The Water Trial!
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United States May 6, 2017
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Everyone is at the lake where Wishiwashi was the previous day.

Kukui: I wonder what your strategy will be.

Jon: Well we’ll see.

April: It’s a shame that Jasmine and Evie can’t make it today.

Drake: Well we will cheer Jon on.

Kukui: It’s strange to think that this is your second island trial.

Jon: Yeah. But how does this one work?

Mary: Considering Ilima was there last time and there is no-one here at all.

April: True.

Kukui: Some places don’t have a trial captain.

Jon: Well, Wishiwashi, I’m here to begin my trial!

Suddenly a water pillar appears from the lake and when it disperses, a small Wishiwashi is there, but it is bigger than the other Wishiwashi.

Drake: That’s it?

Then the Wishiwashi gets surrounded by more Wishiwashi and then the Wishiwashi become a big blue submarine looking Wishiwashi, and then its gets an orange aura.

Jon: Who is that?

Kukui: That is still a Wishiwashi.

Drake: Really?

Rotom-Dex: Schooling, Wishiwashi’s ability. The form of this Pokemon changes when it has over 25% of health left. When its health is below 25%, then it becomes its solo form.

Mary: Like the Wishiwashi from yesterday.

April: Yeah.

Kukui: Remember, Totem Pokemon can call allies.

Drake: They didn’t last time.

Jon: Well if they do, then I can use more than one Pokemon.

Kukui: Remember to choose carefully.

Jon: Hmm.

Jon grabs a Pokeball from his belt and moves it in front of his face.

Jon: Well, we’ll get it done. Let’s go!

Jon sends out Popplio.

Popplio: Pop!

Jon: Let’s win Popplio.

Popplio nods.

Kukui: With two water types, they can’t cause a lot of damage to each other.

The Totem Wishiwashi uses Water Gun.

Jon: Popplio, Water Gun!

Popplio uses Water Gun and the two moves collide, but Wishiwashi’s Water Gun is more powerful and hits Popplio.

Jon: Popplio!

Mary: With Wishiwashi being a Totem Pokemon, that means its power is considerably more powerful.

Jon: Thanks for the confidence Mary.

April: I think what Mary means is to be careful.

Kukui: Wishiwashi is quite powerful.

Rotom-Dex: Jon and Popplio have this.

Drake: But according to Wishiwashi, they aren’t a threat.

Wishiwashi then uses Ice Beam towards Popplio.

Jon: Hyper Voice!

Popplio uses Hyper Voice and deflects Ice Beam up.

Jon: Now, Pound!

Popplio uses her incredible swimming speed to hit Wishiwashi with Pound. Wishiwashi then lets out a cry and an Alomomola appears from the water.

Jon: Who is that?

Rotom-Dex: Alomomola, the Caring Pokemon. Alomomola is a pure water type Pokemon. It uses its special mucus to close the wounds of injured Pokemon. The reason for this behaviour is unknown.

Mary: A helping Pokemon.

Kukui: Now you can use a second Pokemon Jon.

Drake: Jon doesn’t have any other Pokemon that can deal good damage to them.

April: Jon has Litten, Typhlosion, Jangmo-o and Mudbray.

Kukui: I see, a bit of a problem.

Drake: What are you going to do Jon?

Jon: Well, since Pokemon in Alola are helpful, Popplio.

Popplio lets out a cry. After a few seconds and pink Pokemon flies in and hovers next to Popplio.

Rotom-Dex: Whoa!!

Kukui: A Bounsweet.

Jon: Bounsweet eh. Thanks for helping us out Bounsweet.

Bounsweet nods and then uses Razor Leaf at Wishiwashi and Alomomola. The move hits them both.

Jon: Yes!

Mary: So is this allowed?

Kukui: Yes. Even though Jon isn’t using one of his Pokemon, this is allowed.

April: Cool.

Jon: Popplio, Pound on Alomomola!

Popplio heads towards Alomomola using Pound, but Alomomola uses Double Slap to counter and hit Popplio towards Wishiwashi, who then hits Popplio with Double Edge.

Jon: Popplio!

Bounsweet uses Razor Leaf towards Wishiwashi. Alomomola uses Helping Hand and gives Wishiwashi more power. Wishiwashi uses Brine hitting both Popplio and Bounsweet. Both Pokemon are now quite weak.

Drake: Both Popplio and Bounsweet are pretty weak now.

Jon: Don’t worry, they can both do it.

Bounsweet looks at Jon and smiles.

Mary: Bounsweet agrees with Jon.

Jon: Now, Bounsweet use Razor Leaf and Popplio, Water Gun!

Bounsweet uses Razor Leaf and Popplio uses Water Gun. Wishiwashi uses Ice Beam and cancels out Razor Leaf, and Alomomola uses Water Gun to cancel out Popplio’s Water Gun.

Kukui: A good idea.

April: Though it didn’t work.

Rotom-Dex: This is a tricky battle.

Typhlosion: Ty.

Mary: Jon can do this.

Jon: This is risky.

April: What is?

Jon: This move. Popplio, trust me?

Popplio: Pop!

Bounsweet: Bounsweet!

Jon: Thanks. Now, Popplio use Rain Dance!

