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The Past Ages, is a fan-fiction made by, X Shingeki no Kyojin x. This story is the prequel to, The New Ages. The story is centered around Levi's dad and mom , and the battle that had happened between pokémon and the Kalos nation, and what had happened before Levi was born. Team Flare was the cause for this destructive battle, the leader of Team Flare had died during the battle but was reborn! This story also tells the life-long story of Levi's dad and mom when they were just trainers! In the past, everything will never be the same EVER again..

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Thanks to everyone who has supported me in the making of, The New Ages! Credits to Haclyon990, who is currently helping me in the series! Also check out Brady's awesome fan-fiction series too!

A Just Edge: By Brady Patrick

The New Ages: By X Shingeki no Kyojin x

- The main story in The Ages Saga.

The Future Ages: By X Shingeki no Kyojin x

- The Future Ages is the sequel of, The New Ages.

Theme Songs

Characters In The Story

Also message me if you want me to add your oc in, The Past Ages! I also need ideas for supporting and minor characters besides the Kalos Gym Leaders, and minor antagonists.

Main Protagonists

  • William - Levi's dad, and the main protagonist of the story.
  • Kuchel - Levi's mom, William's love interest and childhood friend in the story when they were trainers.
  • Gray - A trainer, William and Kuchel meet on their adventures together. Gray joins their adventure too!
  • Lysandre - William's rival, and best friend. Lysandre was a trainer who loves pokemon, but grew up to be a pokemon-hater!
  • Jess - Kuchel's rival, a girl who has a crush on William.

Main Antagonists

Supporting/ Minor Characters

  • Zoe - Zoe is William's mom. Zoe adores pokemon and likes to Rhyorn-race. She believes in William and that he will make the right decisions as a trainer.
  • Ryu - Ryu, is William's dad. Ryu loves pokemon and hopes that someday William will become the Kalos League Champion.
  • Team Flare Grunts - The main minor antagonists in the story, they work for Team Flare
  • Team Plasma Grunts - Another group of minor antagonists, they work for Team Plasma
  • Team Rocket Trio - The second main minor antagonists in the story, they work for Team Rocket

Kalos Arc

This story is based on Pokemon X and Y Games!

Episode 1: A Birthday Surprise!

A very long time ago, before humans were created. Pokemon roamed the lands of Kalos, a region that was filled with varieties of different pokemon! A few thousand years after, humans ruled society and they became friends with pokemon! But due to an evil organization in Kalos called Team Flare, Plasma, and Rocket..everything has changed.

" Happy Birthday, William! ".

William blew his candles, smiling at the people who were smiling back at him. Hi, I'm William! A future pokemon trainer who's currently age, ten! William and his best friend, Kuchel walked outside sitting down on a bench.

" What's your wish and dream, Willie-kun? ",his friend Kuchel would ask.

" I wish to become a pokemon trainer, and I dream of becoming the Kalos League Champion! ",William would say, eyes gleaming.

" You wanna be the champion, that bad huh? ",Kuchel would say.

" Duh! Also, my parents promised me that they would get me a pokemon tomorrow! ", William would say, staring at a Butterfree who was flying through the nightly skies.

" You two, you better go back inside now! ",William's dad would say. " I have a surprise for you both! ".

William would go back inside, followed by Kuchel. " What is it, dad? ",William would say yawning. " And I'm tired, and Kuchel wants to go home.

" Close your guys's eyes first. ",William's mom would say.

" Fine..",they'd both say sighing.

" Now open them in..3..2....1! ",William's dad would say carrying a Snivy, and a Chikorita.

" Woah! A Snivy, and a Chikorita! ",William would say petting the Snivy's head. " They're both for me..right? ".

" Hold on now, Kuchel has to get one too because tomorrow you both are going to start your journey across Kalos and beyond! ",William's mom would say.

" Thanks, Zoe! Thanks Ryu! ", Kuchel would say hugging the Chikorita, while thanking William's parents. " I choose Chikorita as my starter then! ".

" Chiko-rita! ",Chikorita would say climbing onto Kuchel's head.

" Then I'll get Snivy..I guess. ",William would say staring at his Snivy, his Snivy looked into his eyes with respect.

" Snivy! Snivy! ',Snivy would say hugging its new trainer.

" I guess it likes you Willie! ",William's mom would say patting his back, she was proud of her son.

" You guys better get some rest! You're going to have a big day tomorrow! ",William's dad would say messing up William's hair.

" Bye Kuchel, see you tomorrow! ",William would say waving goodbye to her.

" Bye William-kun! ",Kuchel would say waving back. " Wait, before we all go? Can me and Will-kun have a battle? ".

" Yes! Can we please? ",William would say begging his parents.

" I guess its fine. ",William's mom would say sighing.

" Let the battle between Kuchel and William begin! ",William's mom would say signaling the battle to begin.

William VS Kuchel

" Dad, Mom, and Kuchel! I'm going to be the very best, like no one ever was! ".

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