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Steven sat in the clearing, tears leaking out of his eyes, as he stared at Meloetta's dying form. He could almost see the life force drain out of her. Meloetta was dying! Surely the world must be ending! Meloetta was the only thing Steven had ever loved, and he shall never see her again. The air tasted bitter, and the sound of the sea no longer sounded beautiful.

Meloetta was dead, yet the fatal wound was gone. At least she still would be beautiful in death.

Twelve Years Later

Jake awakened to the sound of a knock at the door.

"Ugh," Jake groaned, walking out his bedroom door, rushing past the kitchen and into the entryway, and his hand was halfway to the front door before he remembered he hadn't gotten dressed. "Hang on a moment!" Jake called, and rushed back into his room, looking at himself in the mirror atop his dresser.

Jake was a tanned, black haired 16 year old, who had the distinct look of a person who had great potential in looks, but didn't care to take care of them. Jake quickly got dressed, rushed to the door, and opened it to find... Professor Maple.

"Well, hi there, Jake, I'd like you to come with me," the professor said.

"What?" Jake said, taken aback because, for one, he completely hadn't expected this, and two, usually the professor made it abundantly clear why he wants something. However, Jake didn't have anything better to do, so he followed the Professor. About a minute into their short journey to the lab, Jake spotted May. Jake had always had a crush on May, so he waved at her, so they could talk. May did a double take, frowned, and walked over.

"What are you doing following the Professor?" May asked him. Jake, who was too busy watching May to notice the lamppost in front of him, was rubbing his sore head.

"What? Oh, yeah, he was gonna show me something," he said, now not looking at her so his eyes were focused on any lampposts. Professor Maple walked past an open-air market, grabbed a few pecha berries, tossed a startled looking man in an apron several pokedollars, then looked behind him, and tossed Jake a few, saying that he "looked hungry." Then upon seeing May, the Prof. tossed her a couple too. After a little more time, in which Jake and May chatted contentedly, the 3 reached the lab.

"Well, here it is," the professor said. "In this building is my life's work." Jake and May followed him inside. Inside the building was a boy about Jake and May's age standing in front of a table with several stones on it. Upon their arrival, the boy looked up.

"Hi, my name is Wally," said the boy.

Wally: The Boy Who Had A Ralts

Jake's immediate opinion of Wally was that he didn't belong here. For one thing, he talked with a strange accent. That would've been okay by itself, but he was just so weird. He kept coughing and fingering a necklace with a strangely shaped pendant that had a crystal set in the center. For another thing, his hair was green, which, in Jake's mind, was incredibly strange.

"I've been waiting for you, Professor Maple," Wally said, coughing as he did so.

"Ah, yes, you're the boy who came from Hoenn," the Professor said, eying him concernedly. "You really should do something about that cough.

"Oh, this?" Wally coughed again, " I picked this up in Selacen."

"Selacen?" Jake and May asked at the same time.

"Selacen is one of only 3 or 4 regions that we haven't yet added their regional pokedexes to the National Dex, so not many people know about it," said Professor Maple, still looking at Wally.

"I came here for the Mega Stone for when my Ralts is a Gallade," said Wally quickly and annoyed.

"You don't just ask for a Mega Stone, especially one of that rarity," said Jake, now beginning to dislike Wally, for a reason he couldn't quite explain.

"Oh, it's all right, there are some... ...ahem... special circumstances with Wally," the Professor said.

Jake, who was getting annoyed, asked,"Are you ever going to show us whatever it was you were going to show us!?"

"Oh, all right," the Professor said, tossing Jake a Pokedex.

The Beautiful Start Of An Adventure

Jake was absolutely speechless. A Pokedex!? All to himself!? Pokedexes are extremely expensive, and the fact that he had one was incredible.

"And, May, I think you need one as well," the Professor said, handing it to her,"I was going to wait longer to give you yours, since your mother was having her contest and all, but seeing as it's canceled, and you're here anyway, I might as well give it to you." May was just as speechless as Jake.

"Could you stop admiring your new toys cough and get to business cough?" said Wally.

"Alright, don't be impatient, Wally," replied the Professor, handing him a case. Wally opened it and gasped. Inside was a clear circular stone with a red and green swirl inside.

