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The New Ages is a fan-fiction that was created by X Shingeki no Kyojin x. My pal, ILikeFoodTOO is also helping write this story! The story is centered in the Kalos Region, the main protagonist is a boy called Levi, a boy who lives in Kalos. This story is about his adventures along with the trainers he met along his journey across the Kalos Region. After the destructive battle at Kalos, people are rebuilding society, where happiness will return! But after the sudden appearance of Yveltal and Xerneas again, everyone knew nothing will ever be the same ever again...
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Credits and Thanks to Brady Patrick & ILikeFoodTOO for inspiring me to write this fan-fiction! Be sure to check out Brady's awesome series! Also thanks to ILikeFoodTOO, who is going to help me write more episodes in this series! Well, I hope you enjoy reading!

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Theme Songs

Characters In The Story


  • Levi - The main protagonist of this story. Levi wishes to be the very best like no one ever was! And to catch 'em all!
  • Bryn - A trainer that Levi battles when he's in the forest of Kalos, she joins his adventure.
  • Francis - A trainer who thinks he's weak, but he doesn't know his full potential, he joins his adventure too.
  • Chance - A boy who is a friend of Levi, he joins his adventure, he is also a smart person, he's walking pokedex!
  • Noah - A trainer that is on an adventure in Kalos before meeting Levi and his companions and decides to join them.
  • Yoi - A boy who is a Pokemon detective in Kalos who meets Levi and his friends in Cyllage City, Yoi suspects Levi and his friends as one of Team Flare's members. (Made by ILikeFoodTOO)


  • Team Flare - An organization that Levi's dad works in, his dad is rarely home so Levi doesn't know the truth about his past. Levi thinks his dad was a trainer but is believed not to be true.
  • Jenny - One of the members of Team Flare, Joey is her comrade. She often acts like Jessie from Team Rocket.
  • Samson - Levi's rival, Levi thinks Samson stalks him and his friends, but he denies it. He joins his adventure after the Kalos League.
  • Lysandre - The leader of Team Flare! He doesn't care about Pokemon and only uses them for experiments or battles. He is heartless, whatsoever! Lysandre had died during the first battle in Kalos, but he was reborn!
  • Joey - A person who is secretly a member of Team Flare. He joins Levi's adventure as a spy. He tells information to Team Flare.

Supporting Characters

I will add more minor or supporting characters, also you could message me or comment down below if you want your character to be in the story.

  • Kuchel - Levi's mom, she believes that Levi will grow up to be a strong trainer and that he will be the best like no one ever was!
  • Julia - A girl who stumbles upon the gang of Team Flare. Levi and his friends try to save her.
  • Spark - One of Levi's friends he met when they were young, and when they attended a Pokemon summer camp. He is also the Lumiose City Gym Leader, and the son of Clemont.
  • Leilani - The granddaughter of Ramos, she is also the Coumarine City Gym Leader.
  • Sora - The son of Wulfric, he is also the Snowbelle City Gym Leader. He also is one of Levi's closest friends, Levi trusts and relies on him.
  • Zeno - He is the son of Olympia, he currently in training to become the Anistar City Gym Leader. Levi admires his strategies and styles in battling!
  • Kiristen - The daughter of Korrina, she is now the Shalour City Gym Leader. Kiristen was attracted to Levi and his friend, Yoi.

Kalos Arc

Pokeball background by kidgengar-d2o47ch

The Kalos Arc...

This series is based on the Pokemon X & Y games!


A long time ago in Kalos, there was a trainer named Ash Ketchum. He was a splendid trainer indeed. But soon after the rare appearance of the legendary Kalos pokemon. Kalos was at the verge of destruction! Due to an evil man called, Lysandre. Everything that was happening to Kalos was all because of of..him and his evil organization called Team Flare!

Episode 1: An Electric Surprise!

Levi was no other than just a normal boy who has the dream to become the Kalos League Champion. He was normal all right, like any other normal kid. No, he was unordinary. Levi walked down the dirt path, his bundle of homework inside his backpack while grinning was indeed a smile! ..No wonder why this boy is so out of the ordinary..

Levi was walking towards his school with his pokemon gear on, he was blinded by the heat from the sun rays. Okay, so what? I'm just an ordinary kid who loves catching pokemon, well kind friends at school think I'm weird as heck! Levi turned left and saw a Scatterbug in the distance, he dismounted his bike and quickly approached it with ease and caution.

" All right! I found a pokemon! ", Levi would say in excitement, while avoiding the sticks that were on the ground, you see Levi was just a Pokemon novice; not knowing much about Pokemon except the fact that you could "catch 'em all"." Oh wait! I just forgot- I don't even have a Pokemon with me. ", Levi sighed. " Nor any...pokeballs... ". He looked at the ground, and he came up with a brilliant idea. The young male picked up a small, but sharp rock. " Hm.. this should do it! ", he said determined to succeed in catching is very first pokemon. Levi threw the rock at it calling out, " Scatterbug! You're min- ". Levi froze looking around, the Scatterbug was nowhere to be seen! Levi slumped his shoulders down and sighed.

" Sigh...I'll just head home. ", Levi said while throwing down the rock on the ground. Levi mounted his bike and rode back to Vaniville Town. Levi biked back home, but made a quick stop to the poke-mart to buy some pokeballs, potions, and some magazines about Ash Ketchum.

He tiptoed quietly into his house trying not to get seen by his mom, the boy peered in to see his mom's pokemon, Rhyhorn. His math homework crumpled into a ball and was on the tip of his horn. " Darn it, Rhyhorn! Give my homework back to me! ". Levi stopped screaming to see his mom staring at him in anger. Oh crud...

" Levi! What did I tell you about skipping school?! ", she said holding a bag of laundry, his mom seemed to be ready to throw the basket of laundry at him at any moment. Frightened by his mom, he quickly tried to lie his way out of the situation he was in. " Pfttt..what?! I never skipped school today! ", Levi would reply innocently but his mom figured that he was lying.

" Are you sure about that..? It's only twelve 'o clock and your school doesn't end until three! ", his mom asked suspicious of Levi.

Levi quickly stood up straight trying not to look suspicious. " Seriously mom?! It's an minun day today, so school ends early! ". He lied again, which angered his mom more.

" Okay then, Mr.NeverSkippedSchoolToday! I'm calling the school! ", she'd say storming off to the telephone and began dialing his school's phone number. Quick..I should run for it! While his mom was distracted, Levi quickly ran off to his room. In exhaustion, Levi fell onto his bed. " Hey, dad...I want to be like you. ", Levi would say talking to himself. " Not just a trainer, but the Kalos Champion..".

A few hours later, Levi sneaked out of his house. He planned that his journey as a pokemon trainer would began tomorrow, but he still didn't have a starter pokemon! So he secretly went into the forest near his house and brought two poke-balls with him. He heard rustles and a few noises in a bush, so he approached it to investigate. A breeze struck Levi, his hair blowing around different ways, he then looked around the tall grasses near his house. A bolt suddenly struck him!

A Wild Pikachu Appeared!

All of a sudden, a Pikachu appeared! " W-Woah! It's a Pikachu..? ", Levi would say amazed, but confused since Kanto Pokemon weren't often seen in Kalos.. especially in the wild! " I have never have seen one before! ", He threw a pokeball at it before it could run away into the trees. It moved once, then twice, and the third time..PING! The pokeball stopped moving. " ...I-I did it... I actually caught a-a Pikachu! ", Levi would say dancing around like a crazy maniac.

He froze in his tracks as he turned around to see his angry mom. " Levi! ", he heard his mother's yell from the front porch of his house. " Get inside this instant! ".

" I will, I will! ", he reluctantly said while running inside his house, the pokeball with the Pikachu inside of it clenched in his hands. I can't believe it, I actually caught my first pokemon!

Episode 2: Thanks, I Guess?

After successfully catching a wild Pikachu yesterday, Levi knew he was ready to become a trainer, he was going to confront his parents once he gets home from school. Levi was walking back home when suddenly..he saw his mom in a ridiculous outfit while holding a pokeball.

" ..W-What the heck?! ", Levi yelled running up to his mom. " Mom! What in the name of Arceus are you doing?! ". The boy tugged on his mom's arm, trying to pull her away and drag her home.

", since forgot about getting your starter pokemon, I thought I would catch you one! ", she'd say smiling, Levi's eyes twitched as he heard his mom say that. Oh my god. I seriously forgot. " Wait... what?! ", Levi replied agitated. " Why didn't you tell me?! ".

" ..Sorry, I guess? ", his mom would say shrugging.

A few minutes later, Levi went home with his mom. He threw his backpack on the couch, storming upstairs. His loud footsteps frightening his mom's Rhyhorn. He locked his door in his room, Levi let a bunch of angry noises and sounds before jumping onto his bed. He hated everything at the moment right now, all is dreams crushed since he couldn't and never got a starter pokemon. He screamed before quickly falling asleep on his bed, he was tired after all. " You must save Kalos p-please..". A voice echoed in his head, his mind was clouded with eerie thoughts of pokemon. " Save e-everyone! ". Then everything went black. Levi woke up and saw a ghost that looked like one of the legendary Pokemon of Kalos, Xerneas. "...D-Does this mean..the ghost of Xerneas i-is HAUNTING me?! ", he said shuddering, the apparition of Xerneas stared at Levi for a second before turning away. The Xerneas jumped and disappeared in mid-air, and it was gone.

" Levi! Wake up!", his mom would say urging him to awaken. " Get your clothes on and gear on because you're going on your journey to become the best Kalos League Champion there ever was! ". She continued to loudly knock on his door repeatedly before barging into his room, " Levi! Come out this instant, Professor Sycamore is here... ".

Levi was confused, sunlight hitting his eyes, and his body feeling very cold. " Is this just a prank..", he muttered still half asleep, before falling back asleep again.

