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A war is raging, so Golovnoy Ubor was deployed at the war area, it had been promoted to Corporal, and finally getting the hang of the weapon. It managed to first find a few insurgents.


  1. *Golovnoy Ubor focused on the scope, left eye closed, aiming directly at the scope, killed 4 insurgents with this method, rather than using pokémon moves*
  2. *an insurgent was behind Golovnoy Ubor, so it looked back, and used Scratch on it, then sprints rapidly to Krovavaya strela's position, killing insurgents as they went
  3. *Golovnoy Ubor met up with Krovavaya strela 3 hours later, soon coming to a locked factory, where the insurgents were making bombs.

Locked Factory

  1. *Krovavaya strela used Megahorn at the door, knocking the door of its hinges, standing besides it, allowing 6 soldiers, then Golovnoy Ubor, and finally, Krovavaya strela entered the building, capturing 4 insurgents, and killing 10.*
  2. Krovavaya strela then defended Golovnoy Ubor, along with rescuing plenty of hostages, with all 6 soldiers remaining, then returned to Moscow, both pokémon were unharmed.
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