"A Galladite," Wally gasped. He then left immediately.

Two months later, Jake was preparing his bags for his journey, just about to leave, when there was a knock. Jake frowned. It couldn't be his mother, she had left for the market square, because she said she couldn't bear to watch Jake go. So he went to the door, opened it, and discovered May, arm raised to knock again.

"Hi," said May.

"Hi," said Jake, "What're you- " But then May cut him off.

"I'd like to come with you on your journey," she said in one breath. Then she blushed.

The First Pokemon

Jake and May walked together, with all their bags, not speaking, for they were to excited to talk, to the Professor's Lab. They walked out of the lab a few minutes later, pokeballs in hand.

"Go, Charmander," Jake said, letting him out of his pokeball. It wasn't a traditional starter, but it was his. The Pokemon danced around, fire shooting from his mouth, scorching the ground. "I think I'll name you Scorch," Jake said, smiling.

"Go, Oshawott," May said, letting him out of his pokeball. It wasn't a traditional starter, but it was hers. The Pokemon walked around with no expression on it's face. "Do you like Scorch?" May asked Oshawott. Oshawott looked at the much larger Flame Pokemon and crossed its arms, snorting. "I think I'll name you Denial," May said, smiling.

Lost On The First Route

Jake and May were sitting on stumps, about 3 miles from Newfound Town. Jake was looking at his map and sighing. May was eating some oran berries and kept getting up and pacing.

"Well, we're lost," said Jake, throwing down the map.

"Hey, don't worry, people get lost all the time," May said comfortingly.

"I know, but I wanted to get to Landhow Town quickly," said Jake.

"I'm sure we'll get there soon enough," said May, looking off into the distance.

"Yeah, but not as quickly as I planned," Jake argued.

"Umm, Jake?" May said, more than a bit of fear in her voice, as she looked off into the distance. "There's something coming this way, and it's big," May said, letting out Denial.

The Horde

A huge mass of pokemon thundered forward, knocking down trees and making a hell of a lot of noise.

"Oh my Arceus," Jake said, letting out Scorch.

"Run," May said, doing so. The two of them, plus Scorch and Denial, ran along, desperately trying to stay ahead of the mob, which was comprised of Tauros and Miltank. That's strange, Jake thought, as much as he could think in his exhaustion, Why the Distortion World would Tauros and Miltank be running through the forest? Denial was lagging behind, so Scorch grabbed him between his arms, much to Denial's dismay.

After quite a while of running, Scorch started to slow down, and nearly fainted

"Return, Scorch!" Jake yelled, returning him, just as May retrieved Denial. After a bit longer, May started to fall. Jake lunged to catch her, only to pass out himself. And then the horde hit.

Drew: That Damn Annoying Kid

Jake came to in a clearing. The first thing he noticed was that he wasn't dead. The second thing he noticed was that there was definitely someone looming over him.

"Aaah," Jake yelled, hopping up and holding up his fists.

"Hold up, kid, I saved you," said the boy who was the person looming over Jake,"I didn't suppose you thought to use your pokemon, now did you? That could've been very messy," said the boy, wagging his finger at Jake. Then, Jake noticed May lying on the ground.

Jake rushed over, but the boy said,"She's alright." Jake couldn't take this strange boy's word for it.

"May, are you all right?" Jake asked.

"Mhhh," May stirred, then got up. "Uhhhh, where am I?" she said.

Jake opened his mouth to say something, but the boy said,"My name is Drew, and obviously you are particularly bad pokemon trainers."

"But... where are we?" May asked again.

"The Firstroute Forest," Drew said,"Well, I'm off to Landhow, I'm meeting my friend Trip there." Jake and May just stood there, shocked.

"Well, are you coming or not?" Drew asked. So, lacking anywhere else to go, they reluctantly followed Drew.

Another Day with Drew

Drew never talked while on their journey through the quite wild Newfound Forest, but Jake and May did. Neither one of them were very talkative people, but they seemed to talk a lot to each other. Jake would tell a story about something or other, majorly contrasting to Drew, who just quietly walked along, though he did occasionally make an answering noise to one of their questions. It wasn't that Drew wasn't talkative, it was just that he had no inclination or interest in talking to these, in Drew's mind, amateurs. If he had listened to any of Jake's or May's stories, then he would've known that they were not amateurs, but quite the Pokemon masters. They knew what each pokemon was, what type it was, what moves it could learn, what breeding group it was in, what abilities it had, and more. Though it was true, they were much less well versed in the aspects of the geography of the pokemon world, they still knew everything there was to know about pokemon. When Jake was in the middle of a story involving himself nearly drowning in Newfound Lake, a weedle fell onto his head.