" ...Wake up Mr. Sleepyhead!! ", his dad spoke messing up his hair. " And..yes it's true! You're becoming a trainer! ". Oh. My. Mew. It is true! Levi swiftly jumped out of his bed and started dancing his victory dance he would do if he was feeling happy, but also not knowing he was only wearing his boxer shorts. " Erm..I'll change first! ", he said embarrassed. A few minutes later, Levi ran downstairs and into the living room.

" So uh...Levi was it? Sorry for not getting you a starter pokemon, so your dad and your mom are just going to give them their starter Pokemon they got to you. ", Professor Sycamore spoke shrugging a bit. Levi nodded and faced his parents. " ..Alright champ! Here's the pokemon I caught when I was in the forest! It's an Eevee. ", his mom would say handing the pokeball to Levi. " ..And mine is a Chespin! ", his dad would say giving him the pokeball. Sweet! I already have three pokemon on my team. Eevee, Chespin, and I just Pikachu!

" First of all, you need a pokedex. ", Professor Sycamore would hand Levi one. " A pokedex is used to record information about the pokemon you've seen or caught, try it on all of your Pokemon! ".

" All right. ", Levi would say patting his Eevee's head. " Eevee, the Evolution pokemon. Due to its DNA, Eevee can evolve into certain and different types of evolution forms. ", the Pokedex showed an digital image of Eevee and its moves and stats. Levi turned around to his Chespin and hovered the Pokedex over it, " Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokemon, it's shell on its head has spikes that could slice through many objects. ". The male later turned around to his Pikachu also hovering the Pokedex over its head. " Pikachu, the Mouse Pokemon. This electric-type can send electric attacks towards its opponents. It will also bite you if you have touched its tail. ".

" You also need five poke-balls to catch more pokemon, also you can transfer your pokemon into the PC, or to me. Anyways...good luck! ", Professor Sycamore would say shaking Levi's hand.

" Levi, remember that we both love you and become the best trainer there ever was! Also we'll miss you. Bye then! ", his mom would say hugging him goodbye.

" Bye Levi! Remember to never give up and I bid you farewell! ", Levi's dad would say waving goodbye at him.

" Bye, mom! I'll never give up, and I'll be the Kalos League Champion you'll see! ", Levi would say waving goodbye, before running into the tall grass in Route 1. Let my adventure begin!

Episode 3: I Made A Friend!

After saying goodbye to his parents and friends in Vaniville Town, our protagonist Levi is currently walking through the tall grass of Route 1 with his pokemon trailing behind him.

" Pika! ", Pikachu said running while using the move Volt Tackle. Pikachu crashed into Chespin, Eevee, and Levi who fell on the ground tiredly. " I'm so tired, and we didn't even walk a mile yet! ", Levi would say covering his forehead with his arm. " Chespin, Pikachu, Eevee do you guys wanna go back inside your pokeballs? ", the young male asked feeling bad for his exhausted Pokemon.

" Eevee! ", Eevee said nodding, as it smiled cheerfully.

" Pika..", Pikachu would say fainting from tiredness.

" Chespin! Pin Pin!", Chespin would say munching on the poke-berries it found earlier.

" 'Kay team! Have a great rest! ",Levi would say getting their pokeballs out. The three sleeping pokemon went back inside their pokeballs. " A little nap wouldn't hurt right? ", he'd say before falling asleep on the ground.

An hour later, Levi felt someone tapping on his shoulder. " W-What is it?! ", he'd say yawning, his eyes still closed.

" Finally! You're awake. ", a mysterious girl would say.

" Who the heck are you? ", he'd say confused, he opened his eyes; blinking for a few seconds. He jumped as he saw a random girl staring at him. " Eek..! ". Levi exclaimed, flinching.

" Uh... okay then..? ", the girl would stand up. " Hi, I'm Bryn! And I'm a pokemon trainer, who dreams of becoming the Kalos League Champion! ". Bryn would get out two pokeballs. Levi pointed at Bryn, still on the ground. " Y-Your a trainer too..? ".

" Of course I am! Gooey! Coral! Come on out..! ", Bryn would say throwing the two pokeballs in the air. A coral-like pokemon appeared out of the first one, and a gooey-like substance pokemon went out of the second. Bryn's two Pokemon landed onto the floor gracefully.

Levi stared at the two Pokemon, out of curiosity. " Woah! I've never seen those two pokemon before! ", Levi would say eyes sparkling, he would get his pokedex out too.

" They're pretty ", Bryn would say crossing her arms trying to look cool and chic.

Hovering the pokedex over the two mysterious Pokemon, the gadget spoke, " Corsola, the coral pokemon. Corsola is known not to live in dead corals, it is often found in clean seas in the south. It is often seen on the shores of Kalos. ", " Ditto, the transform pokemon. Ditto's cell structure can make it shift into different pokemon! Ditto cannot evolve. It is native to the Kanto region. ". Levi was amazed at them, " They're really cool! ".

Bryn then returned her Pokemon back into their pokeballs. " Hey, I know..let's battle! ", Levi would reply determined, he grinned before popping a poke ball out of his belt.

" Yeah! But you're going to lose..heh. ", Bryn would say grinning mischievously, her eyes flashed as the battle began. " Okay.. you go first! ", the girl would speak getting her first pokemon out. " Coral, it's up to you! ". Her Corsola emerged from its pokeball. It exclaimed, " Corsola! Corsola! ".

Levi was determined to win, and he couldn't lose to a freaking girl! " Okay, Pikachu come on out! ", Levi would yell throwing the pokeball on the ground, Pikachu appeared. His Pikachu's cheeks flared with static and electricity, it was ready to battle.

" W-Woah.. is that a..Pikachu?! Those pokemon are rarely seen in Kalos! How did you find it please tell me! ", Bryn would say amazed, the girl would start poking Pikachu's face. Levi knew that Pikachu was getting angry, and he figured that it might do a Thundershock so Levi ran behind the nearest boulder he could sight.

" Pika..chuu! ", Pikachu would exclaim electrocuting Bryn. The girl screamed in terror, but laughed too. " Oh wow! It hurts but its really strong..haha! ". A few minutes later, Bryn fell to the ground but jumped right back up like nothing ever happened. " Pikachu is so cute! ".

" ...Uh..we're in a middle of a battle right now! ", Levi would say agitated, as he stomped his foot annoyed at the girl.

" Fine, go Coral! Show them what it's like to battle Bryn! ", she'd say telling her Corsola to battle Pikachu. " Pikachu, electrocute it with thundershock! ", Levi would say eager to win, his Pikachu used Thundershock making Corsola stumble a bit before fainting on the ground.

" C-Corsola! ", Bryn would say. " Great job anyways! Return now. ". The girl sighed before returning her fainted Corsola back into its pokeball.

" I won my first battle, oh yeah! ", Levi would say hugging his Pikachu, he later did his epic victory dance. " I won, I won! I won! I won! I won! ".

" Pika-chu..", Pikachu would sigh cringing at the sight of his trainer weirdly dancing.

Winner: Levi

" Y-You won the first battle, but you're going to be the one who loses next! ",Bryn would stammering, blushing a bit.

" I bet you're going to lose! " , Levi would say smirking at the girl, he already won so he figured that beating her Ditto would be a piece of cake! It's just a pile of pink goo anyways.

" H-Hey! Let's just get this battle started! ", Bryn would say irritated, she grabbed a stick and started hitting Levi with it.

" Hey! ..That hurts- ", he yelled at Bryn. " I'm still choosing! ". Levi looked at the two remaining pokeballs in his pocket. " What should I choose..Eevee, or Chespin? ", Levi would mutter to himself, he smiled before getting a pokeball from his belt.

" Any day now..", Bryn would say impatiently, while crossing her arms.

" Okay, okay! Eevee, your turn! ", Levi would say, his Eevee appearing. His Eevee stood tall, it was confident. Probably too confident...

" Gooey! Come on out! ", Bryn would say, her Ditto appearing. " Ditto! ", Gooey would say glaring at Levi's Eevee. The Ditto grew larger in its size, trying to assert its dominance. Intimidating the Eevee, Levi's pokemon had a tremendous drop in attack damage. " Alright Ditto! Use Transfor- ".

Levi stood firmly, he breathed in and out before quickly ordering his Eevee to attack, " Eevee! Use Attract before it transforms!". His Eevee jumped high in the air and hearts appeared! The hearts circled around Bryn's Ditto, and sooner or later it was lovestruck!

" Di..tto..",Ditto would say spinning around, hearts in its eyes as it quickly ran towards the Eevee.

" Eevee, use Tackle! ", Levi would say. His Eevee quickly charged towards the lovestruck Ditto, the Ditto dodged it and was no longer immobilized by Attract! " Oh no! Eevee, use Quick Attack! ". Levi's Eevee quickly charged towards the Ditto. But it was too late, the girl's Ditto dodged the move and Eevee rammed into a tree.

" Yay, I'm going to win this! ", Bryn clapped in joy before calling out, " Alright, Ditto! Use Transform.! ". Levi watched the Ditto spin around and suddenly turn into an Eevee! In awe, the boy exclaimed, "! ". Levi ordered his Eevee to use Swift, a bunch of stars hit the fake Eevee. The Ditto endured the hit, but it was already over! It fainted falling onto the ground, turning back into a Ditto.

" Oh yeah! I won, in your face Bryn! ", Levi would say laughing, as he did another cringe victory dance.

" ...", Bryn would growl at Levi before returning her Ditto inside its pokeball. " You did great Ditto! Now have a good rest.. ".

Levi exclaimed in joy, happy knowing that he had won his first battle as a pokemon trainer, Oh My Mewtwo. I just won my second battle, fair and square! Mom & Dad would be proud of me if they were here...

" H-Hey kid! You're pretty awesome at battling, so why don't I join your travel across Kalos? What do you say..? ", Bryn would say putting her hand out.

