The Rescue Operation!
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United States December 2, 2017
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Jon wipes his eyes and he sees another person in a cage. The person is waving at Jon, trying to get his attention. Soon, Jon's vision focuses and he can see it is Josie.

Jon: Josie?

Josie: Finally, you are awake.

Jon: How are you here?

Josie: I got kidnapped by Lusamine.

Jon: By Lusamine? Oh yeah.

Jon remembers how Faba took Jon and Typhlosion down the hall and then a Morelull using Sleep Powder making him and Typhlosion fall asleep.

Jon: Now I remember. But why does Lusamine want me away from everyone? And what as Faba on about with a plan?

Josie: Lusamine always has a plan. Though I'm not sure what her latest one is yet though. Now, time to escape.

Jon looks around the cage.

Jon: Typhlosion isn't here.

Josie: They didn't bring Typhlosion with you.

Jon: Argh. I've got no weak points.

Josie: Then lets make some.

Jon tries to grab a Pokeball.

Jon: And my other Pokemon are gone too.

Josie: They must have taken them. Can you help me Jon?

Jon: Do what? If it is escape and get back to our friends, then sure.

Josie: That, and to help save my family.

Jon: Your family?

Josie: They have been kidnapped too.

Jon: Hmm. So when you were having a go at me when I first met Lusamine?

Josie She had already taken my family, yeah.

Jon: I'm sorry.

Josie: It is understandable that you didn't believe me.

Jon: Still. Anyway, how are we going to get out?

Josie: They didn't take my Pokemon.

Josie sends out Growlithe and Klang.

Jon: Smart.

Josie: Right, use Flamethrower!

Growlithe uses Flamethrower on the cage.

Jon: Good idea.

Josie: Now, Gear Grind!

Klang tries to break the cage using Gear Grind, but fails.

Josie: Try Charge Beam!

Klang uses Charge Beam and destroys her cage.

Josie: Great. Now to help get Jon out of it.

Growlithe uses Flamethrower and then Klang uses Charge Beam and destroys a bit of the cage and Jon walks out.

Jon: Thanks you two!

Both Pokemon smile.

Jon: First we save your family and then my Pokemon.

Josie: Don't you want your Pokemon?

Jon: Yeah, but your family comes first. I'm sure Typhlosion is with the others.

Josie: Right, if you are sure.

The doors open then Faba and two Aether Foundation Employees walk in.

Faba: You escaped!

Jon: Where are Josie's family Faba!

Josie: Tell me!

Faba: You shouldn't be worrying about them, but yourselves instead.

Faba sends out Hypno.

Faba: Time for you guys to sleep.

Jon: Hypno will go for hypnosis.

Josie: Not a chance. Use Flamethrower!

Growlithe uses Flamethrower on Hypno, knocking it back.

Faba: Shadow Ball!

Hypno uses Shadow Ball towards Josie, but Jon jumps in the way taking the full hit.

Jon: Argh.

Josie: Jon!

The two employees both send out Golbat.

Josie: Argh. Then Azelf!

Josie sends out Azelf.

Jon: You have an Azelf!

Josie: Yeah. Psychic!

Azelf uses Psychic and sends both Golbat towards Hypno, knocking Hypno over.

Josie: Now, Dazzling Gleam!

Azelf uses Dazzling Gleam, and knocks out Hypno and both Golbat and also Faba and the employees.

Jon: Great work.

Josie: Great you guys. Azelf, Klang, return for now.

Josie returns Azelf and Klang.

Josie: Growlithe can help search for my family.

Jon: Good shout. I wish I could be of more help, well any help.

Josie: You protected me against Shadow Ball, you already have helped.

Growlithe leads them both out of the door and then down the hall. Jon sees two humanoid shadows on the floor, growing taller, showing they are walking towards them. Jon grabs Josie and Growlithe and pulls them behind some boxes. Soon, the two humanoids walk past and Jon, Josie and Growlithe get out from behind the box.

Josie: Thanks.

Jon: No problem. We shouldn't get involved in more battles than we need to.

Josie: Agreed.

Growlithe smells the air again and then sniffs the floor and gets a scent. Growlithe then runs on ahead. Jon and Josie follow and they end up outside a door. Growlithe is snarling at the door.