"Aaargh!" exclaimed Jake, grasping the weedle by the tail and throwing it into the trees.

"You could've caught that!" May said.

"Mmm, I don't want a weedle anyways,"Jake said, which was true, but he did want to at least register it in his pokedex.

"You could've at least put it into your pokedex!" May said, making Jake feel worse.

"Hey, don't make me feel bad," he said. Jake then pulled out the pokedex and was messing around with it, looking at the functions and stuff.

Then suddenly Drew said,"This is the last stretch of road before Landhow Town." Jake and May looked at each other and grinned, then ran ahead.

Jake and May ran up the forest path, and, like Drew had said, there was indeed empty space in front of them. Just then, Jake, who was faster, nearly ran into a Ralts, right on the path.

"Whoa!" Jake said,"I want this one!" Just then May came up.

"Aw, too bad I'm slower," she said."

"Aaaawwaaaa," the Ralts let out a long echoey noise.

"Dexter, what do you have to say?" Jake said, pulling out the pokedex.

"Ralts, the Feeling Pokemon. Ralts is a dual type psychic and fairy pokemon, though prior to adding Kalos to the NatDex, we believed it was pure Psychic type. It's ability is Synchronize or Trace. Do you want me to go on?" The Pokedex said.

"No, save it for later, I wanna catch this thing. Scorch, come out and use Ember!" Jake said.

The orange lizard did so, shooting sparks of flame at the ralts.

"Aaaawoooo," the ralts made it's strange echoey noise again. It disappeared, then appeared behind Scorch, and shoved it forward.

"Scorch, get up, and use Scratch!" The charmander did so, and the ralts fell back, bleeding freely.

"Oh, no, you've overdone it, Scorch!" Jake said.

"Catch it, Jake!" said May.

Jake threw the pokeball, hoping that he wouldn't hurt the poor thing. The pokeball arced, and landed on the ralts. With a flash of light, ralts disappeared inside. The pokeball shook, once.... twice.... three times.... and was still. Hardly able to contain himself, Jake rushed over to the pokeball and picked it up.

"Now I want to hear more, Dexter," Jake said, walking up the path, Drew only now catching up.


The expanse of Landhow Town lay in front of them. Jake and May were in awe, not necessarily because of the impressiveness of the town, but more because they had finally gotten there. Drew walked into town behind them. Then he remembered his poor injured Ralts, and rushed off to the pokemon center, telling May she could do what she wished until he was done. He walked into the door and walked up to the desk.

A couple hours later, he emerged, his Ralts and Scorch behind him. May, who was walking to the pokemon center ran up to Jake.

"Jake, is Ralts okay?" she asked. In answer, Ralts did a surprising flip.

"Ralts, what are you doing?" Jake said.

"Wooooaaawoo!" Ralts said, doing more flips.

"I think I'll call you Flip," Jake said. "Oh, yeah, and the Pokemon Doctor in there told me that Flip's a girl."

"That means it can't be a Gallade, then," May said, "Are you disappointed?"

"Not in the slightest," Jake said.

"Wwwooooaaaah," Flip said happily.

"Now, May, we have a Gym Battle ahead of us, don't we? Who's gonna go first?" Jake said.

More Pokemon

"Hang on, don't forget, you only have 2 pokemon, and I only have 1," May said.

"Hm. You're right. I guess I'm gonna have to go back to Route 100," Jake said.

"Alright, I need 2 more pokemon," May said. So the two of them, with their pokemon, headed off into the forest. Jake was looking around the bushes right outside of town, and May wasn't far off. They searched for hours, but only found second-rate caterpie and weedle.

Then, Scorch growled,"Arraaaugh!"

"What is it, buddy?" Jake asked Scorch.

"Rauaaaugh," Scorch said, pointing at the bushes. Jake rummaged around in the bushes. Then a small white fist punched Jake in the nose.

