The Light Stealer!
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United States January 31, 2018
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Everyone is watching Jon, who is in a battle stance with Noivern, Pikachu, Greninja and Talonflame in front of him, and opposite him is Necrozma.

Mary: Don't let your guard down!

Josie: Stop Necrozma!

Drake: Go!

Necrozma uses Dragon Pulse towards Jon's Pokemon.

Jon: Pikachu, Thunderbolt and Greninja, Ice Beam!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Greninja uses Ice Beam to cancel out Dragon Pulse.

Constantine: That was a good shout.

Zoey: Pikachu, Noivern! Show Jon.

Pikachu: Pika!

Noivern: Vern!

Jon: Show me what?

Pikachu climbs on top of Noivern who then chucks Pikachu at Necrozma, and Pikachu uses Brick Break, hitting its mark.

Jon: You learnt Brick Break!

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Mary: Awesome.

Necrozma then uses Dragon Pulse towards everyone.

Jon: Greninja, Water Shuriken! Talonflame, use Flare Blitz!

Greninja uses Water Shuriken and stops Dragon Pulse, then Talonflame hits Necrozma with Flare Blitz.

Nathan: Jon's Pokemon are doing well.

Necrozma then hits everyone with Stone Edge, and then uses Photon Geyser towards everyone. But Noivern uses Hurricane and stops Photon Geyser.

Jon: You've learned a new move too Noivern.

Noivern nods. Necrozma uses Morning Sun and restores all its lost health.

Josie: Argh.

Rosa: Necrozma is a bit of a pain.

Nate: Jon will try his best.

Olivia: You don't think Jon will prevail?

Nate: Not really.

Hala: We could intervene.

Maria: We must respect Jon's choice.

Drake: We have to see how this plays out.

Jon: Noivern use Hurricane again.

Noivern uses Hurricane and traps Necrozma inside.

Jon: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt! And Ice Beam Greninja!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on the Hurricane causing a lot of lightning in the Hurricane and then Greninja uses Ice Beam causing there to also be hail inside. Necrozma then uses Photon Geyser to cancel out the moves and then uses Stone Edge towards all of Jon's Pokemon. Pikachu jumps onto Talonflame and Greninja jumps on Noivern, and they all dodge.

Constantine: That was close.

April: Agreed.

Necrozma just stays still.

Jon: What are you doing now? We will take this opportunity, use Steel Wing!

Talonflame races in towards Necrozma using Steel Wing, hitting its mark, but Necrozma still hasn't moved.

Kyle: What is Necrozma doing?

Necrozma then touches Lunala and absorbs it and changes form into Dawn Wings Necrozma.

Jon: What the?

Zossie: Dawn Wings Necrozma.

Mary: Necrozma can do that!

Zossie: Yes.

Jon: If we attack, we may hurt Lunala.

Josie: It's a risk you have to take.

Jon: I know.

Necrozma uses Moongeist Beam to hit all of Jon's Pokemon, causing them to smash into the floor.

Jon: Everyone!

Rosa: Necrozma took Lunala's move!

Jon: This is annoying. Pikachu, Quick Attack!

Pikachu heads towards Necrozma using Quick Attack, but Necrozma dodges and hits with Stone Edge.

Jon: Hydro Pump!

Greninja uses Hydro Pump and hits Necrozma, but Necrozma hits back with Dragon Pulse.

Jon: Hurricane and Aerial Ace!

Noivern uses Hurricane and Talonflame uses Aerial Ace, but Necrozma dodges both attacks and uses Stone Edge, hitting both Noivern and Talonflame.

Nate: Jon isn't in a good position now.

Jon: Boomburst!

Noivern uses Boomburst, but Necrozma dodges. And then uses Stone Edge on everyone and then Moongeist Beam, knocking all of Jon's Pokemon out.

Jon: Everyone!

Zoey returns everyone. Necrozma then glows.

Mary: Is Necrozma evolving?

Zossie: Necrozma can't.

Necrozma bursts into light and turns into Ultra Necrozma.

Hala: What is that?

Olivia: Necrozma has another form?

Zossie: I thought this was just a rumour.

Jon: A rumour?

Zossie: Necrozma has a form when it has absorbed enough light to Ultra Burst.

Maria: So this is an Ultra form?

Nathan: Ultra Necrozma?

Ultra Necrozma uses Moongeist Beam and causes a few explosions around the beach.

Nate: Powerful.

Nathan: We need to help.

Nathan sends out Greninja, so does Rosa and Josie sends out Delphox. Typhlosion walks in front of Jon.

Josie: Let's go!

Josie, Rosa and Nathan access Bond Phenomenon and get Josie-Delphox, Rosa-Greninja and Nathan-Greninja.

Nate: Jon, why haven't you and Typhlosion done the same?

Jon: Doesn't matter.

Ultra Necrozma then uses Stone Edge and hits both Greninja's and Delphox. Necrozma then uses Dragon Pulse towards them.

Jon: Typhlosion, get in the way!

Typhlosion gets in the way and blocks the attack, but takes a lot of damage. Necrozma then uses Photon Geyser towards Typhlosion, but Jon gets in the way.

Jon: You won't hurt Typhlosion!

Suddenly, a green dog jumps in the way and takes the hit. Jon recognises the Pokemon straight away.

Jon: Zygarde!

Maria: Zygarde?

The screen freezes.

Narrator: Jon battled Necrozma, but failed as Necrozma absorbed Lunala and then also became Ultra Necrozma. Now, with Jon, Josie, Rosa and Nathan battling Ultra Necrozma, Jon was willing to take Photon Geyser from Ultra Necrozma, but Zygarde, in its 10% form, came and saved Jon. Why is Zygarde here? Find out next time!


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts

Rosa Jones

Nathan Foster

Josie Adams

Maria Winterman

Kyle Winterman


Tyler Moor



Zoey Spencer







  • Stakataka (x10)
  • Nihilego (x10)
  • Pheromosa (x10)
  • Kartana (x10)
  • Necrozma
    • Dawn Wings
    • Ultra
  • Zygarde (10%)