" Sure! ", Levi would say shaking her hand, he was also proud that he had made a friend to travel with as he ventures across the vast region, Kalos.

Soon they enter the Kalos Forest, where Levi found his Pikachu. But, what dangers could there be in the forest? Find out in the next episode!

Episode 4: The Kalos Forest

After meeting each other on Route 1, Bryn and Levi are currently walking through the dark, and creepy forest known as Kalos Forest.

" Why is it so dark in here?! ", Levi would say squinting his eyes, while getting a flashlight out. " ...Seriously, the batteries are dead! ". Great, we have no light..

" This is really creepy, and I wanna go home!!! ", Bryn would say avoiding everything she would see as she continued walking through the forest.

" Well, too bad bub. We need to go through here to get to Santalune City where I'll battle the gym leader! ", Levi would say in excitement. " Anyways let's rest here for a little! ". He sat down and looked around the dark, eerie forest.

" Yay, finally- ", Bryn sighed sitting down in exhaustion, she was tired from walking through this forest that seemed to be never-ending!

On the outside, Levi wasn't scared at all, but in the inside Levi was scared as hell! Levi heard rustles in a bush near them and decided to check if it was a pokemon. Right after approaching the bush, a pokemon jumped out of it and attacked Levi.

A Wild Caterpie Appeared!

" Oh wow! A pokemon- ", he quickly got an empty pokeball from his backpack.

" ...Levi, its just a Caterpie! ", Bryn would yell at him, agitated at his stupidity. " It's so weak, and it often can get destroyed immediately in a battle! ".

" No it isn't, and it's still a Pokemon! ". Levi got up and thought, " I should catch this...". Levi got the pokeball with Chespin in it and threw it onto the ground which made Chespin emerge from the pokeball. " Pin? Pin? Chespin! ", Chespin would exclaim before sliding on the ground like a bowling ball. Chespin hit Caterpie at a very fast pace, so the weak little bug fainted! Levi would get a pokeball and he threw it at the fainted Caterpie. " Come on...get caught please! ", Levi said determined to catch the bug, knowing already that it was weak.

The pokeball shaked once, twice, and...DING! the pokeball stopped moving, Levi had caught the Caterpie. " I-I caught my second pokemon in t-the wild!!! ", Levi would say grabbing Bryn's arm and running around in circles.

" L-Levi! I'm getting dizzy! ", Bryn would say, getting a headache. She punched Levi's arm, " Stop it! ".

" Ow! Alrighty- ", Levi would stop running around, and he'd get the pokeball with Caterpie inside it. " 'Kay team! Meet our new friend! ", he would say, while his pokemon got out of their pokeballs. " Guys, meet Caterpie! ", Levi would say introducing Caterpie to them. " She'll be joining us in our adventure! ".

" Pika! ", Pikachu would reply excitedly, greeting Caterpie.

"Pin! Pin! ", Chespin would exclaim while patting Caterpie on the back.

" Eevee! ", Eevee would say while hugging Caterpie.

" Aw..everyone loves Caterpie! ", Bryn would say looking at the group of pokemon. " Hey Levi, did you know that you could nickname your pokemon? ".

" Oh wow! I didn't know that.. anyways I wanna name some then. ", Levi would reply to Bryn, before turning around to his group of Pokemon. " I'll name Eevee..Brady, and Caterpie...will be Pie, I guess! But I won't nickname my Pikachu and Chespin... ".

A few minutes later, Levi and Bryn fell asleep. Cricket Sounds.. Levi woke up to find out that it was nighttime! " Oh gosh, we overslept! ", Levi would say urging Bryn to wake up.

" W-What is it..", Bryn would say, while Levi was whispering to her something. " WAIT..WHAT?! ". Bryn looked up to find a dark and pitch black forest. The two both screamed, packing their things, and running as fast as they could in the same direction.

" Why did this have to happen to us!!! ", Bryn would scream, seeing bats flying above them. The two both ran even FASTER.

" AHHAHAHAHHA!!!! ",Levi would say climbing a random tree.

" What the heck..",Bryn would say face-palming.

" How do I-",Levi would say getting pushed off the tree by a Malamar. " AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!! ",Levi would say falling onto a pile of leaves.

" ..Sigh, sometimes you're really stupid..",Bryn would say shrugging.

Levi was tired of being treated like a baby, he'd say," Why can't you just LEAVE me alone, and stop following me!!! ".

" I'm not following you, you're the one who's following me! ",Bryn would say walking in front of Levi.

" No way! ",Levi would say walking in front of Bryn, a swarm of bats appeared in front of them.

A Wild Swarm Of Noibats Appeared!

Levi got his pokedex out, " Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokemon. Noibat is known for its ears which emit ultrasonic waves that can disturb its prey's sense of hearing and damage opponents.

Levi glared at them, " Excuse me Noibats, we need to go somewhere important, a no? 'Kay then, prepare to lose! ".

" ..Go Pie! ",Levi would say getting his Caterpie out.

"..Better choice would've been Pikachu or Chespin..",Bryn would say sighing.

" Re! RE! ",Caterpie would say staring at the swarm. " Okay, Caterpie use String Shot! ",Levi would say. Caterpie shot strings which were wrapped into the bats.

" We won! ..Go 30 Pokeballs! ",Levi would say accidentally throwing thirty pokeballs at all of the Noibats. The pokeballs hit each Noibat, they all shaked..once, twice...before stopping!

" Wait..did I seriously catch thirty Noibat? ",Levi would say confused.

" H-How did you catch ALL OF THEM?! ",Bryn would say helping Levi by getting some of the pokeballs that had Noibat in here in Levi's bag.

The two saw the exit, " Are we finally free? ",Bryn would say, seeing the sun go up in the sky.

" All right its mornin! ",Levi would say running to the light part of the forest. " But now I have to go back to the Pokemon Center again! So I can give my thirty Noibat to Professor Sycamore.

" NO! We are not going back there..AGAIN, never EVER! ",Bryn would say glaring at Levi.

" ...Fine! ",Levi would say. " I'll just give them to him in Santalune City..".

" Where's the path when you need one?! ",Bryn would say looking around.

" There! ",Levi would say running towards the exit of the forest.

" Finally!!! ",Bryn would say running out of the forest.

" Woo-hoo! We're getting out of here! ",Levi would say running down the path. Levi was really excited because he had escaped from Kalos Forest and that he was gonna battle a gym leader for the first time in Santalune City!

Episode 5: Welcome To Santalune!

Bryn and Levi ran down the path where they reached Santalune City. Levi saw different varieties of pokemon from different regions and some that were native to Kalos.

" I can't believe we're finally here! ", Levi would say excited for his first gym battle.

" Hold up Levi, you should train before battling her! She's pretty good at battling. ",Bryn would say. " But, I beat her and got the Bug Badge. ".

" did you get it already?! ",Levi would say suspicious of his new friend.

" I got it before I met you. ",replied Bryn.

" That makes perfect sense! Let's train guys! ",Levi said while his pokemon got out of their pokeballs.

Levi's pokemon looked really tired. Chespin was sluggish after eating too much berries, Brady's fur was jumbled a lot, Pikachu was hurt since their last battle against Bryn, and Pie was just..uh..a..Caterpie.

" Shoot forgot to take them to the Pokemon Center.. ",Levi would say face-palming. A few minutes later, Levi went to the Pokemon Center.

" Welcome to the Pokemon Center, would you like me to heal your pokemon? ",Nurse Joy would say. " Of course! ",Levi would say giving Nurse Joey his pokeballs. " Heal mine too. ",Bryn would say also giving her pokeballs.

After getting his pokemon back, Levi saw three suspicious people dressed in black with a the letter F on their shirt. The three suspicious people left the Pokemon Center, but didn't notice the pokeball that had dropped from one of their hands.

" Huh? ",Levi would say picking up the pokeball. " Interesting! ". Levi sat back down in a chair and looked at his pokedex. " ...I need to finish my pokedex!!! ". Levi ran outside and into the forest.

" Levi?! ",Bryn would say confused. He heard a rustle in a bush, Levi approached it with a pokeball in his hand.

A Wild Shelgon Appeared!

The Shelgon looked like it was ready for battle.

" A Shelgon! Okay, then I'll use..Chespin! ",Levi would say.

" Chespin, use Pin Missile! ",Levi would command Chespin.

" Shell! Shell! ",the Shelgon would say using the move, Tackle.

" Dodge it! ",Levi would say. " Pin Missile, one more time! ",Levi would say. The Shelgon fell to the ground and fainted, Levi then threw a pokeball at it. The pokeball shaked once, and..DING! Levi had successfully captured Shelgon! " All right!!! ",Levi would say jumping in the air.

Levi ran back to the Pokemon Center.

" Bryn!!! Look what I caught, its a Shelgon! ",Levi would say signaling Shelgon to come out of its pokeball.

" Shell! Shell! ",Shelgon would say jumping onto Bryn's lap. " Woah! ",Bryn would say in amazement. " Are you gonna nickname it? ".

" Hm..I'll name it, Haclyon! ",Levi would say hugging his Shelgon. " I love my new pokemon! ". People stared at Levi who was still hugging Haclyon.

" Uh..Levi..Can you please stop doing that. ",Bryn would ask face-palming. Levi and Bryn went outside, where Levi started to train his Shelgon.

" Okay, Chespin. I want you battle Shelgon! ",Levi would say. " I hope it evolves into Salamence soon! ". Levi commanded Chespin to use Vine Whip, and told Shelgon to use Tackle. Chespin's vines slapped Shelgon, until it fainted.

" Aw man! ",Levi would say picking up his fainted Shelgon. " Pin! Pin! ",Chespin would say after winning a battle.

" Levi, don't you know that Shelgon's only move is Tackle, and Shelgon is really WEAK! ',Bryn would stammer.

" Not all pokemon are weak! ",Levi would yell at her. " And stop degrading Haclyon! ". Suddenly, the three grunts appeared again.

