The Last Battle Of The Quarter Round
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United States July 6, 2017
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Drake, Mary, Stufful and Pichu are on the battlefield.

Jon: This will be a good battle.

Nate: Let's hope so.

Drake: Force Palm.

Stufful heads towards Pichu using Force Palm.

Mary: Sweet Kiss!

Pichu uses Sweet Kiss and the move hits Force Palm, cancelling out the move but not confusing Stufful.

Drake: Interesting. Now, use Tackle!

Stufful runs in at Pichu and hits with Tackle.

Mary: Pichu, use Thunder Shock.

Pichu uses Thunder Shock but nothing happens. Pichu tries again but the same thing happens.

Mary: Pichu?

Pichu tries again but this time sends a big jolt of electricity at Stufful, hitting its mark.

Mary: What was that?

Drake: That was Thunderbolt!

Mary: Well done Pichu.

Pichu smiles.

Mary: Now, Hidden Power!

Drake: Swords Dance!

Pichu uses Hidden Power towards Stufful, but Stufful jumps out of the way and then uses Swords Dance and increases his attack a lot.

Drake: Aerial Ace!

Stufful heads towards Pichu using Aerial Ace.

Mary: Protect!

Pichu uses Protect and takes no damage.

Mary: Thunderbolt!

Pichu then hits Stufful with Thunderbolt, causing a lot of damage and also sending Stufful back to Drake.

Drake: Aerial Ace!

Mary: Hidden Power!

Stufful hits Pichu with Aerial Ace before Pichu can attack.

Mary: Thunderbolt!

Pichu uses all of his power to use Thunderbolt, getting a direct hit and knocking out Stufful.

Referee: Stufful is unable to battle.

Drake returns Stufful.

Drake: You were amazing Stufful. Now, Dartrix!

Drake sends out Dartrix.

Mary: You okay to continue Pichu?

Pichu nods.

Drake: Then use Leafage!

Dartrix uses Leafage and the move hits Pichu, knocking him out.

Referee: Pichu is unable to battle.

Mary: Took more damage than I thought. You were great Pichu.

Mary returns Pichu and sends out Litten.

Drake: Litten.

Constantine: I like their battle so far.

Jon: Yeah, but it isn't showing how they have grown from school.

Mary: Now use Double Team!

Litten uses Double Team and creates a lot of copies.

Drake: Energy Ball!

Dartrix uses Energy Ball and then the move gets rid of all the fakes.

Mary: Bite!

Litten runs towards Dartrix using Bite.

Drake: Pluck!

Dartrix flies in using Pluck. Both Pokemon collide but Dartrix overpowers Litten. Litten is still close to Dartrix.

Mary: Ember!

Litten uses Ember and the move hits Dartrix, causing a lot of damage. Dartrix is back near Drake while Litten is near Mary.

Nate: This is interesting. But like Jon said, there is nothing significant.

April: I'm not sure who will win to be honest. I want Drake too obviously.

Constantine: Obviously?

Jon: Drake and April are going out.

Constantine: That I never saw coming.

Mary: Now, use Scratch!

Drake: Dodge it and use Pluck!

Litten runs at Dartrix using Scratch, but Dartrix dodges and hits Litten into the air with Pluck.

Drake: Energy Ball!

Dartrix uses Energy Ball and the move hits the airborne Litten and smashes into the ground.

Mary: Litten!

Litten struggles to get up but ultimately, falls flat on her front exhausted.

Referee: Litten is unable to battle.

Mary: You were fantastic.

Mary returns Litten and then sends out Noivern.

Jon: Noivern!

Drake: One of Jon's Pokemon then. Energy Ball!

Dartrix uses Energy Ball but Noivern dodges and then uses Boomburst, hitting Dartrix and causing a lot of damage, knocking out Dartrix.

Referee: Dartrix is unable to battle.

Drake: You were amazing as always Dartrix.

Drake returns Dartrix and sends out Pikachu.

Nate: And your turn Pikachu.

Constantine: Seems like everyone is using your Pokemon for this.

Jon: I did allow them too. But Noivern learned Boomburst while at the ranch.

Nate: It is one of the strongest normal type moves.

Drake: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt towards Noivern.

Mary: Counter with Boomburst!

