An immense blue beast flew through the heavens towards a strange, black, quadripedal creature floating in space.

"It is time," said the blue one.

The black one sighed,"Why? Why are you condemning the beautiful world I have created?"

"Because of what you have done wrong," said the other. A slideshow of images proceeded quickly through the black one's mind. A group of Pokemon being slaughtered by odd armored things with long javelins for arms, the strange creatures flying off to find more targets, and the black one himself, watching their progress.

"I... I," the black one's voice faltered.

"You see, this is why your world must come to an end," said the blue one.


"Farewell, my friend...." said the blue one. Then it flew off and disappeared. Soon after, a huge beast appeared. It had the upper body of a bodybuilder, and a bald head. It was deep black, and every outline was bright red. But it's lower body was engulfed in dark grey and red clouds. It smashed everything in sight, including the black creature. Soon, nothing was left, and the red one disappeared. But the blue one came, and placed a sphere within the nothingness.....

The Council

"The seed for the next universe has been planted!" said the blue one, in a strange marble hall and standing atop a white pillar. He is surrounded by 12 beings.

"No!" said a strange silvery being with 6 legs,"These worlds never turn out right!"

"It is not your turn to speak, Silphis," said the blue one.

"...Sorry, Alphas," said Silphis.

"It is time to vote on what should be in this universe," said Alphas.

"I never liked the last creator," said a figure shrouded in shiny-black mist,"Make this one the opposite of him."

"Hmmmm," said Alphas,"That's a thought, Obliq."

"I still object, Alphas!" said Silphis.

"I hear you, but the seed is already planted. There is nothing we can do now, and if we don't choose soon, the universe will grow on it's own, and we don't want that again," replied Alphas. A collective shudder ran through the group.

"Yes, Alphas, of course we remember Shatter! Who couldn't! He almost destroyed us!" said a red and black crystalline quadriped,"I agree with Silphis, we should terminate this!"

"Ugh, I change my vote. I don't want to agree with anything this stupid vermin says," said Silphis.

"Why are you so hostile against Terik?" asked a transparent green spider-like creature.

"Yes, why have you always been against me?" Terik asked Silphis.

"Arrin, Silphis, Terik!" exclaimed Alphas, "Stop! We have a universe to create!"

Arrin and Silphis instantly returned to their original positions facing Alphas, but Terik continued to mutter and more reluctantly faced Alphas.

"So, we need to reach a decision," said Alphas.

"We need a new elemental unit of the universe," said a strange creature who was composed of long sharp metallic points.

"What do you mean, Revix?" asked Alphas.

"I mean, we introduced time in the third universe. How about a new unit?" he said.

"Antimatter!" exclaimed Terik, "That's what we've been looking for!"

"Antimatter?" said Alphas.

Revix shifted uncomfortably. "That was a suggestion of Omegas'. It was a very evil sort of idea. It's very nature was of destruction."

"No, no, no." said Terik, shaking his head and creating a small fluorescent red lightning storm,"It's not exactly the same. It would be exactly the same as normal matter, yet if matter and antimatter touch, they are both destroyed. It would be perfect to balance the universe."

"Hmmm, that is quite the idea," said Alphas thoughtfully, "Who's in favor of this new plan?"

Over half of the 12 were for it, which surprised both Alphas and Revix, and another member of the Council, Endrance, even though he voted for the new unit.

Endrance was a tall(but normally proportioned) humanoid figure, shrouded in a cloud of purple gas, neither smoke, nor vapor.

"I may have voted for antimatter, but I'd like to warn you that this substance can be..... unpredictable," said Endrance with a slightly evil smile.


The twelve members of the council and Alphas stood in a huge circular room, on a long circular catwalk, and in the center of the room there was a large empty space, with a large spherical object in the center, that looked very much like a bubble. The spherical object pulsed, getting brighter and brighter, then dimmer and dimmer. If one were to touch this object, aside from being incinerated, would find that it was also shifting similarly in terms of temperature, and, ever so slightly, size. Alphas walked to an extension of the catwalk on the opposite side that lead right to the object, ending in a rail about a meter or so away from it. He was now at the very end, and extended a blue tendril of energy into the sphere. The tendril made contact, and the object became rather unstable. It moved this way and that, but quickly returned to it's previous form, save the ripples extending from where the tendril was. A red energy, or perhaps matter, was forming in the depth of the sphere. It's appearance was similar to that of pouring dye in a bottle of water, except with a spherical neon bottle, with no water. The cloud grew, changed, flecks of black became suspended in it, then grew, then shrunk. A similar event of change and reversion continued for hours, for time did exist here, though it was a bit hard to tell, sort of like how there is less gravity on moons. Each time the cycle reverted, something new was added to it. Here a pulse appeared, here what appeared to be a blast of wind, here a vibration.

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