Josie: They must be in here.

Josie is about to open the door till Jon stops her.

Josie: What are you doing?

Jon: There must be a few guards in the room if they are guarding your family.

Josie: So!

Jon: Barging in isn't a good idea. Maybe send out more Pokemon before you do, in case they have Pokemon out.

Josie understands and sends out Tsareena and Delphox.

Jon: Ready?

Josie: Yeah.

Jon and Josie then yank the doors open and run into the room. They see a few Aether Foundation employees with their Golbat out.

Josie: Play Rough and Mystical Fire!

Tsareena uses Play Rough and Delphox uses Mystical Fire, knocking all of the Golbat out. The employees return their Pokemon and run. Josie is about to go to her sisters and mum, but sees someone else there with them.

Josie: Get away from them!

Jon sees a Quilava out near Mimi and Lulu.

Jon: Hold up Josie.

Josie: Why?

Jon: It's Maria!

The person turns around and sees Jon, and it is Maria as Jon said. Maria and Jon hug.

Maria: Long time no see.

Jon: I know.

Maria: Where is Typhlosion?

Josie: We got kidnapped.

Jon: And Typhlosion and my other Pokemon are somewhere in the Aether Foundation.

Maria: Not good. They do consider you both a threat.

Mimi: A threat?

Laura: How can they be a threat?

Maria: They both have access to Bond Phenomenon.

Jon: And Lusamine sees that as a threat.

Maria: Right. But considering her plan, she must almost be ready to commence it.

Lulu: What plan? Is it bad?

Josie: Knowing Lusamine, yes!

Mimi: I'm scared!

Josie hugs Mimi and Lulu.

Jon: Maria, what do you know of the plan?

Maria: Do you know of Ultra Space? Or Ultra Beats?

Josie: Ultra Beats?

Jon: Yes, I do.

Laura: You do?

Jon: One came out near the trainers school on Melemele Island a while back, one called Nihilego.

Maria: That is when Lusamine first gathered data on your ability with Typhlosion.

Jon: How?

Maria: No idea.

Josie: And how were you in here with them?

Jon: You haven't joined them have you?

Maria: NO! Of course not. Kyle mentioned something was fishy with these guys, so I infiltrated.

Quilava and Growlithe are on edge.

Mimi: Why are they like that?

Suddenly, they both get hit with Shadow Ball.

Jon: Faba!

Faba and Hypno walk in with five other employees who have Golbat's out. The Golbat use Sludge Bomb on Tsareena, knocking her out.

Josie: Tsareena!

Hypno then uses Shadow Ball on Growlithe and Quilava, knocking them out too.

Jon: No!

Josie returns Tsareena and Growlithe, while Maria returns Quilava.

Jon: What are you planning on doing with the Ultra Beasts?!

Faba: So you know?

Maria: You think you could keep it a secret!

Faba: Argh.

Josie: Enough!

Josie sends out Mandibuzz.

Jon: You have a lot of Pokemon.

Josie: Bone Rush!

Mandibuzz uses Bone Rush towards Hypno, but Hypno dodges.

Faba: You need to do better.

Employee: Sludge Bomb!

All the Golbat use Sludge bomb at Mandibuzz, hitting its mark.

Faba: Now--

Josie: --Use Dark Pulse!

Faba: Shadow Ball!

Mandibuzz uses Dark Pulse, but Hypno counters with Shadow Ball, stopping the attack.

Josie: Brave Bird!

Mandibuzz uses Brave Bird but the Golbat all use Air Slash, hitting Mandibuzz, causing a smoke cloud. Jon signals to Josie and the others to make their escape. They all leave the room, then the cloud disappears.

Faba: Gone.

Jon and the others are running down the hall way but soon stop.

Maria: I think we are far enough away now.

Jon: Yeah.

Laura: Everyone okay?

Lulu: Just scared.

Mimi: Like big time.

Maria: I know where they are keeping your Pokemon Jon.

Josie: Let's all go there.

Jon: Don't you want to get off here with your family?

Then the whole building shakes a bit.

Josie: With that happening, I'm not missing any of the action!

Jon: Have it your way. Maria.

Maria leads everyone to a medium size room and inputs a code, which is wrong.

Maria: They have changed the code.

Mimi: Now what?