" Yo KID, we have finally found you! ",one of the grunts would say using a machine to grab Levi and Bryn's pokemon.

" M-My pokemon! ",Bryn would say yelling at them.

" Hey! What do you think you're doing?! ",Levi would yell at them.

The three grunts threw their cloaks away. " To destroy the world from kindness to pokemon. ",one would say.

" And to unite Team Flare within the Kalos nation. ",another one would say.

" We are Team Flare members! ",the third one would say.

" I am Jenny! I am Joey! And I'm Slowking, that's RIGHT! ", they'd all say.

" T-Team Flare?! ",Bryn would say covering her mouth. " Aren't you the team who almost destroyed Kalos?! ". The three members of Team Flare nodded at Bryn and they suddenly started to run away!

Oh no, how am I gonna save my pokemon?! I know that pokeball I picked up had a pokemon in it. Levi grabbed the pokeball and threw it on the ground.

A Y-shaped pokemon appeared, the pokemon was known as the god of destruction and killer of life.

" Y-Yveltal! ".

Episode 6: The Destruction Era

" Stupid! Now the kid has Yveltal! ",Jenny would say slapping Joey on the face.

The Yveltal was really enormous, Levi was amazed. I can't believe I am seeing the legendary pokemon of Kalos in front of my eyes! The Yveltal used the move Dragon Rage which made the Team Plasma members ready for battle.

" Okay! Do you wanna battle then?! I'll show you no MERCY! ",Jenny would say throwing out her best pokemon. " Go..Incineroar! ".

" I'll use Primarina! ",Joey would say throwing his pokemon's pokeball too.

Incineroar was a mighty and ginormous fire cat. Primarina was a beautiful and elegant sea lion mermaid.

" Primarina! Use Water Slap! ",Joey would command.

" Incineroar! Use Fire Punch! ",Jenny would say commanding Incineroar. Yveltal dodged the attacks swiftly and used the move Dark Fang.

Incineroar dodged the attack, but Primarina was not so lucky. " Primarina! Return now! ",Joey would say returning his pokemon back inside the pokeball.

Levi couldn't speak, he was seeing a battle occur for the first time in his pokemon journey! It means that Levi watched someone else battle someone or something, got it?

Incineroar used Fire Punch again weakening Yveltal. Yveltal used Dark Fang again making Incineroar faint.

" Aw man! Incineroar, return! ",Jenny would say making Incineroar return back into its pokeball.

The three Team Plasma members only had one hope, which was to use their Slowking! " Go, Slowking!! ",Jenny and Joey would both say throwing Slowking on the battlefield.

" Wait!!! I'm too smart to die! ",Slowking would say while being thrown by his comrades.

Yveltal used the move Dark Fang again, but Slowking dodged it.

" Slowking! Use Water Slap! ",Jenny would say commanding Slowking to use the move

. " Prepare to die!!!",Slowking would say, about to slap Yveltal with water. Yveltal easily dodged it using the move Dark Pulse. " ... ",Slowking would say landing on the top of his comrades.

" Team Flare, OUT! ",the three would say disappearing in a flash.

Yveltal stared at Levi and Bryn who were hugging each other in fear for a second, before flying off into the foggy skies.

" W-Wait!!! Aren't you going to go back inside your pokeball?! ",Levi would say calling after it.

" ...Levi, you should let it roam free not in a tiny pokeball! ",Bryn would say slapping the back of his head angrily. " Anyways,what just happened? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ".

" I do not know..",Levi would say eyes gleaming. " But it was amazing!!! ".

" Sigh..lets just get ready for your gym battle. ",Bryn would say face-palming.

A few minutes later, Levi and Bryn are walking to the Santalune Gym. " Oh wow, I'm so excited! ".

Episode 7: A Delightful Trainer!

After the devastating battle between Team Flare and the legendary pokemon, Yveltal. Levi and Bryn are currently watching a boy battle the Santalune gym leader, Voila. The boy's name was Francis.

" Kay, S-Squirtle! U-Use W-Water Gun! ",Francis would say to his Squirtle nervously. The Squirtle used the move, Water Gun on Voila's Surskit.

It wasn't that effective against Surksit.

" Doesn't that kid know anything at all?! ",Bryn would say impatiently.

" Maybe, its his first battle? ",Levi said.

" Surskit! Use Ice Beam, now! ",Voila would say to her Surskit. Surskit used Ice Beam on the boy's Squirtle which made Squirtle faint.

" The battle is over! Which means the gym leader, Voila is victorious. ",one of the workers at the gym would say.

" Aw man! I-I lost again! ",the boy would say before running out of the gym crying.

" Come back when you're ready to beat me! ",Voila would say happy for her victory.

" ..Uh..what just happened? ",Levi would say confused.

" ..I remember that boy! He had a crush on me whatsoever, so he tried battling Voila to impress me but he has lost every battle against her. Also, his name is Francis. ",Bryn would say rubbing her head.

" Oh..I'm gonna check on him to see if he's okay.",Levi would say following Francis outside.

" L-Levi! W-Wait!!! ",Bryn would say calling after him, later running after him.

Levi saw the boy sitting down with his Squirtle. " Uh..h-hey! ",Levi would say awkwardly approaching to Francis.

Francis, who was startled said, " Uh..h-hey? ", while wiping away his tears.

" I saw you battle Voila, you could've won if you had,- I-I mean..nevermind! ",Levi would say stammering.

" Okay??? ",Francis would say hugging his Squirtle. " I just keep losing! ".

" I know! Why don't you battle me? F-For practice of course. ",Levi would say helping Francis stand up.

" S-Sure! ",Francis would say determined to win.

" L-LEVI!!! ",Bryn would say running as fast as lightning to Levi.

" ...W-?! ", Levi would say turning around seeing Bryn running full speed at him.

" Oof! ",Bryn would say whilst a top on Levi. After saying sorry to each other, Levi would get ready for his practice battle against their newly-made friend called Francis

. " Kay! Charmander, come on out! ",Francis would say commanding the fire lizard to come out of its pokeball. " Char! Char!!! ",Francis's Charmander would say ready for the battle.

" Our turn! Shelgon, ready? ",Levi would say commanding his Shelgon to come out of its pokeball. " Shel! SHEL!!! ",Haclyon would roar at the bashful, and shy pokemon.

" Let the battle begin! ",Bryn would say signaling for the battle to commence.

Battle 1: Shelgon VS Charmander

Battle 2: Eevee VS Squirtle

Battle 3: Caterpie VS Bulbasaur

" Charmander, use Flamethrower! ",Francis would say to his pokemon. Charmander's blast of fire swirled through the air, making its attack on Levi's Shelgon.

" Haclyon! Use Protect, hurry!! !",Levi would say before Shelgon got hit by the flames. " Now then! Use Tackle! ". Levi's Shelgon charged towards Francis's Charmander, tackling the fire monster with full power.

Charamander fell after getting hit, but was still standing! " Charamander, Use Scratch! ",Francis would say once more.

" Dodge it, quick! Then use, Quick Attack! ",Levi would yell. Shelgon dodged it easily, using the move Quick Attack against Charmander. Charmander was damaged a lot, it fell and tried to stand up but fainted instead.

" Aw man! Great job anyways, Charmander! ",Francis would say returning Charmander back to its pokeball.

" Yes! Haclyon you were great! ",Levi would say patting Haclyon's head.

" Shel! Shel! ",Haclyon would say satisfied with its victory.

Winner Of Battle 1: Levi

" The winner for the first battle is..Levi! ",Bryn would say. " Now let the second battle commence! ".

" Go Eevee! ",Levi would say while getting his Eevee out of the pokeball. " Eevee!!! ",Eevee would say licking its fur with pride.

" Squirtle, your turn now! ",Francis would say signaling his best pokemon to come on out. " Squirtle, Squirtle! ",Squirtle would say hiding in its shell. " SQUIRTLE...",Francis would say twitching angrily at his scared Squirtle. " Sigh..Squirtle use Shell Slide! ".

" Eevee! Use Swift, then dodge it! ",Levi would say watching his Eevee jump gracefully in the air. Levi's Eevee dodged it, but it was too late. Francis's Squirtle hit Levi's Eevee, which made Eevee fall on the ground which made it faint in one hit.

" Return now, Eevee! You were great! ",Levi would say hugging his Eevee.

" I-I did it! I won my first battle!!! ",Francis would say cheerfully, eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Winner Of Battle 2: Francis

" The winner for Battle 2 is..Francis! ",Bryn would say. " Now let the last battle begin! ".

" Go Pie! ",Levi would say, while getting his Caterpie out of its pokeball. " Caterpreee? ",Caterpie would say ready for its battle against Francis's Bulbasaur.

" Bulbasaur, get ready for battle! ",Francis would say signaling his Bulbasaur to come out. " Buh! Buh! ",B ulbasaur would say getting its vine whips out. " Bulba-",Francis would say getting interrupted by Levi.

" Caterpie, use String Shot! Then use Tackle! ",Levi would say commanding Caterpie. Caterpie used its move, String Shot which made Francis's Bulbasaur unable to move! Caterpie got ready to tackle its string-wrapped opponent.

" CATERPIEEE! ",Caterpie would say heading for Bulbasaur at full speed.

" B-Bulbasaur! ",Francis would say warning it. " Hurry, get out of the strings! ". " Buh! Buh!!!! ",B ulbasaur would say still untangled in the strings. Caterpie tackled Bulbasaur making it go high up into the air, before making it fall back down. Bulbasaur fainted!

" I-I won again! Woo-hoo! ",Levi would say dancing like a crazy person while holding his Caterpie.

" The winner of the battle is Levi! ",Bryn would say dancing too

. " I still lost, but this was really fun! Thanks guys! ",F rancis would say dancing with them.

Winner Of Battle 3: Levi

Suddenly, Levi's Caterpie began to glow! " C-Caterpie?! ",Levi would say shocked.

