This will be a pokemon tournament of your pokemon. Each person gets a team of any pokemon they want. There are 3 leagues, and each allows you to become champion of all the Fanon.... Events I make. Cause I made it, I am current Champion.

Bronze League

The Bronze League is a Group Tournament, where people try and find someone to battle. If someone loses a match, they can go to a Wildcard Fight. More about those later. When you win, you get to go to the next round.

After 3 rounds, The finalists go in a battle royale. The winner gets to automatically go to Round 2 if they decide to go to Silver League.


  • Any Pokemon, but no matter what they are, they are level 25.
  • No Mega Evolutions
  • No Dynamax or Gigantamax
  • No Legendaries.
  • All type advantages have been nullified(AKA: All immunities won't take effect, and instead they take less damage)
  • Mythical pokemon are not allowed.
  • No ash-greninja.

Silver League

Silver League is also a Group Tournament, similar to the Bronze League. If someone loses a match, they can go to a Wildcard Fight. Winning lets you go to the next round.

After 4 rounds, the finalists go in a 1v1 battle, where you use 2 pokemon at a time. Winner goes to Round 2 if they decide to go to Golden League.


Most of them are the same, but Mega Evolutions are allowed and all pokemon are level 50

Golden League

The Golden League is a Knock-Out Tournament, where people must fight in a small arena. If someone loses, that's it. After all brackets have been finished and they are in the finals, the two finalists choose a pokemon to do an epic face-off with, either Mega Mode or Giant Mode(Mega Evolution battle or Dynamax/Gigantamax battle).

After the finalists have finished battle, the winner faces the current champion. If the challenger wins, they become the champion. If the Champion wins, then they stay the champion.


  • Any Pokemon, and they are level 100
  • Mega Evolutions allowed
  • Dynamax allowed, but not gigantamax until the final battle
  • Z-Moves allowed
  • No Ash-Greninja
  • Legendaries are allowed, but they are only level 75.
  • No Mythicals.

Current Status: League 1

Add to the table to add your character and their team. Any pokemon are allowed.

Current League: Bronze

List of Pokemon Teams
Name of User Name of Character Pokemon 1 Pokemon 2 Pokemon 3 Pokemon 4 Pokemon 5 Pokemon 6
Fanofstuff3 Roo Beedrill Morpeko Blacephelon Hawlucha Sandslash Venusaur
Kaaaylee2007 King susie pen Sandaconda Seviper Zangoose Serperior Galarian Yamask Alolan Raichu
Kaaaylee2007 May Blaziken Azumarill Sneasel Dragonite Clefable Skitty

You add your own characters!

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