"Ow, damnit," Jake cursed, holding his bleeding nose, and looking at the pokemon that had just emerged from the bushes. It was, undoubtedly, a Fullpunch. Jake pulled out his pokedex.

"Fullpunch, the Single Fist Pokemon. Fullpunch is a pure Fighting type pokemon. It's ability is..... The Pokedex stopped as Jake closed the cover.

'Uhuhns," Fullpunch grunted.

"I think I'll use Flip for this one, for the type advantage," Jake said, "Flip, use, uh, Psychic?" Flip did so, hitting the Fullpunch with a mental barrage.

"Unuhns," the Fullpunch said with pain.

"Flip, use, umm, Disarming Voice!" Jake said.

Flip opened it's mouth, and a terrible sound came out. It seemed to bring terrible pain to the Fullpunch. So Jake threw the pokeball. The Fullpunch went inside in a flash of light, shook once.... twice... three times... and the pokemon escaped, though it looked weak as ever. Jake looked at the shattered remains of the pokeball, and threw another, hoping it would work. The pokemon again disappeared inside the ball.

It shook once.....


Three times.....

And was still.


Jake ran to find May. He couldn't wait to tell her of his newest catch.

"May! May!" Jake yelled, crashing through the undergrowth, until he found May holding a pokeball. "May, I caught a Fullpunch!"

"Oh, that's great! All I could find was an exceptionally cunning Pichu," she said, holding up the pokeball. "I named him Trooper, because, well, look." She let Trooper out of it's pokeball.

"Aaaiiieee," the Pichu said. It was wearing a soldier's hat.

"C'mon, May, a Pichu won't be much help against Ground Types," Jake said.

"Ah, but this Pichu will be," she said with a sly smile.

"Whatever, let's go to the gym," Jake said.

A Ground Battle

Jake walked up to the Landhow Town Gym and stared at it. It was a huge yellow building, though it was only one story, it took up an entire corner of town. After he stopped staring at it, he walked inside the gym. A man with tan hair and brown clothing was standing there.

"Hey, I'm Lander," he said, "I suppose you're here for a gym battle. Which three of my pokemon will you pick?" He sent out a Phressure, a Diglett, a Cubone, a Drillbur, a Sandshrew, and a Sandile.

Jake thought for a while and said,"Cubone, Diglett, and Phressure."

"Alright then," said Lander, withdrawing the pokemon. Jake and Lander walked to their opposite sides of the field. Jake looked at the spectators. There were only a few: May; a girl he didn't know; a man who was wearing red clothing and a red hat; and what appeared to be the man's wife.

"Q, go!" Lander said, sending out a cubone.

"Flip, go!" said Jake.

"Aaaaaaaawoooo!" said Flip, doing flips.

"Dexter, what moves does Flip know?" said Jake, pulling out the pokedex and pointing it at Flip.

"Your Pokemon knows Teleport, Psychic, Disarming Voice, Icy Wind, Ice Punch, and Thunder Wave," the Pokedex said.

"Wow, 6 moves, she must be smart. How many more moves can Flip learn?" Jake asked.

"2 or 3," said the pokedex.

"Jeez, she must be really smart," Jake said.

"Aaaaaawooo?" Flip said.

"Alright, Jake, you can have the first move," Lander said.

"Flip, use Ice Punch!" said Jake.

"Aieeewooo!" said Flip, icy energy gathering on her fist. She charged the Cubone, and hit it in the side of the head, atop the skull it wore. Q flew across the arena, though when it got up, it didn't seem to be hurt.

"Kraaaoww!" said Q, twirling its club.

"Q, use Bone Club!" said Lander. Q rushed at Flip, bone club in hand, and swung, but Flip dodged just in time.

"Flip, use Teleport, then use Ice Punch again!"

"Woooooooahhhhh!" said Flip, disappearing, then reappearing behind Q, then hitting it in the back with Ice Punch.

"Kraoww owww!" said Q, picking itself up off the floor.

Hmmmm, we should be able to knock out Q in just one more attack, thought Jake.

"Q, use Bone Rush!" said Lander. The Cubone again charged at Flip with its club, but this time it hit.

"Woooooo!" cried Ralts, in pain. Q tried to hit again, but it missed.