" I-Its evolving!! ",Bryn would say in amazement. Caterpie sprayed string in the air with its mouth, covering it. Then, WHOOSH! Caterpie evolved into Metapod!

" W-Woah, A Metapod! ",Francis would say poking its armor-like shell.

Levi got his pokedex out, " Metapod, the Cocoon Pokemon. The evolved form of Caterpie, Metapod has been covered in an armor-like shell to protect itself from harm. ". Levi was really happy, not only he had more friends to travel with, he was one stop further to become a pokemon champion and master!

Episode 8: Finally, My Gym Battle!

After a long time of events, Levi was finally going to challenge Voila, the Santalune City Gym Leader.

" I'm so excited! ",Levi would say excitedly.

" We'll both cheer you on! ",Francis would say patting Levi's back.

" Good luck, because we're here! ",Bryn would say. Levi and his friends entered the gym, where they saw Voila standing right in front of them.

" Ah..another challenger! ",Voila would say. " Ready to battle me? ".

" You bet I am! ",Levi would say ready for his gym battle.

" The battle between Voila, the gym leader and Levi, the challenger will start..right NOW! ",Alexa would say signaling the battle to commence.

" Surskit, come on out! ",Voila would say getting Surskit to come out of its pokeball. " Sur! Sur! ",Surskit would say determinedly.

" Kay then, Pikachu go on out! ", Levi would say commanding Pikachu to come out of its pokeball.

" Pika! Pika! ",Pikachu would say going on the battlefield. " Pikachu! Use Iron Tail, then dodge Surskit's attack after! ",Levi would say. Pikachu used the move Iron Tail and got ready to hit Surskit. but, Surskit with its agility dodged it easily.

" Surskit! Ice Beam! ",Voila would yell. "

Dodge it quickly!!! ",Levi would say to his Pikachu who had a few bruises. Pikachu was hit with Surskit's Ice Beam, Pikachu was hurt a bit was still standing tall. " You okay, Pikachu? Good! Now use the move, Quick Attack! ",Levi would say commanding Pikachu to the move, Quick Attack. Pikachu used the move, Quick Attack and charged as fast as a cheetah to Surskit, but once again it dodged it. " Pika?! ",Pikachu would say confused. " Stand strong Pikachu! ",Levi would yell at Pikachu. " I believe that we will win this! ".

" Surskit! Now use Glacier Storm! ",Voila would say. Pikachu was hit by the glaciers that appeared from the ground. Pikachu fell once, twice before fainting.

" Aw man, Levi's Pikachu was beaten by Voila! ",Francis would say watching from afar.

" Pikachu lost, but Levi still has more pokemon to use! ",Bryn would say to Francis.

Levi returned his Pikachu back into its pokeball, and got Metapod out.

" Go, Metapod! ",Levi would say throwing the pokeball, which made Metapod appear. " Meta-pod. Meta-pod. ",Metapod would say his shell shining like the bright sun.

" Surskit! You can do it. ",Voila would say to her Surskit. " Metapod, use String Shot now! ",Levi would yell at Metapod.

The strings covered Surskit, until it was unable to move. " S-Surskit! Get out of there now!!! ",Voila would say warning her Surskit.

" Metapod! Use Tackle. ",Levi would say, while his Metapod was charging towards Voila's Surskit.

Metapod tackled Surskit in the speed of light, Surskit flew into the air before fainting after falling back down. " We did it! ",Levi would say happily.

" Surskit! Return now. ",Voila would say returning her Surskit back into its pokeball. " You're strong Levi, but lets see if you can beat my Vivillon! ". Voila's Vivillon appeared and it looked really majestic, its wings were spectacular, looked ready for battle!

" Cool, a Vivillon! ",Levi would say befoere getting his pokedex out. " Vivillon, the Scale Pokemon, and is the final evolution of Scatterbug. Due to its wings, Vivillon has a variety of patterns it could have on its wings. ".

" I think I'll use..ah-ah! Haclyon, come on out! ",Levi would say throwing the pokeball, making his Shelgon appear. " Shel! Shel! ",Haclyon would say jealous of Vivillons wings. " Vivillon, use Gust! ,Voila would command to her Vivillon.

" Haclyon! Use T-..",Levi would say seeing his Shelgon use the move Dragon Rage. Haclyon's Dragon Rage hit Vivillon and it crashed down on the ground, Vivillon fainted after!

" ... Wait what?! I lost ;-; ",Voila would say making her Vivillon return back to its pokeball.

" I-I did it! I freaking won!!! ",Levi would say hugging his all of his pokemon.

Voila sighed before walking up to Levi, " Levi, I present to you..the Bug Badge.

This badge means that you have successfully defeated me in a battle. ". Levi took it from her hand before dancing like a complete idiot. " I got the Bug Badge!!! ".

Episode 9: Acting Different..

After Levi's victory in the Santalune Gym, Levi finally has the Bug Badge! Our three heroes are currently walking in Route 22. and are on their way to Cyllage City!

" I'm so tired.. ",Levi would say drooping from the weight of his backpack.

Bryn still full of energy ran up to Levi and slapped the back of his head.

" Mr! If you wanna be the very best, you have to never give up and never lose energy!!! ".

" But what if we're too tired to walk? ",Francis would say laying against a rock.

Levi laid against a tree, his eyes shutting. A few minutes later, Levi woke up! But, Levi was in a different dimension! " W-What's going on?! ",Levi would say looking around shocked to see tress burning, pokemon running in fear. Levi blinked, seeing people in red suits capture the scared and innocent pokemon.

" T-That's Team Flare! ",Levi would say shocked recognizing the people in the red suits. " T-That's..the three people we met at Santalune! ". Suddenly, Levi was crushed by a falling tree. " AHHHHHH!!!!!! ". Levi woke up, " W-What happened? ",Levi saw Francis and Bryn staring at him. " G-Guys? ",Levi would say reaching out for them.

" LEVI! WAKE UP YOU BIG DUMMY! ",Bryn would say getting a mallet out, then slapping him with it.

Levi stood up glaring at Bryn. Bryn crossed her arms, " Hmph! ". "

Uh...Levi are you okay? ",Francis would say.

" I-I'm fine. Just a dream, that's all! ",Levi would say, while hearing a rustle in a bush nearby.

A Wild Dewott Appeared!

Levi got his pokedex out, " Dewott, the Discipline pokemon. Dewott is also the first evolution of Dewott has two shells on its side, it uses them for battle. Levi approached it with ease, but was stopped by Francis.

" Levi, can I please catch this pokemon instead? ",Francis would ask innocently.

" Fine..",Levi would say shrugging a bit.

" Hurry up tho! I wanna go to Cyllage City already...",Bryn would say stammering.

" Go...Squirtle! ",Francis would say getting his Squirtle out of the pokeball.

" Squirt! Squirt! ",Francis's Squirtle would say.

The Dewott got its two razor-like shells clenched in its paws. " Dew! Dew! ",Dewott would say ready for battle.

" 'Kay then! Squirtle, use Bite! ",Francis would say commanding Squirtle to use the move, Bite. Francis's Squirtle chomped Dewott's arm, Dewott tried shaking Squirtle off but it was no use! Squirtle stayed there. " Squirtle! Now use Bubble & Water Gun! ",Francis would say getting a greatball out. After getting hit with Bubble and Water Gun, Dewott finally fell down and it fainted!

" Go Greatball! ",Francis would say throwing a greatball at the fainted Dewott. The Greatball hit the fainted Dewott, Dewott went inside it. It shaked once, twice and..DING! Dewott was caught! " Yay!!! ",Francis would say picking up the greatball that had Dewott in it.

" Finally...",Bryn would say starting to walk down the path. " What's with her? ",Levi asked.

" I dunno. She has been acting weird ever since we left Santalune.. ",Francis would say shrugging.

" What was wrong with Bryn? " Levi sighed, before walking down the path beside Francis.

Episode 11: Confusion!

After reaching the exit of Route 22, our three heroes are still..on their way to Cyllage City, where Levi is gonna battle the Cyllage Gym Leader to get his second badge.

Levi and and Francis were far apart from Bryn who was walking in a weird form.

" What's she doing? ",Levi would say confused about how fast Bryn changed.

" Wait..I've seen someone walk in that weird form before! ",Francis would say thinking. Suddenly, a mysterious pokemon appeared near Bryn.

" Ah-ha! I knew it, a Malamar was possessing her! ",Francis would say rubbing his head. The Malamar stared at Bryn before wrapping its tentacle-like arms around her.

" Mal! Mal! ",the wild Malamar would say running off in the distance.

"..W-We have to save Bryn! ",Francis would say running towards Malamar.

" Okay..then. ",Levi would say running towards Francis. Suddenly, Bryn spun out of her trance. She was shocked because right now she was freaking being carried by a Malamar!

" G-Guys!!!! Help me! ",Bryn would say reaching out for them with her arm.

" 'Kay guys! We need to help Bryn, stat! ",Levi would say getting all of his pokemon out.

" Meta! Meta! ",Metapod would say.

" Eevee! ",Eevee would say licking its fur.

" You too! ",Francis would say getting his Squirtle, Charmander, Dewott, and Bulbasaur out.

" Squirt! Squirt! ",Squirtle would say.

" Char! Char...",Charamnder would say chasing Bulbasaur.

" Buh! Buh! ",Bulbasaur would say hiding behind Francis's leg.

" Dew..Dew..",Dewott would say, ready to defeat Malamar. Malamar was running off in the distance with Bryn.

" Have no fear! I'll save you! ",a mysterious boy would say ready to challenge Malamar.

" Uh...who are you? ",Francis would say confused.

" I am Noah! A explorer who travels across regions! Now I shall save the girl! ",Noah would say getting his Shaymin out.

" Go Shaymin! ". " Woah! That pokemon looks so cool.. ",Levi would say, while getting his pokedex out after.

" Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon. Shaymin also has two forms that it could transform into, the Land Form, and the Sky Form. The blooming of Gracidea flowers confers the power of flight upon it. Feelings of gratitude are the message it delivers. ".

" Uh..guys!!! We still need to save Bryn! ",Francis would say face-palming.

" Hold on! ",Noah would say. " Shaymin, use Energy Ball! ". Shaymin's energy ball hit Malamar, making it blast up into the air. Malamar dropped Bryn who was unconscious at the moment. Noah ran as fast as he could so he could catch Bryn. Bryn fell into Malamar's tentacles again and then Malamar ran off into the distance.

" B-Bryn!!! ",Francis would say kneeling down sadly.

" Hey, give our friend back! ",Levi would say trying to catch up to the Malamar.

" ...Oof, anyways I'm out! ",Noah would say disappearing in a flash.

"...Jerk. ",Francis would mutter.

" Get back here now! Or I'll spank you Malamar!" Levi said as he sped up trying to catch up to Malamar, when Malamar just stops and turns around.

" Uhh Levi, i think you made it angry..." Francis says looking at Malamar in fear.

"Malamaaar...MALA MAAAAAR" Malamar uses psychic on Levi sending him far back past the others.

"AAAH (O . O)" Levi screaming as he goes flying and lands in some bushes that just happened to be there...

" ...Levi, you know're such a little kid. ",Noah would say face-palming.

" T-Take that back! ",Levi would say angrily. " And how did you get back here so quickly? ".

" I have a method for de wae!!! ",Noah would say running off.

Levi face-palmed again..

" ..Guys, you know that Malamar and Bryn are gone. ",Francis would say, who was still kneeling down.

Levi turned around, Francis was right! Bryn and Malamar were out of sight..Levi was sad to see his best friend get kidnapped right in front of himself.

" All around me are familiar faces...",Francis would say, sad violin music in the background.

" ..Now we should try and find her. ",Noah would say marching down the path. Levi followed after, Francis walking beside him.

A few minutes later..the three boys stumbled upon a dark and creepy forest.

" I don;t like this..",Francis would say getting a flashlight out. " I can't see either! ".

" This is creepy. ",Levi would say looking down while walking through the forest.

" Dude, its just a bad can it be? ",Noah would say calmly. "

" MUAHHHHHHHH! ",a mysterious voice would say. The three turned around frozen in fear.

" W-What was that?! ",Francis would say.

" MUAHHHHHHH! ",the voice would say again.

" ...Okay this is honestly getting REALLY scary. ",Noah would say shuddering while walking.

" MUAHHHHHHH!.....BOO! ",the voice would yell.

" AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ",the three would say before running as fast as they could.

The three ran until they were tired, but now they had stumbled upon an abandoned pokemon centre! Which was up ahead .

" Hmm who are you three?.. ",a person would say. Suddenly, our three heroes got trapped in a net!

" ..Just let us out please... ",Francis would say confused.

" Fine...oh and sorry ",the boy would say.

" Oh, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Yoi, a trainer in kalos... ",Yoi would say bowing.

" No need for dat. ",Noah would say. " Can you please get us out of this net. ".

" Sure..",Yoi would say untying it. " Why are you here?.." Yoi asks. " Our friend got taken by a Malamar and we need to help her! " ,Levi says before get off his butt.

" I'll help for now...", Yoi grabs a Pokeball to get ready for battle.

" I think she may be in there, at the centre...", Yoi points towards it.

" Okay let's check it out! ", Levi runs off as the others follow. They enter the Pokemon centre, it is dark and the place looks destroyed.

" ..Uh..guys, can you help me. ",a voice would say. " B-Bryn! ",Francis would say running up to her.

" MAL!!! MAL!!!!! ",the Malamar would say appearing through the shadows.

" Hmph, you ugly beast! ",Yoi would say getting his Pikachu out. " Go Pikachu! ". " Let's do this! ",Pikachu would say glaring at the Malamar.

"Wait, wha it can talk?" Levi asks looking stunned. "..Focus...Levi" Yoi says adjusting his coat.

" Go Shaymin! ",Noah would say. " Now, transform into Sky Forme! ". " SHAY..MIN!!!! ",Shaymin would say transforming to its Sky Forme.

" Haclyon, go! ",Levi would say throwing out his best pokemon.

" Haclyon, use Steel Tackle! ". Levi's Shelgon tackled Malamar, damaging it.

" Shaymin, use Razor Leaf! ". Francis would yell.

" Pikachu, use Thunder Bolt!". Yoi would command Pikachu. " PIIIKAA CHUUU ".

The two pokemon's moves were combining! It was smashed into Malamar making it fall, it then fainted. Bryn stood up.

" Oh, you're gonna pay if you mess with me! ",she'd say throwing a pokeball at it. The pokeball shook once, twice, before stopping.

" I caught a Malamar! ",Bryn would say grinning. " ..Oh and who are you? ". She'd point at the detective-looking person.

" I'm Yoi, a trainer..., nice to meet you",Yoi would say grinning.

" Hmm okay... ",Bryn would say walking out of the centre, with the pokeball that had Malamar in it, clenched in her hands tightly. "

..And I'm Noah, pleased to be at your service! ",Noah would say holding his Shaymin.

" Aw..what a cutie! ",Bryn would say rubbing and poking his Shaymin's cheeks.

" Hmm I still don't trust these kids...if I can get that girl, I may get more information...", Yoi says muttering to himself.

" What was that? " Levi says walking out of the centre.

" Oh nothing...". Yoi follows.

Our heroes have saved Bryn, a trainer called Yoi, and a explorer Noah has accompanied them, They are now on their way to Cyllage City, where Levi will battle the Cyllage Gym Leader!

Episode 12: Learning Lessons

So far our five heroes are on their way to Cyllage City, but first they stop at a local Pokemon Centre in Couriway Town.

" Ugh..I haven't had a battle since two days ago..when we battled the Malamar. ",Levi would say drooping due to all of the bags he needs to carry.

" ..Levi, is it? I can battle you. ",Yoi would say, his pikachu on his shoulder.

" I can too- NEVERMIND..",Noah would say.

" All right, but Levi I'm going to beat your pokemon! ",Pikachu would say shocking Levi with Thundershock.

" ...But you never know buddy, I might win ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).. ",Levi would say taunting Yoi's Pikachu

. " Just get on with it! ",Bryn would say yelling at the two boys.

" This should be fun to watch! ",Francis would say. " They're both determined to win..".

" But I wanted to battle Levi, but I wanna see Levi's butt getting kicked by Yoi! ",Noah would say. The two stared at him in confusion. " I don't mean that! I mean that Levi is gonna lose against Yoi..".

" Oh..",the two would say. Bryn, Noah, and Francis would walk towards a bench, the three both sat down. Levi went on one side, and Yoi went on the other side.

" The battle between Levi and Yoi, may commence NOW! ",Noah would say signaling for the battle to begin. " Only one pokemon may be used, so choose wisely! ".

Levi VS Yoi

Shelgon VS Pikachu

" Shelgon! I choose you! ",Levi would say getting his Shelgon out.

" Pikachu! Come on out now! ",Yoi would say, his Pikachu jumping off his shoulder onto the battlefield. " Shelgon, be prepared to lose! ',Pikachu would say doing the peace sign.

Levi's Shelgon stood firmly, glaring at Pikachu. " Shel! Shel! ",Shelgon would say angrily. Levi stood fist high in the air, " Haclyon! Use Steel Punch! ",he'd say commanding Shelgon.

" Pikachu! Dodge it now, then use Thunderbolt! ",Yoi would say. But, Levi's Shelgon was too fast for Pikachu! Pikachu was hit by Shelgon's Steel Punch. Pikachu fell on the ground, but stood up and used Thunderbolt.

" Shelgon! ",Levi would say, his Shelgon rolling on the ground.

" ..Haclyon! You can do it, now use Headbutt! Levi's Shelgon headbutted Pikachu in the stomach.

" Ow! ",Pikachu would say, while volt tackling Shelgon.

" Shel...",Shelgon would say hurt from the tremendous hit. " Stand your ground, Shelgon! ",Levi would say stressed out.

" ..The boy is very interesting, I might get more information.. ",Yoi would mutter.

" What was that? ",Levi would say. "Also, PAY ATTENTION! ".

" Okay, Okay. ",Yoi would reply sighing.

" ...Can we just finish the battle? ",Pikachu would say face-palming.

" Shel! Shel! ",Shelgon would say to Levi before fainting.

" Aw man! ",Levi would say picking up his fainted pokemon.

Winner: Yoi

" Levi, great job in the battle. ",Yoi would say patting his back. " And don't let the lose of this battle, put you down, you can always improve and TRY to beat me... "

" Uh..okay? And thanks! ",Levi would say grinning.

" The winner is Yoi! ",Francis would say signaling that the battle has ended. Levi's Shelgon jumped out of his hands and looked up at him.

" What is it, buddy? ",Levi would say crouching down. Suddenly, Shelgon begin to glow bright blue! " H-Haclyon?! ",Levi would say eyes widened.

Yoi begins to write in his notebook saying, " Of course..its evolving. ".

" Woah! Y-Your Shelgon! ",Noah would say his eyes widening.

" I-Is it really e-evolving?! ",Francis would say amazed.

" I can't believe it! ",Bryn would say running towards Levi's Shelgon.

" SHEL!!!! ",Shelgon would say before turning into a humongous dragon!

" 0_0, Oh my Shelgon just evolved into a..Salamence!!! ",Levi would say hugging his Salamence. " ..Uh..Levi can you please stop hugging me? ",Levi's Salamence would say.

" ...Wait..WHAT?! ",the five would yell.

" Sigh..see you all on another adventure in Kalos! The journey continues! ",Pikachu would say bowing.

Episode 13: Information, and Evidence!

