The Promised Battle!
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United States March 14, 2018
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Everyone is with Maria later on in the afternoon.

Maria: So, why are you guys walking through Miroki Town.

Mary: At least we know the name of the town now.

Drake: We are on our way back to Seafolk Village for Jon to face Hapu.

Maria: Hapu?

April: Hapu is the Island Kahuna of this island.

Maria: I see. I heard Kyle beat the Island Kahuna and is thinking about going back to Kalos for a bit.

Jon: So he has won too. Hmm.

Drake: Seems like everyone is finishing up their Island Challenge.

Jon: Yeah, but Maria and I have a promise to keep.

Maria: Yep.

Jon: How many Pokemon do you wish use?

Maria: All of them.

April: All four of your Pokemon?

Maria: Yep. Why not.

Mary: Cool. Vulpix, Litten, come on out and watch.

April: You too Snorunt.

Drake: Bewear, let's watch it too.

Drake sends out Bewear, April sends out Snorunt and Mary sends out Litten and Vulpix. Jon and Maria head onto the performance stage, with a crowd still there waiting eagerly for the battle. Typhlosion is with everyone else, while all of Maria's Pokemon are with her.

Jon: Ready?

Maria: So ready. Chandelure, you're up first.

Chandelure moves into position.

Jon: Chandelure eh. Let's make it a set match battle like rounds.

Maria: Good with me.

Jon: It's way more fair. Now, Brionne, front and centre!

Jon sends out Brionne.

Maria: A Water Type.

Mary: This is going to be so cool.

Vulpix: Vul.

Trainers: Let's see a great battle.

Jon: They are right.

Maria: So lets give them one. Dark Pulse!

Chandelure uses Dark Pulse towards Brionne.

Jon: Starting strong then, Ice Beam!

Brionne counters with Ice Beam.

Maria: Nice. Now, Flamethrower!

Jon: Aqua Jet!

Chandelure uses Flamethrower, but Brionne uses Aqua Jet to counter, and its now in the air.

Maria: Gotcha.

Jon: Huh?

Maria: Shock Wave!

Chandelure uses Shock Wave and gets a direct critical hit on Brionne, who crashes into the battlefield.

Jon: Brionne!

Brionne staggers up.

Jon: Glad you are okay.

Brionne nods.

Jon: Now, Hydro Pump!

Brionne uses Hydro Pump towards Chandelure.

Maria: Heat Wave!

Chandelure uses Heat Wave and cancels out Hydro Pump.

Drake: Maria has thought about this.

Mary: Yep.

April: And they are great moves to be shown in a performance too.

Jon: Moonblast!

Brionne uses Moonblast towards Chandelure.

Maria: Oh please, Shock Wave!

Chandelure uses Shock Wave to cancel out Moonblast, but leaves a smoke cloud from the collision.

Jon: Gotcha. Aqua Jet!

Brionne bursts though the smoke cloud and hits Chandelure with Aqua Jet.

Jon: Now, Hydro Pump!

Brionne is still in the air and uses Hydro Pump, hitting Chandelure, causing a lot of damage.

Maria: I'm impressed.

Brionne lands on the floor in front of Jon.

Maria: Then again, I shouldn't be surprised.

Jon: Show us what else you have got in those combinations you have.

Maria: Sure. Dark Wave!

Drake: Dark Wave?

Mary: Is that a new move?

Chandelure uses Dark Pulse which surrounds Brionne in a vortex manner, and then uses Shock Wave into the vortex, causing the moves to connect and explode, letting out lots of beautiful lights around the stage.

Jon: Brionne!

When the smoke clears, Brionne is shown unable to battle.

Jon: No!

Maria: Great work Chandelure.

Chandelure: Lure!

Jon: You were great Brionne, return.

Jon returns Brionne.

Jon: That was a good combination Maria.

Maria: Thanks.

Chandelure joins the rest of her Pokemon.

Jon: Right, Pikachu, your turn!

Jon sends out Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika, Pika Pikachu!

Jon: I'm raring to go to buddy.

Mary: Maria is leading at the moment.

The crowd is beginning to cheer for Maria.

Drake: Already?

April: Seems that Chandelure has impressed them that much that they want Maria to be the overall victor.

Jon: They are cheering for you Maria.

Maria: And we know that doesn't affect your battling.

Jon: Nope. So who is going to battle Pikachu?

Maria: Hmm. Braixen.

Braxien then goes on to the battlefield.

Jon: Braixen then.

Maria: Yep. And we are starting strong. Light Screen!

Braixen uses Light Screen.

Jon: Upping your Special Defence right away. Some people call that cowardice or being scared.

Maria: It's a well known strategy.

Jon: Yep. If the opponent doesn't know Brick Break.

Pikachu runs and uses Brick Break, destroying Light Screen and hurting Braixen in the process.

Maria: Of course Pikachu knows that move.

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Jon: Yep. Quick Attack!

Pikachu then uses Quick Attack and hits Braixen again.

Maria: Psychic Terrain!

Braixen uses Psychic Terrain and the area gets covered in a low psychic cloud.

Jon: Hmm, Quick Attack!

Pikachu tries to use Quick Attack but can't.