Noivern uses Boomburst and the move collides with Thunderbolt, causing a massive explosion.

Mary: Dark Pulse!

Noivern uses Dark Pulse and the move hits Pikachu through the explosion cloud. The explosion cloud is now gone.

Drake: I heard Noivern can see through clouds and the darkest of caves. Now, Iron Tail!

Pikachu runs towards Noivern using Iron Tail.

Mary: Air Slash!

Noivern uses Air Slash but Pikachu dodges the move and hits Noivern with Iron Tail.

Drake: Quick, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu quickly uses Thunderbolt while very close to Noivern, causing a lot of damage. Pikachu is now next to Drake again.

Mary: That was good Drake.

Drake: Thanks.

Mary: Dragon Pulse!

Drake: Thunderbolt!

Noivern uses Dragon Pulse towards Pikachu and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. The moves collide again but cancel each other out.

Drake: Use Charge!

Pikachu uses Charge and increases the electrical build up in its body.

Drake: Thunderbolt!

Pikachu quickly uses Thunderbolt and the move hits Noivern, with a bit more power, causing more damage.

Mary: Are you okay Noivern?

Noivern nods.

Jon: This is a good battle now.

Constantine: Because its your Pokemon?

April: No. It's because you can see the passion of battling between them both.

Nate: I agree. They are having fun and not even phased about the competition any more.

Mary: Dragon Pulse!

Noivern uses Dragon Pulse at Pikachu.

Drake: Quick Attack!

Pikachu uses Quick Attack to dodge Dragon Pulse and is now heading towards Noivern using Quick Attack.

Mary: Noivern, Boomburst!

Noivern uses Boomburst just as Pikachu is going to hit, causing Pikachu to smash down on the battlefield leaving Pikachu in a big hole.

Drake: Pikachu!

Nate: Boomburst was used at the best moment.

Constantine: Pikachu is out then.

Jon: Not at all.

Pikachu climbs out of the hole and stands near to Drake again.

Drake: Pikachu, keep using Charge!

Pikachu keeps on using Charge until there is a lot of electricity in his body.

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Mary: They are planning something and I don't like it at all. Air Slash!

Noivern uses Air Slash towards Pikachu but Pikachu dodges.

Drake: Now, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt which is super charged thanks to Charge.

Mary: Dragon Pulse, full power!

Noivern uses Dragon Pulse and the moves collide, causing air ripples to occur around the ground. Thunderbolt and Dragon Pulse aren't moving an inch, but Thunderbolt soon overpowers Dragon Pulse and the move hits Noivern, causing a massive explosion. When the cloud is dispersed, Noivern is still up but flying weakly.

Drake: Iron Tail!

Pikachu runs towards Noivern using Iron Tail.

Mary: Boomburst!

Drake: Use Quick Attack to attack first!

Noivern is about to use Boomburst but Pikachu uses Quick Attack and hits Noivern with the combination of Iron Tail and Quick Attack, causing massive damage. Noivern falls to the floor, unable to battle.

Referee: Noivern is unable to battle, Pikachu wins. Drake progresses to the next round.

Mary: You were awesome Noivern.

Drake: Thanks Pikachu.

Soon, Jon, Constantine, Nate, April, Mary, Drake and Typhlosion are in the main lobby waiting to see the match ups for the semi finals. The match ups are on screen.

Nate: You and me first Jon.

Drake: Then Rosa and I.

Constantine: And it says that the rest of the competition is in a 6 against 6 format.

April: And they continue tomorrow.

Jon: Well, we'll be ready Nate.

Nate: Right back at you.

The screen freezes.

Narrator: With Drake and Mary battling it out for the final spot in the semi finals, the battle was fierce but it reached fever pitch when Pikachu and Noivern were used. It took a lot of skill and strategy, but Drake beat Mary. Now, Jon and Nate will battle each other and so with Rosa and Drake. What will the outcome of both matches be? Find out tomorrow.

Major Events

  • Drake beats Mary to progress to the semi finals
  • Dartrix is revealed to have learnt Pluck
  • Pichu learns Thunderbolt
  • Noivern is revealed to have learnt Boomburst
  • The match ups for the semi finals matches are confirmed


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Nate Spencer