After the stunning battle between Levi and Yoi, Levi's Shelgon suddenly evolves into a ferocious Salamence! But whats confusing about this, is that it could T-A-L-K!

" ..Haclyon, you could talk?! ",Levi would say his jaw dropping. " That means that you're a really special pokemon! Ha, in your face Bryn! ".

" ..I don't care Levi. ",Bryn would say rolling her eyes.

" ....",Yoi would mutter something quietly, while writing in a notepad.

" Hey Haclyon, I'm just gonna call ya Salamance", Pikachu would say smiling while patting his forehead, Pikachu would quickly grab Salamance's ear. "Listen...I'm gonna let you in on a secret..." Pikachu begins quietly talking to Salamance, when they both turn around and Salamance agrees to something. " Sure! ", Salamence would say flapping his wings.

" Can we just go already...",Yoi would say sighing while crossing his arms.

" I agree with Yoi! ",Bryn would say moving next to Yoi. " And I wanna heal my pokemon! ".

" And I wanna explore, and catch more pokemon! ",Noah would say staring at Levi in disbelief.

" Fine..",Levi would say returning his Salamence back inside its pokeball, while Yoi's Pikachu would jump onto Yoi's shoulder. " All right, lets go! ",Levi would say running to the exit of the town, " But first..can we go to the Pokemon Centre? ".

" ..Fine ",the four would say. The four sat down, and waited for Nurse Joy to tell them that their pokemon are healed.

" ..Hehe..",the three people who were sitting behind Levi and his friends would say. " 'Kay, Joey go..",one of them would say. A blonde-haired boy approached Levi and his friends, " Hi! ", the boy would say.

" Uh..hi? ",Levi would say awkwardly. " Who are you? ".

" I'm Joey, a trainer who wants to become a pokemon master! ",Joey would say grinning.

" Joey..I thought I've heard that name before..",Francis would say suspiciously.

" couldn't! ",Joey would say who the five were suspicious of.

".....Seriously.., why can't any girls to join our adventure! ",Bryn would blubber.

" Who said this person, would join your adventure?.." Yoi would say, questioning Bryn.

" Well, anytime we meet for example you! They just appear and join our adventure..",Bryn would say. " I bet that the blonde-haired boy will J-O-I-N our adventure..".

" Yeah, but it was a good thing i joined, right Bryn..." Yoi says, nudging Bryn.

" Hmm Heh..." Bryn would turn to Levi and the others. Levi and Joey were speaking and discussing about the Kalos League.

" you wanna win the league too? ",Levi would say.

" I wanna win so I could be known all around the Kalos region! ",Joey would say. " Also..if you don't mind..can I join ur guy's adventure? ".

" CALLED IT, ugh..",Bryn would say rolling her eyes, before getting her pokemon and walking outside. " ....". Yoi would follow Bryn. Bryn walked into a nearby alley. She felt like someone was following her, she turned around, " Who is IT? ". Yoi appeared.

" Oh its just you..",Bryn would say.

" Can I ask you some questions? ",Yoi would say approaching her.

" Uh..sure? I guess so. ",Bryn would say.

" What has your group been doing lately? ",Yoi would say staring at her.

" Oh nothing much, just going from town to town..." Bryn would say whipping her hair to the right.

" Really?..Hmm, are you sure, anything else?" Yoi would say getting closer to Bryn. "..Nup " Bryn says as she boops his nose.

" Ok then...Anyway I'll go see what the others are doing" Yoi gently rubs her hand before walking away. " ..Hmm weird, I still need to be sure they aren't apart of Team Flare...", Yoi mutters to himself.

" Hey Joey, nice to meet you! ," Yoi says waving to Joey.

" Oh he-" Joey freezes inside. " Oh no, its that detective...he's gonna figure out that I'm apart of Team Flare! ", Joey thinks, waving to Yoi.

" Hey, you guys have you heard about Team Flare? ", Yoi asks.

"..Yeah of course, they always attack me! " Joey says, slightly stuttering.

Yoi thinks to himself, " This guy's acting scared, hmm.. "

Joey walks off, " Jenny call in the grunts and get rid of this detective! "

" Ok? Wow you really are scared.." ,Jenny would say calling them in.

"....I need to take a break..." Levi would say lying down.

" Me too " Bryn would sit down.

" Well that will have to WAIT! " Two Team Flare grunts appear from behind and trap Levi and Bryn in cages.

" What..the?! " ,Bryn shouts.

" No! " Joey shouts at the grunts. Joey runs up to Bryn and Levi and helps get them out of the cages.

" Let's go Shuriken! " Yoi sends out a Frogadier.

" Finally..freedom! ",Levi would say stretching, he'd then yell, " Salamence, I choose you! ". His Salamence would appear roaring. " Team Flare, prepare to get crushed!!! ".

" ..Did that pokemon just talk?! ",one of the grunts would say. " Yea! He did just talk, weird. ",the other grunt would say.

" Froga! ",his Frogadier would say glaring at the Team Fare grunts.

" Trevenant, defeat your enemy! ",one of the grunts would say. " Trev! Trev! ",Trevenant would say intimidating Yoi's Frogadier.

" Pyroar, come on out! ", the other grunt would say. " Py..ROAR!!!! ",the Pyroar would say glaring at Yoi and the others.

" ..I'm so s-scared...",Joey would stutter while holding onto Francis's arm.

" Can you please let go? ",Francis would say sighing.

" ..Tch..of course, he's acting..",Yoi would think, he'd then say.

" Shuriken! Use Water Pulse! ". Frogadier's water pulses were slammed into Trevenant and Pyroar. "

Salamence! Use Dragon Tail! ",Levi would command. " REEEEE!!! ",his Salamence would say slapping the two grunts's pokemon with its tail.

" Trevenant, use Headbutt! ",the grunt would say. " Pyroar, use Fire Charge! ",the other grunt would command.

The two mighty beasts charged towards Levi's Salamence and Yoi's Frogadier. They both were slammed into Frogadier, and Salamence. " Salamence! ",Levi would say running up to is pokemon. ". " You okay? ". " I'm fine..",his Salamence would say flying high up into the air, while using the move, Dragon Rage.

" Shuriken! Stand your ground! ",Yoi would yell. " Fro! Fro..",Yoi's Frogadier would say using the move, Aerial Ace.

Trevenant was blasted by Salamence's Dragon Rage, while Pyroar was slammed onto the ground by Frogadier's Aerial Ace. The two mighty pokemon fainted!

" Team Flare always beats their enemies! We'll meet again SOON! ",the two Team Flare grunts would say disappearing in a flash!

" All right we won! ",Levi would say jumping high in the air.

" We did it! ",Bryn would say high-fiving Yoi.

" Thanks..",Yoi would say, while returning his Frogadier back inside its pokeball.

" Can we go now..",Noah would say drooping due to the weight of his backpack.

" I agree with Noah, we aren't even close to Cyllage City! ",Francis would say showing them the map.

The five walked to the exit of the town and walked down the path. Everything was going great for our heroes! While our story continues!

Episode 14: Let's Rock..And Roll!

After the shocking battle between Team Flare, our six heroes are finally at Cyllage City after a long week of traveling! But, Bryn has found out that there will be a Pokemon Showcase!

" ..A Pokemon Contest? What the heck is that? ",Levi would say half-asleep.

" Of course..since you're such a kid, a Pokemon Showcase is a competition where girls perfom to get Pokemon Princess Keys! ", Bryn would say happily staring at the poster.

" ..We have to watch..a WHAT?! ",Noah would say.

" B-But what about all of our important stuff we were going to do once we arrived? ",Joey would ask.

" Oh god..." Yoi would say reading his book about Pikachu.

" Before we go to the Contest thing..can we battle Grant, the Cyllage City Gym Leader? ",Levi would ask.

" No! ",Bryn would say. " We need to go shopping for the contest! ".

" Does that mean we have to come with you..",Francis would ask.

" Its fine with me until things go CRAZY...",Joey would say sighing, while rolling his eyes.

Levi was angry at first, but he eventually calmed down, he'd then say, " Fine..but promise we'll go to the gym after the contest..".

" I promise. ",Bryn would say.

" Please don't make us, go through this..." Yoi would say, while he puts his book away.

" Follow me Yoi! " Bryn grabs Yoi's hand and tugs him into the stores.

"..Uhh c'mon follow them! " Levi chases after the two and the rest follow him.

The five boys sat down on chairs, awkwardly looking at all the girls who were fighting for dresses, one of them being Bryn and Yoi just standing around holding a bunch of bags.

" Sigh..why do we have to watch all of this?! ",Francis would say, while reading a book about Kalos.

A few hours later, Bryn and Yoi walked up to them while holding which looked like MILLIONS of bags full of dresses! Bryn suddenly trips making all of the bags fall on Levi.

" Watch out, Bryn! ",Yoi would say pinning Bryn to the ground.

" TAKE COVER!!! ",Noah would yell hiding under one of the chairs.

"Oh no!" Yoi shouts.

" What the- ",Levi would say eyes widened at the bags that were about to fall on him, later being crushed.

" Oof, are you okay? ",Joey would ask.

" Ya think..",Levi would say still under the pile of bags.

" Lev-",Francis would say looking up from his book. " What the heck happened guys? ".

" Urgh...",Levi would grumble, glaring at Bryn.

" S-Sorry..anyways lets go to the Pokemon Centre..",Bryn would say helping Levi up.

" I don't like this! I just wanna watch Levi battle Grant already! ",Noah would complain stomping his feet.

" We will after the Showcase, but if you guys keep complaining we won't go to the gym. ",Bryn would say crossing her arms.

" Fine..",the four boys would say sighing, while holding all of Bryn's shopping bags.

" Let's go! ",Bryn would say grabbing all of their hands and running towards the Pokemon Centre.

" Urgh...",Levi would say rolling his eyes.

The five approached Nurse Joey who said, " Welcome to the Pokemon Centre, would you like me to heal your pokemon? ".

