The Sapphire Story is a Pokémon fanfiction piece written by Buraddo_Aipom and can be found on the Forums. It is a Trainer Journey Fic that takes place in the Hoenn Region and follows the story of three 15-year-olds Cole Mascheriet, Kira Harte, and Dillon Marly. It is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and suggestive themes. It is a work in progress; fourteen chapters are posted thus far.

Name The Sapphire Story7
Author Buraddo_Aipom
Posted At SPPf
Started November 30, 2008
Finished --
Genre(s) Original Trainer, Journey, Adventure,
Rating PG-13
Point of View 3rd Person Omniscient


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Cole Lewis Maschereit

Cole Maschereit is one of the main protagonists in the story. A fifteen year old from Johto, he moved with his mother from Ciawood City to Littleroot Town in an attempt by his mother to escape his father. He started his journey with a Treecko, nicknamed Krypto, received from Professor Birch. Cole had never battled, captured, or had any experience with Pokémon before his journey, except for the few months he and his mother lived in Cianwood where he attended a Pokémon School.


-Krypto (Treecko): Cole's starting Pokémon that he received from Professor Birch after helping him and Professor Elm get off an area of land in the center of a lake. Krypto never had another trainer before, and had been with Birch since birth. When Cole chose him as his Pokémon, Krypto immediately attached to him. They are not very social with each other, nor are they a great team in battle, but the two share a close bond.

-Zephyrus (Wurmple): Zephyrus is Cole's Wumrple that he caught right after almost kissing Kira. Zephyr is a very competitive Pokémon and hates to lose, especially to Dominik's Wurmple. Despite being competitive and wanting to win all the time, Zephyr is also very intelligent, utilizing its String Shot attack to swing from trees.

Kira Elisabeth Harte

Kira is the second main protagonist in The Sapphire Story. She grew up in Littleroot Town, where she met Cole and her childhood friend Dominik. She dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Trainer ever since she was a young girl, but on her tenth birthday her father went missing (he was supposed to take her out to capture her very first Pokémon). Kira could not stand the idea of obtaining her first Pokémon without her father over the next three years, but even when she was thirteen and fourteen, she still could not do it. When Cole moved in, Kira took the opportunity and began her journey with Amper, her Mudkip, given to her by Professor Birch.


-Amper (Mudkip): Kira had been wanting a beginning Pokémon ever since her tenth birthday, but due to her father disappearing on that exact day she has waited until she was fifteen. Amper stole Kira's heart as soon as the two saw each other. Both of them love to do many of the same things and both really enjoy the company of Cole and Krypto. In their first battle together, Amper managed to hold her own against Wilson's Ralts and Dominik's Cyndaquil in battle, but only by Kira having her use Water Gun the entire time.

-Vore (Zigzagoon): Kira caught Vore shortly after obtaining Amper. Kira had already attempted to capture the Zigzagoon in the past, but failed since she had no Pokémon to weaken it. Vore loves to run around and find things that he thinks Kira would like, but the items are often stolen from someone, resulting in Kira scolding Vore. Vore has a lot of respect for Kira and calls her by more proper names, such as "mademoiselle" and "senora."

Supporting Characters

Dominik Grandolic

A childhood friend of Kira and Blair who has had a crush on Kira since they were very young. His parents are divorced, an event that he is very ashamed of and doesn't tell anyone until later in the Fic. Because of the divorce, he lived in Littleroot until it happened, moved to Cianwood when he was seven and lived there for five year, moving back to Littleroot until he began his journey. His mother lives in Cianwood while his father resides in Littleroot. He is traveling with Bliar Grotsque and Wilson Marly.

Blair Grotsque

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Gwendolyn Maschereit

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Carly Harte

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Dalton Marly

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Shelly Marly

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Wanda Marly

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Zachary Gates

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Katie Marly

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Team Aqua

One of the region's foremost evil organizations that hopes to expand the seas of Hoenn to create an entire region for water type Pokémon. They use power obtained from a meteorite that crashed into Meteor Falls to power machines that cause raging storms. These storms never stop and destroy anything within range so that the seas and otehr bodies of water expand. The former leader Archie was killed by Kalmin, a man leading both Team Aqua and Team Magma. He joined both teams in hope of becoming the leader of both. His main objective is not to expand the seas, but to use power from the Deoxys Meteor to rule the entire world.

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