"Flip use Icy Wind to knock out Q!" The Ralts raised its arms, and a cold, snowy wind came from behind it, but it only barely hit Q. Regardless, Q could not take another attack, no matter how small.

"Q, use Endeavor!" said Lander, and the cubone pulled back its fist and hit Flip in the face.

"Flip, no!" said Jake, "Are you alright? Can you get up?'

"Woo ahhh," said Flip, struggling to get up. Flip, though in almost perfect shape before, now looked as though she was about to topple over.

"Flip, use Icy Wind," said Jake.

But at the same time, Lander said,"Use Bone Rush, Q!" The cubone hit Flip, right in the head, and she flew across the arena, landing at Jake's feet.

"Oh, no, Flip," said Jake, withdrawing her. Just then, the Icy wind attack swept across the field, knocking out Q as well.

Lander withdrew Q, and sent out a Diglett.

"Cedric, go!" Lander said. Hmmm, Jake thought, I could use Fullpunch, or I could use Scorch. Neither option sounds very good. I don't want to needlessly injure Scorch or Fullpunch, and Flip's not going to get better on her own. I'm going to have to forfeit.

"Here, kid, use this on your Ralts," said the man with the red hat who was in the stands, tossing Jake a small yellow crystal shaped like a star.

"Why?" said Jake.

"It's a Revive!" said the man. Jake gasped. Revives were extraordinarily expensive, and worth about 20 times their weight in gold. He looked down at the small object. It did look like a revive now that he looked closely. So he sent out Flip, and gave her the revive. It hovered over the Ralts and glowed. Then it vanished and Flip stirred and awoke, its wounds gone.

"Hahahahah," Jake laughed,"Flip, use Ice Punch!" The ralts gathered up the energy and slugged the Diglett in the side of the face.

"Hah, revives. Too bad Gym Leaders aren't allowed to use them," said Lander,"Then again, there is the 1 revive per pokemon per battle thing. Cedric, use Earth Power!" Cedric shot huge chunks of earth at Flip. But luckily the flexible ralts managed to dodge all of the barrage.

"Flip, use Icy Wind!" The cold snowy wind swept across the field once again, causing a great amount of discomfort to the diglett.

"Cedric, use Earthquake!" The diglett did so, shaking the entire gym, much to the displeasure of the spectators. Flip fell to the ground, but quickly recovered. The shaking stopped.

"Flip, use Psychic, then Teleport, and finally Ice Punch!" said Jake. That was quite a high order, but if Flip could pull it off, it could possibly instantly knock out Cedric. The ralts started a mental barrage of the diglett. It tried to fight back, but apparently lost, and now looked quite confused. Flip teleported behind Cedric and punched it with an icy fist. Then Cedric fainted.

"Uh, oh well, Phressure go," said Lander, returning Cedric and sending out a Phressure.

"Hah, Flip, use Icy Wind!" said Jake. The wind swept across yet again, and the Phressure tried to dodge, but failed.

"Phressure, use Epic Smash!" The Phressure did as it was told, and tried to crush Flip under it's massive weight, but missed.

"Flip, use Ice Punch," said Jake. The Ralts punched Phressure, but the Phressure didn't even flinch. "Again!" Flip punched again, but didn't do much damage.

"Phressure, use Earthquake!" The shaking again shook the field.

"Flip, use Psychic to lift yourself into the air!" The Ralts flew into the air, avoiding the vibrations. "Now use psychic to fling yourself into Phressure!" The ralts flew quickly through the air and smashed into Phressure. Jake wasn't a philosopher, but he knew Flip would be hurt pretty badly, but Flip willingly did it. That might strengthen the power of the psychic force. Both Pokemon had fainted.

".... I declare Jake the winner of this battle," Lander said,"Here ya go, kid, you deserve this. Lander tossed Jake a bag of sand. Jake reached inside and pulled out something more than sand. It was his gym badge.


After the battle, Jake wasn't admiring his badge, as most young trainers would have, but instead was talking to the man who had given him the revive, and so was May.

"My name is Red," said the man, extending his hand.

Jake shook it and said,"Nice to meet you, Red, my name's Jake, and this is my friend and traveling companion May."