Pikachu: Pika?

Jon: What?

April: What happened?

Maria: Psychic Terrain increases Psychic type moves, while also preventing priority moves.

Jon: That's why Quick Attack won't work.

Maria: Right. Flamethrower!

Jon: Thunderbolt!

Braixen uses Flamethrower and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and the moves connect, and cancel each other out.

Maria: Psychic!

Braixen uses Psychic and hold Pikachu up in the air, slightly off the ground.

Mary: Pikachu!

April: This ain't good.

Maria: Now, Flamethrower!

Jon: Use Iron Tail!

Braixen uses Flamethrower towards Pikachu, the move hurtling towards him. Pikachu is just about able to move his tail and uses Iron Tail on the floor, causing some wood to shoot up in front of him, stopping Flamethrower.

Maria: What?

Jon: Pikachu can still use his tail. Thunderbolt!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt around himself, causing Braixen to stop using Psychic.

Jon: Brick Break!

Maria: Flamethrower!

Pikachu runs towards Braixen, but Braixen sends Flamethrower towards Pikachu, who dodges then hits Braixen with Brick Break.

Jon: Thunderbolt!

Pikachu then jumps into the air and uses Thunderbolt, hitting Braixen, knocking Braxien out.

Jon: Yes!

Pikachu lands on Jon's shoulder.

Maria: Braixen!

Braixen wakes up.

Maria: You were great Braixen.

Braixen stands up and joins the rest of Maria's Pokemon.

Jon: Well done Pikachu, return.

Jon returns Pikachu.

Maria: One a piece.

Drake: This is exciting.

Bewear nods.

Litten: Ten.

Vulpix: Vul.

Snorunt: Runt, Snorunt!

April: Our Pokemon seem to be enjoying it too!

Jon: So who is next Maria?

Maria: Let's go with Marowak.

Marowak walks in front of Maria.

Jon: An Alolan Marowak. Ghost and Fire if memory recalls.

Rotom-Dex: Correct.

Rotom-Dex shows a picture of Alolan Marowak.

Rotom-Dex: Marowak, Alolan Form, the Bone Keeper Pokemon. It is a Ghost and Fire type. The bone Marowak holds is precious to it and its greatest weapon. It uses the bone as a torch to unleash attacks.

Rotom-Dex gets rid of the picture.

Jon: Hmm. Then Torracat!

Jon sends out Torracat.

Torracat: Ra!

Jon: Leech Life!

Maria: Shadow Bone!

Torracat runs towards Marowak using Leech Life, but Marowak knocks Torracat back using Shadow Bone.

Jon: Hmm.

Maria: Stone Edge!

Marowak uses Stone Edge and hits Torracat.

Jon: Flame Charge!

Torracat skids along the ground then runs towards Marowak.

Maria: Shadow Bone!

Marowak uses Shadow Bone and hits Torracat back towards Jon.

Jon: Bite!

Marowak uses Bite and hits Marowak, causing a lot of damage.

Maria: While Torracat is still close range, use Flare Blitz!

Marowak uses Flare Blitz, hitting Torracat back towards Jon.

Jon: You okay?

Torracat nods.

Jon: Now, Bite!

Maria: Shadow Bone!

Torracat runs towards Marowak, but Marowak uses Shadow Bone towards Torracat.

Jon: Catch it!

Torracat catches it using Bite and then hits Marowak with it and then hits Marowak with Bite, knocking Marowak out.

Jon: Great work Torracat.

Jon pets Torracat, then returns him.

Maria: You done well Marowak.

Marowak goes over to the rest of Maria's Pokemon.

Jon: Right, Salazzle!

Jon sends out Salazzle.

Maria: Alright Quilava.

Quilava walks into the battlefield, ready to fight.

Jon: Right, use Dragon Rage!

Maria: Swift!

Salazzle uses Dragon Rage but Quilava counters with Swift.

Maria: Wild Charge!

Jon: What?!

Quilava then hits Salazzle using Wild Charge.

Jon: That is a powerful move.

Maria: Thanks.

Jon: Now, Nasty Plot!

Salazzle uses Nasty Plot and increases her special attack a lot.

Maria: Quick Attack!

Quilava hits Salazzle with Quick Attack.

Maria: Flame Charge!

Quilava then runs towards Salazzle using Flame Charge.

Jon: Flamethrower!

Salazzle uses Flamethrower and hits Quilava back to Maria.

Jon: Now, Sludge Wave!

Maria: Swift!

Salazzle uses Sludge Wave towards Quilava and Quilava uses Swift to try and keep Sludge Wave at bay, but fails and gets hit.

Jon: Yes!

Quilava stands up, but falls over exhausted.

April: Jon 3, Maria 1.

Drake: Yep.

Jon: Great work.

Jon returns Salazzle, and then heads over to Maria and her Pokemon.

Jon: Very good battle Maria.

Maria: Sure was.

Jon and Maria shake hands, everyone watching cheers and the screen freezes.

Narrator: The battle between Jon and Maria began, and was tough. However, Jon became victorious overall. Now, after beating Maria, what will Jon and his friends do?


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts

Maria Winterman