Josie: Flamethrower!

Delphox uses Flamethrower on the door, but to no avail of anything happening.

Jon: Typhlosion, are you in there?

Typhlosion lets out a roar.

Jon: Yep, that is Typhlosion.

Maria: We can't do anything out here.

Josie: We just need more time.

Jon: We don't have any. Typhlosion, get Brionne's Pokeball and Tsareena's and send them out. Then knock on the door when you have.

After a few moments, Typhlosion knocks on the door.

Laura: Now what?

Jon: Get Delphox to use Flamethrower. Brionne, use Hydro Pump and when I say Tsareena, use High Jump Kick on the door.

Delphox uses Flamethrower and Brionne uses Hydro Pump on the other side. Jon looks at the door intensely.

Maria: What are you looking at?

Jon: Let me focus.

Jon keeps looking at the door and sees a crack begin to form.

Jon: Brionne, Delphox stop! Tsareena, do it!

Brionne and Delphox stop their attacks and Tsareena destroys the door to pieces and then walks out with the other Pokeballs. Typhlosion and Brionne walk out too and Typhlosion has both Brionne's and Tsareena's Pokeball on him.

Jon: It's great to see you all.

Jon's Pokemon smile. Typhlosion and Tsareena hand Jon his Pokeballs and rucksack.

Jon: Thanks guys, return!

Jon returns Brionne and Tsareena.

Mimi: Now what?

Josie: We find Lusamine!

Jon: She must still be on the main floor!

Maria: The lift is this way.

Maria leads everyone to the lift. The scene then moves to the main room. Lusamine is there on the main stage, having a box in her hands.

April: Give back Cosmog!

Cosmog screams in pain.

Rosa: What are you trying to do!

Lusamine: This.

Lusamine uses Cosmog's power from the machine to open an Ultra Wormhole.

Drake: Not again!

Suddenly, Focus Blast hits the machine and breaks it, causing Lusamine to drop the box in shock, which April grabs. The Ultra Wormhole closes.

Lusamine: No!

Jon and the others enter.

Mary: Jon!

Drake: Josie too!

Nathan: Seems like everyone is here.

Lusamine: How dare you intervene!

Josie: How dare you kidnap me and my family!

Lusamine: You little things should know your place!

Jon: Says the person trying to get the Ultra Beasts!

Suddenly, the Ultra Wormhole opens up again and two Nihilego appear out of it.

Lusamine: Yes! My plan worked!

All the people run away scared, only leaving our heroes.

Maria: This is bad.

Jon: Very.

Rosa: Nathan, let's help get everyone out.

Maria: Let me assist too.

Rosa, Nathan and Maria leave.

Jon: Nihilego!

Lusamine: I know you have met them before.

Josie: Back on Melemele Island.

Drake: How did you know?

Lusamine: A bit of help from Guzma's grunts.

Mary: Team Skull!

April: That's why you weren't shocked when Typhlosion and Jon accessed their Jon-Typhlosion form while battling Giovanni.

Lusamine: Observant, aren't you.

Jon: Josie, we need to access Bond Phenomenon. Its the only way to beat them.

Drake: You could barely stop one.

Mimi: Mum!

Lulu: We are scared.

Mimi and Lulu begin to cry and Laura hugs and comforts them.

Josie: Let's do it!

Both Jon, Josie and their Pokemon access their powered forms using Bond Phenomenon, gaining access to Jon-Typhlosion and Josie-Delphox.

Jon: Let's go!

Both Nihilego roars and gain an orange aura around them. The screen freezes.

Narrator: Jon and Josie worked together to escape the cages they were in, and were able to save Josie's family. However, Lusamine's plan to gain access to Ultra Space has worked, and Nihilego is at the Aether Foundation. Now, Jon and Josie are preparing to stop them. What will happen?

Major events

  • Josie is revealed to have caught a Growlithe.
  • Josie's Klang is revealed to know Screech.
  • Josie's Mandibuzz is revealed to know Bone Rush, Dark Pulse and Brave Bird.
  • Josie is revealed to have obtained an Azelf.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts

Rosa Jones

Nathan Foster

Maria Winterman


Josie Adams






  • Cosmog


  • Hypno

Aether Employees

  • Golbat (Multiple)