"Oh, nice to meet you, May," Red said, shaking her hand. "This is my wife Leaf," he said, gesturing to his wife. Both Jake and May shook her hand.

"Excuse me, Mr. Red, but why exactly did you help me?" said Jake.

"Please, call me Red, just Red," He said, "Well, I like to see a good battle, and while you didn't make the best choice in pokemon, you certainly put up a good fight, and I didn't want that battle to end,"

"You should listen to my husband, he knows what he's talking about. He was the champion in Kanto, back when he was only a boy, about your age!" Leaf said.

"Really, Red? You were the champion?" asked May.

"Yes, but only for one or two months. You know how the Kanto Champion position is, no one stays in for long," Red said,"Like that despicable Blue fellow. Joined Team Rocket, he did. I personally kicked his butt, mind you."

"That's really cool, Red!" said Jake.

"Yes, I also was quite the hero back in the day, defeating Team Rocket and all...," Red said,"In fact, Leaf here was one of my admirers back then. That's how I met her!" He put his arm around his wife.

"Where exactly did you get a revive?" said Jake.

"Actually, it was part of a gift given to me by Mr. Fuji," he said,"But you can buy them, if you know where to look."

"Where, exactly....?" said Jake, puzzled. Red opened his mouth to answer, but Leaf cut him off.

"I don't think you should be telling young trainers about this...." she said.

"Oh, whatever," said Red. Jake really wanted to know where you could get revives, but he could live with it. "May, don't you have a gym battle?" he said.

May's Battle

A minute or two later, May was in the trainer's box of the gym battlefield, Jake was in the stands, and Red and his wife were back in the stands as well.

I'd better save Trooper for last, Denial's good against Ground types anyhow, May thought.

"So, May, what pokemon do you choose to fight?" Lander said.

"The ones Jake didn't pick!" said May.

"'Right then," said Lander, sending out a Sandshrew. May sent out Denial.

"Aaaarrrggghhh!" Denial said.

"Denial, use Ice Beam!" May yelled.  The pokemon shot a beam of icy-cold air and energy at the sandshrew.

"Cee, use Defense Curl!" said Lander.  The sandshrew curled up, and that seemed to decrease the damage from the Ice Beam.  May opened her mouth to say something, but Lander cut her off.  "Use Magnitude!" he said.  The floor shook with earthquake force, hurting Denial severely.

Back in the stands, Red leaned over to Jake.

"That looked like a Magnitude 6," he said,"Right around the middle of the range of the move."  Jake and Red then got into a discussion about different moves and how much they damage.

"Denial, use Razor Shell!" said May.  Denial removed the shell from its stomach, and ran up to Cee.  It sliced the sandshrew with it, moving so fast it blurred.  The sandshrew withdrew a bit.

"Cee, use Rollout!" said Lander. The pokemon balled itself up, and rolled across the battlefield, knocking Denial backwards.

"Denial, use Water Gun!" said May. Denial shot a highly compressed beam of water at Cee. Though Lander issued no instructions, Cee attacked with Rollout again. The attack slammed harshly into the oshawott, and he flew backwards.

"Denial, use Razor Shell again!" said May. The oshawott complied, and this time put all it's power into it. A bloody gash appeared on Cee as if by magic. The sandshrew now appeared to be having quite a hard time. It struggled with every movement.

"I call this pokemon unfit for battle", said Lander, and withdrew it, then sent out a drillbur.

"Denial, use Ice Beam!" said May. The oshawott used it's icy energy beam and it fully hit the drillbur. Lander smiled an odd smile.

"Drillbur, use Fissure!" he said. A huge crack opened up, and Denial fell in.

"Better call him back, before he hits the ground...." said Lander.

"Oh, shit," said May, withdrawing Denial. "Ah, well, time for Trooper," she said,"Trooper go!" She sent out the Pichu, and it growled quite uncharacteristically.

"Trooper...." May smiled,"Use Hydro Pump!"

"What the....." said Jake and Red, and there was much curses from their general area of the stands, all while Lander stood shocked as his Drillbur was completely knocked out.

"Return, Drillbur," he said,"Well, May, at this point, sending out Sandile would be a formality, or maybe if I wished Sandile to get hurt..." he trailed off,"Well anyhow, here's your badge..." Lander tossed the bag of sand to May, then walked out muttering.