Popplio uses Rain Dance and rain begins to fall heavily.

Rotom-Dex: Rain Dance ncreases water type moves and lowers fire type damage.

Drake: But that means even Wishiwashi and Alomomola are powered up.

Kukui: Wonder why Jon choose that strategy.

Wishiwashi uses Brine towards Popplio.

Jon: Razor Leaf!

Bounsweet uses Razor Leaf at Brine, cancelling it out leaving water to fall down like a curtain.

Jon: Bingo!

Drake: Bingo?

After the water curtain has fallen, the rain stops but Popplio has disappeared.

Drake: Where’s Popplio?

Jon: Now, Hyper Voice!

Sound waves begin to form from under the water and Hyper Voice lifts both Wishiwashi and Alomomola up in the air.

April: What?

Kukui: Interesting.

Jon: Now Bounsweet!

Bounsweet attacks Alomomola using Rapid Spin, sending it towards the water.

Jon: Pound!

Popplio jumps up above Wishiwashi and hits it with Pound, sending it towards the water.

Jon: Alright!

Alomomola and Wishiwashi both get up, but gingerly. Then a light radiates out of Alomomola and hits Wishiwashi, and a green glow surrounds Wishiwashi for a second.

Jon: What was that?

Rotom-Dex: Heal Pulse. The user emits a healing pulse that restores the targets health by up to half of its health.

April: So, Alomomola healed up Wishiwashi a bit?!

Kukui: Yes.

Jon: Argh. This is going to be more of a problem.

Alomomola uses Helping Hand and helps out Wishiwashi. Wishiwashi then uses Double Edge towards Bounsweet, who is frightened and stuck still.

Jon: Bounsweet!

Popplio gets in the way and takes the full attack, smashing into the sand near Bounsweet.

Jon: Popplio! Are you okay?

Popplio gets up weakly.

Kukui: This is problematic.

Jon: All we need to do is stop one of the Pokemon for a bit.

Bounsweet gets up and then hits Alomomola with Grass Whistle, putting it to sleep.

Rotom-Dex: Grass Whistle is a great idea.

Kukui: Putting Alomomola to sleep as fast as a Rest does.

April: Bounsweet is so clever.

Jon: Thanks Bounsweet. Popplio, can you go on?

Popplio nods.

Jon: Good, now Hyper Voice at Alomomola!

Popplio uses Hyper Voice towards Alomomola but Wishiwashi uses Brine to cancel out the move and then uses Ice Beam towards Bounsweet. Bounsweet then uses Light Screen. Ice Beam hits but Light Screen lowers the damage.

Jon: Cool. I didn’t think you had Light Screen!

Mary: What is Light Screen?

Kukui: Light Screen is a move where the user and its ally Pokemon get a special defence increase for a small period of time.

Wishiwashi then uses Brine.

Jon: Popplio, Water Gun.

Popplio uses Water Gun and cancels out Brine. Bounsweet then uses Razor Leaf at Alomomola, hitting its mark.

Jon: Great, now Pound!

Popplio hits Alomomola with Pound just as it wakes up. Alomomola is now unable to battle and retreats back underwater.

Jon: Yes! Now, Hyper Voice and Rapid Spin!

Bounsweet leads the charge with Rapid Spin and then Popplio uses Hyper Voice, hitting Bounsweet but increases its speed a lot. Bounsweet hits Wishiwashi and causes a lot of damage.

Jon: Now Popplio, Pound!

Popplio hits Wishiwashi with Pound, knocking Wishiwashi out. Wishiwashi wakes up soon after and nods at Jon and then swims off.

Jon: Does that mean I won the trial?

???: Yes.

They all turn around and see Melody, the same girl from yesterday.

Drake: Melody?

April: Did you see the whole battle?

Melody: Yes I did. Here.

Melody hands Jon a water Z-Crystal.

Jon: A Z-Crystal?

Melody: Yep. It’s yours.

Jon: Oh yes!

Popplio: Popplio Pop!

Kukui: Now with that, you can perform Hydro Vortex.

Jon: Hydro Vortex. Cool.

Kukui: I’ll show you how to use it later at the Pokemon Center down the road.

Jon: Okay. Thanks Bounsweet for your help.

Bounsweet: Sweet, Bounsweet.

Jon: You sure?

Bounsweet nods.

Jon: Then welcome to the team.

Jon holds out a Pokeball and Bounsweet taps it and gets captured.

April: Another Pokemon!

Mary: You now have six travelling with you.

Jon: Yep.

Drake: Well done on winning Jon.

Jon: Thank you.

Kukui: Let’s all head to the Pokemon Center. Dinner is on me!

Everyone: Yes!

The screen freezes.

Narrator: With Jon’s next island trial started, he had a bit of trouble, but after Popplio called out for help, a Bounsweet came along and helped Jon and Popplio battle Alomomola and the Totem Pokemon, Wishiwashi. After a long battle and a few strategies, Jon was finally victorious. Now, with the Waterium-Z from Melody and a new team member in Bounsweet, our heroes are heading to the Pokemon Center where Professor Kukui is treating them all to dinner.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass







  • Wishiwashi (Totem)
  • Alolamola
  • Bounsweet