" No thanks, I just wanna register for the upcoming Showcase! ", Bryn would say.

" Pokemon ID please! ", Nurse Joey would say, while Bryn handing her ID. Nurse Joy would place it onto a platform, " Bryn Agnes, age 14, Hometown: Coumarine City, Badges: One, Princess Keys: None. ".

" You are set, and please be at the Gym before 10:00 am for the showcase! ",Nurse Joy would say handing Bryn her ID.

" Now can we go battle Grant? It's only 9:00 am..",Levi would ask.

Bryn would walk to the PC, she'd open up Facetime. Professor Sycamore would appear on the screen. " Hi Professor! I would like you to return my Malamar back to me please. ".

Professor Sycamore would stare at Bryn and the others, " Oh hi Bryn, and Levi, and the others...Your Malamar is there now. ".

" Professor! I have so many pokemon now! ",Levi would say pushing Bryn out of the way.

" H-Hey!!! ",Bryn would yell about to fall on the ground.

" Are you okay m'lady? ",Y oi would ask holding her in his arms.

" I'm fine...Yoi..",Bryn would say earnestly, before picking up her Malamar.

" Please..I need to get away from all of this Showcase stuff..", Yoi would say holding Bryn's hand.

Levi sat down on the couch, ..With Bryn around..I'll never be able to battle the gym leaders in Kalos!, he'd then remember about the dream he had about Team Flare.

" Guys..can I do something important first? I'll meet with you guys there later 'kay? ",Joey would say before running off.

" Welp, he's gone. ",Noah would say.

" Fine..but I'm gonna challenge him too! ",Bryn would say.

" Okay? ",the boys would say confused. A few minutes later, the five arrived at the Cyllage Gym! Levi was fillled with determination,

" Woah! ",Levi would say, while looking at the sharp-edged stones and boulders that were around the gym.

" The gym looks nice! ",Bryn would say, later climbing up a wall with colored stones in it. " I think we have to climb this to battle Grant! ". A little while, Levi scampering after her, " Wait for me! ".

" Okay...",Yoi would mutter opening his book while walking towards the benches along with Noah, and Francis.

" Welcome to..the Cyllage Gym! ",Grant would say walking up to Levi and Bryn. " Ah..I see I have two challengers! ".

" Pleased to meet you..I'm Bryn! ",Bryn would say shaking Grant's hand.

" And I'm Levi, prepare to get defeated! ",Levi would say staring into Grant's eyes.

" Well let's see about that. ",Grant would reply back. " Anyways let's start the battle! Maybe you two vs me, and I'll give you both the Cliff Badge if you both defeat me and my rock pokemon! ".

" Let the battle commence! ", Yoi would say signaling the battle to start.

Levi stared at Bryn then to Grant..he'd then yell, " Metapod, come on out! ". His Metapod appeared , however..Metapod was fast asleep!

" ..You're such a kid..",Bryn would say trying to slap Levi's forehead, she'd then choose her Corsola as her starting pokemon.

" HAH, i got the type advantage!" Bryn says sending out her Corsola.

" Let's see how powerful you really are! " Grant sends out his Onix.

"..Hmm, just one Pokemon?.." Yoi looks up and the giant rock snake. "Shuriken, Pikachu we could use this battle to improve. Yoi sends out his two Pokemon.

" Frogaaa", Yoi's Frogadier would say.

" I'm ready for battle, and I'll show no mercy! ",Yoi's Pikachu would say taunting Onix.

" Onix, Bide!" Grant shouts at Onix.

" RAAA!! " Onix begins to charge up Bide.

" Metapod, use...uhh Harden?" Levi says wondering why he chose Metapod. Levi slumped down his shoulders, My Metapod sucks! , anyways he'd then command his Metapod to use String Shot.

" Meta..POD!!!! ",Metapod would say shooting string onto Grant's Onix.

" Water GUN! " Bryn commands Corsola. It hits Onix but does almost nothing.

" Now UNLEASH BIDE!!!" Grant yells as Onix fires off a giant beam at Corsola knocking it out.

" Wha...just like that..." Bryn returns her Corsola, Bryn would then sigh. "...Go Malamar! ". Bryn's Malamar appeared scarier then ever! Her Malamar intimidated Grant's Onix, so the Onix's speed fell..

" Onix, stand your ground! Then use Bide once more! ",Grant would command.

" What the..if one of either Levi's, Bryn's, or Yoi's pokemon attack it one more time, wouldn't it faint? ",Noah would ask Francis confused. " It might faint..but you never know. ",Francis would say staring closely at Grant's Onix.

" Pikachu, use Quick Attack! ",Yoi would command. " Shuriken, use Double Team! ".

" Now then..uh..Metapod, use Tackle I guess..",Levi would say his face showed no emotion at all.

" Mal! Use Confuse Ray! ",Bryn would command. All of the pokemon's attacks damaged Onix, but due to Onix's barely did anything!

" Wait what?! ",Levi would say staring at the Onix, Aw shucks! It barely did any damage...

" Told ya 'so..",Francis said looking closely at the battle. " Do you think they will win? ",Noah would ask tapping Francis's shoulder. " Maybe..". Francis sighed and then started to pet his Squirtle.

" Shuriken, Water Pulse once more! ",Yoi would command, his Frogadier blasting a ball of water onto Onix. The Onix fell on the ground, dust blew into their eyes..

" We won! We're one step closer to get the Cliff Badge! ",Levi and Bryn would say holding their hands high in the air.

" Great job Onix, anyways Tyrantrum come on out! ". Grant would yell returning his Onix back inside its pokeball before getting his Tyrantrum out.

" Tyran!!!! ". The Tyrantrum would roar, naughtly.

" Talk about claws! ",Bryn would yell staring at the ginormous dinosaur.

" Go..Brady! ",Levi would say getting his timid and meek Eevee out.

"So this must be one of the easier gyms in Kalos..." Yoi says as he reveals he has FIVE badges. "Shuriken, we can't lose! Use Night SLASH!"

" Tyrantrum! Use MAT BLOCK!" Grant yells.

" Faster, Faster, FASTER!" Yoi would yell as Shuriken's slash's would become faster.

" Brady! Use Swift! ",Levi would command watching amazingly at Yoi's Greninja.

" We can't lose!" Yoi would shout as Shuriken's Torrent activates.

" Dragon PULSE!" Grant shouts and Tyrantrum would shoot out a powerful beam hitting Frogadier blasting him back.

" You guys...I'll handle this!! " Yoi says as he turns back at the battlefield.

"Wha...okay?.." Levi would say looking very confused.

"Shuriken, Let's go! Use Water Pulse!" Yoi shouts as Shuriken jumps into the air and creates a big water bubble and catapults it at Tyrantrum. It creates a big explosion.

"Impressive...But not good enough!" Grant says returning Tyrantrum. And sends out a Steelix.

It towers over Yoi and Shuriken. "Wha...Woah..." Yoi would say looking speechless.

"This just went from Level ONE to TEN!" Francis would shout pointing at Steelix.

"Shuriken!?" Yoi shouts looking at the glowing Frogadier which started to evolve.

"It's evolving!" Levi shouts.

" Woah! ",Bryn would say her eyes widening.

" ..Oh mah gosh! ",Noah and Francis would yell.

" GREENINJAA!!!," Shuriken would cry the glowing light disappearing. Shuriken looked really awesome!

Levi got his pokedex out. " Greninja, The Ninja Pokemon..and is the final evolution of Froakie. Greninja can make water shurikens that can " slice " an opponent. ".

Grant yelled. " The battle still isn't over! ". His Steelix growled at Levi and prepared to attack. " Now use Flash Cannon! ".

" Eevee dodge it! ",Levi would say, sweat dripped down his forehead, I need to win this battle! Its all for nothing! , " Eevee, then use Quick Attack! ". Grant's Steelix wasn't effected though..

" Steelix, use Rock Tomb! ". Grant would command, giant boulders and stones falling on top of Brady, Shuriken, and Mal.

" Brady! ",Levi would yell running up to his fainted Eevee.

" EEVEEE!!! ". Eevee screamed before getting smashed by a rock. " Brady, return now! ". Levi would say returning his Eevee back inside its pokeball.

" Shuriken, dodge it! ". Yoi yells his Shuriken avoiding all the falling stones.

" GRENINJA!!! ",Shuriken would yell throwing a water shuriken at Steelix. Steelix was hit by a blast of water, but it STILL wasn't enough...Steelix was too strong!

" Do you three give up? ",Grant would say smirking.

" Never! ",Levi would yell, his body filled with determination. " Chespin, come on out! ".

" Chesss....PIN!!! ",Chespin would yell green spikes emerging from his green helmet.

" Of course not! ",Bryn would reply back also.

" We shall win! ", Yoi yelled commanding his Greninja to attack his Steelix with Cut.

" Mal! Use Dark Pulse again! ",Bryn would command, but her Malamar was hit on the face with a giant stone. " ... ". Bryn would face-palm after. " Mal, return! ".

"SHURIKEN! USE WATER SHURIKEN NOW!" Yoi says with an intense battle face.

Greninja runs forward at Steelix throwing Shurikens.

"Never seen him this intense..." Francis yawns with his hands on his back.

"YEEAH GO YOI, SHURIKEN!" Pikachu shouts while jumping up into the air.

After taking many damages from the pokemon's attacks, Steelix finally fainted, Grant returned his fainted Steelix back into its pokeball, turning around he said, " Wow, you all are very strong, you have defeated me so here is the Cliff Badge! ".

Levi smiled eagerly as he reluctantly grabbed the Cliff Badge from Grant, Bryn also doing the same thing. Grant nodded at Yoi before also handing him the Cliff Badge. " You all deserve this for beating me, and it's proof that you have successfully defeated me. ". The gang celebrated in joy as they all also had gotten their second gym badge!

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