A Temporary Party

Please note that detail will increase from this point onwards.

It was several hours later, after an extremely heated debate, which Jake, Red, and Lander were the main arguers, but May and Leaf occasionally said things in. The argument, was, of course, about Trooper's Hydro Pump. The poor pichu was asked to perform the move, but only managed to do it four times more, and afterwards was too exhausted to use it. Now Jake, May, Red, Leaf, and a girl from the spectators stood outside in the bright summer sunlight. The girl wore a short skirt and a coat, with a white shirt underneath. She had shiny black hair, and had an odd watch on her wrist that displayed a Repeat Ball. She looked to be about 18.

"My name's Dawn," said the girl to Red, "You are my favorite professional trainer!"

"Well, I don't get that much anymore, since I quit competing in tournaments, but thanks, Dawn," said Red, shaking Dawn's hand.

"I know you!" said May,"You're that Coordinator from Sinnoh!"

"That's me!" said Dawn,"Who are you?"

"I'm May, and this is Jake," May said.

"Hello, Dawn, nice to meet you," said Jake,"You're a coordinator?"

"Yes, I am, and I've already got one ribbon!" she said, showing it to him. Jake, who really didn't care, and was only attempting to make pleasant conversation, had spotted a cafe.

"May, wouldn't you like some coffee?" he said.

"Would I?" said May, while a small discussion broke out among the others, but Jake and May were already following the smell of coffee.

A couple minutes later, the group was inside the cafe. It was very crowded in there, but it still somehow managed to give off a peaceful vibe. There were about 100 tables there, and all were full, but there was no yelling or bustle. All was quite calm, except for a sort of buzz, like in a library coffee place, but on a humongous scale. A slightly disturbed looking waiter came up to them, but immediately lost the disturbedness once he saw Red.

"Oh mon Dieu, vous êtes le légandaire Red, oui? Oh, je veux dire...." he said,"I am sorry, I haven't been myself today.... may I serve you?"

"How much for a cappucino for all of us?" said Red.

"Oh, you need not worry about the price, anything for a dresseur de pokémon légendaire!" said the waiter.

A couple minutes later, the group was sitting at a table with a mug of coffee, which Jake thought was odd, because if everyone got a coffee mug, then that means there would be at least a thousand mugs. The coffee was the best he had ever tasted. It was the perfect amount of sugar and cream. The waiter had said that they used Psychic-type pokemon to read the minds of whoever wants coffee. This was not unheard of, but the interesting thing is that the Psychic-types could determine exact preferences, which even the customer didn't know.

"So, Dawn, what are you doing here? Extol isn't exactly known for it's contests," Red said to Dawn.

"Well, I thought I might go to the Victoria City event," she replied.

"Oh, the one hosted by the Victoria Lady," Red said, nodding.

"Oh yeah, I heard about that," said Jake, remembering suddenly, "What was happening there again?"

"It doesn't matter," said Red suddenly, "I've been meaning to tell you and May that I'd come along with you on your journey, at least to Punchup City," he said.

Both Jake and May were taken aback by this sudden change. "What?" Jake asked, surprised.

"Well, seeing as there aren't any taxis anywhere from here to Punchup, I was going to act as a guide to you. There's a lot to see from here to Punchup," Red said.

"You see, we're not interested in that. We want to get to Punchup as soon as possible," Jake said rather coldly.

"I supposed you would say that," said Red sadly, "The thing is, I have nothing to do for several months. I guess I'm not the celebrity I used to be. I never thought I'd miss it." He then looked down at his coffee and said no more.

May felt bad for Red, and would've said something if she didn't wholeheartedly agree with Jake. Nonetheless, she was probably going to say something comforting at least, but then Wally came up.

Fists over Pokeballs

"Oh, sorry," Wally said as he quite obviously and purposefully knocked over their table. Jake stood up and walked over to Wally.

"What the hell do you mean by this!?" he said, gritting his teeth and clenching his hands into fists.

"Oh, I was just bored. Excuse me, I see a trainer to battle," Wally said, walking off. On his way, he pushed May out of his way, and she fell over the upturned table, hit her head on another table, and blacked out.

"Why, you...." Jake ran at Wally, and knocked him over.

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