the deletion lasers, I might be able to do something" Mikey said, scrambling around.

Nodoka held up a PokeBall.

"You can leave this to me" Nodoka said.

Everyone was clueless.

Chapter 9

"Xatu, I choose you!" Nodoka called as she summoned Xatu.

"OHFLIPINEEDAFINDIT" Mikey exclaimed as he ran desperately to find a terminal, Porygon not far behind.

Mikey accidentally got out his Pokedex via panicking.

"Xatu, the Mystic Pokémon. A Psychic and Flying type, and the evolved form of Natu. This unusual Pokémon can see the past and the future as well. It watches the sun's movement all day long." His Pokedex chimed.

Mikey stopped "maybe not this second..."

"Are you okay?" Xatu asked him.

"Uhhh... Yea? I just need to get to a terminal..."

"I can use Psychic to get you there" Xatu suggested.

"Uhh... Ok. I need Porygon there as well though"

Xatu grabbed a hold of the mind controller and the deletion gun with Psychic.


The room seemed to have a green grid on it for a second, then the deletion gun vibrated violently. Then Porygon started glowing, Jacob started to be reverse deleted, then Mimi and Brianna followed suit.

Mikey grinned. "That worked? They didn't get overwritten? Well whatever, this is good."

Suddenly, a dark green flash goes over the the pipe cutting it causing the ship to go crashing down to Earth

"RUN!" says chaos

Kandalee grabbed Brock's arm.

"Everyone, grab onto Xatu" Nodoka said to them.

"I have to hold Dragonic!" says Flurr

"Xatu, use Teleport and quickly" Nodoka said.

Xatu nodded and it glowed and everyone vanished to a different area, Xatu teleported them to a spaceship where Samukai was.

The ship could not be seen due to all the rubble from the ship falling down

Mikey was disoriented "Whoa disorientation"

"Glad we made it alive, huh Chaos?" William said, as Chaos nodded in agreement.

Mikey opens a vent and goes in to look for a way out, his pokemon follow

They could hear a portal like sound as the skull on the front of Samukai's ship's eyes glow.


"When I get through with you for killing Jacob and Mimi, and Brianna, I'm gonna slaughter you!!" William yelled with rage at Samukai.

"So am I!" Kandalee cried.

William and Delphox glowed and became William-Delphox, as Kandalee also glowed with Clefable and became Kandalee-Clefable, Ash did the same with Greninja becoming Ash-Greninja.

Then a sudden Hyper Beam came out of nowhere and grazed Samukai.

"A Hyper Beam?" Nodoka gasped.

"But who did it?" Yue said.

As the dust cleared, it revealed a Claydol and who was holding him was none other then Brianna, Mimi and Jacob who was holding each of Claydol's head.

Kandalee-Clefable pumped her fist into the air.

"It's time to take down this numbskull once and for all" Mimi's Claydol said in human language.

"I have to do something to protect you all. Please wait until I am finished" says Chaos.

Chaos goes though the wreckage and gives out a large roar before sucking in all the capsules floating in space into his body with all these organisms inside his body. He forms his most powerful form, Perfect Chaos

"Whoa!" William gasped at the look at Perfect Chaos.

"I have something in store for you, you knockoff biolante!" says Samukai

Samukai's ship begins shifting parts before it becomes a humanoid mech with a black and white colour scheme. and a skull head with red eyes

"Everyone, send out a Pokémon to help us fight this bag of bones." William said.

Eveyone nods and summons a Pokémon each.

"Come on out, Audino!"

"i told you not to fight. but you are"

(Da Super Metroid song begin playing)

Chaos brings out such a powerful roar that the Pokemon get sent back to their Pokeballs before Chaos begins to battle Samukai who is inside his mech.

"I mind controlled Giratina and Yveltal into this mech! If this thing's power runs out, you all going with me!" says Samukai

"My Exploud here has Soundproof, your roar wont affect it. Exploud, help Chaos." William said.

"Lets take down this bucket of bones, shall we Chaos?" Exploud said in human language.

"I CAN DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!" says Chaos

Chaos whips his tail at Exploud so hard. If this were a pokemon game, Exploud would of been 1 hit KOd. Then he continues to fight Samukai

"Au dino?" (Are you okay, Exploud?)

"Ex Ploud..." (Yeah, i'm fine, whats gotten into him?")

"Au dino." (No idea.)

"Swam Swampert" ("Its like he wants to fight Samukai himself")

"This is your end, you pitiful opponent!"

A deletion gun on the shoulder of Samukai's mech pops up that then fires at the floating brain like organism inside Chaos's watery forehead that then deletes Chaos

"Defeat him without me!" says Chaos before he gets deleted forever.

"Ayahahahahahah!!" says Samukai

Audino stared at where Chaos had been.

"Au... Dino..." (He's... Gone...)

"You just made a rookie mistake" William said, and all the Pokémon agreed.

"Swampert, MEGA EVOLVE!!" William said as Swampert mega evolved into Mega Swampert.

Nodoka mega evolved her Gardevoir into Mega Gardevoir.

Kandalee Mega Evolved her Audino.

"I have the deletion ray in my arsenal and if I were lucky enough. Flurr, Dragonic and Zea would join my side again!" says Samukai.

Samukai fires the ray again, but Claydol nullifies it with Earth Power, Swampert unleashes a Hydro Pump, which causes Samukai's mech to detach the ray and losing its grip, and then crushes the ray with his muscle-like hand which upsets Samukai.


Samukai begins firing lasers out of his mech like crazy.

"We need to finish him with something!" says Flurr

"Lycanroc, use Aceelrock!" Jane command her Pokemon.

"Delphox, Flamethrower, Swampert, Hydro Pump, Exploud, Boomburst" William called

"Gardevoir, Moonblast" Nodoka said.

"Scolipede! Metagross! Bug Bite enhanced! Earthqua-i mean Flamethrower!" says Flurr

Everyone else uses their attacks, which combines into one white beam that causes Samukai's Mech to blow into pieces


"I know!" says Zea

Zea brings out a metalic circle-shaped plate that then creates a holographic but solid circle around itself that goes under the group catching them and then flies to earth

"Thank god Zea has all this tech" says flurr

"Yep," Kandalee replied.

Chapter 10

Flurr, William-Delphox, Kandalee-Clefable and Ash-Greninja all approached mercilessly to Samukai was frightened with fear.

"You're finished, Samukai!" William and Delphox simultaneously said.

"Yeah!" Kandalee and Clefable agreed.

"You will never defeat m-" he tries to say but Flurr steps on his head making Samukai let out a loud scream of pain. and his head splits open. letting out black energy than then transforms into a rift between dimensions.

Delphox burned samukai's remains with Mystical Fire. All the people and Pokemon who were killed by Samukai were revived, but Chaos could not be revived somehow.

"Looks like peace has returned, huh Flurr?" William said.

"Yes. It has." says Flurr

"And Samukai got to what was coming to him, and got his just desserts or in this case death desserts" William joked.

Suddenly, a pink puffball, a penguin with a king's robes, and a puffball knight with bat wings come out of the rift

TO BE CONTINUED! or something!