In the fanfic, Lurking in the Shadows: Lisa's Ultimate Challenge, the Thrash Brotherhood is a fictional organization in the Fourtix Region.

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History and Mission

The Thrash Brotherhood was founded based on an ancient prophecy revolving around the dictator, Lord Ryuotoji. Before the cruel and narcissistic ruler was executed, he claimed that his 40th descendant would rise up and seize totalitarian control of the world in his name. Supposedly, the descendant would utilize a loyal group of followers and "Pokemon bred from darkness" to achieve this goal. Afterward, a new, utopian society would be created with the descendant as the supreme ruler.

The public often refers to the group as Team Thrash, which most of the members resent. They see themselves as fundamentally different from the likes of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma; superior to each of them in their goals, mission, strength, and tactics. Thrash Brotherhood members sometimes grow very angry and defensive when their group is referred to as a team; they feel it is trivializing the group.

Members are recruited using various psychological tactics. Many of the more brutal members, including those formerly of Cipher, joined out of the promise to be able to continue their evil plans for world domination. Scientists were lured by the Brotherhood's leadership with promises of well-funded research and no having to teach classes to freshman college students. Still others were lured by more charismatic persuasion, being told they would be part of a new world order and a rebirth that would actually make the world a better place. Some of these members, after witnessing Thrash's cruel acts, have begun to second-guess their decision to join.

Members of the Brotherhood are known to be armed with dangerous weapons such as sniper rifles, shotguns, and fully automatic machine guns and assault rifles. They have been known to pull off dangerous takeover-style bank heists.


Training Camp

Fourtix University Takeover

Greenville Casino

Vernon Power Plant Takeover

Mount Lexin Takeover

Weather Research Lab Takeover

Thrash Research Laboratory


  • A chemical that is injected into a Pokemon to cause it to evolve instantly. The Pokemon will revert to its former state once defeated in battle.
  • A chemical that is injected into a Pokemon to make it extremely angry and to pump up Frustration's power.
  • Thrash Pokeball Launcher Plus, a Pokeball bazooka that fires out the devices at high speed. Also injects Pokemon with the anger serum.


The leader of the Thrash Brotherhood is known as Bart Sy, or, alternatively, the Red PitBull. He is reportedly the son of Tommy Junger, though this has not been verified or disproved. Supposedly, he is the 40th descendant of Lord Ryuotoji. He wears long cloaks with hoods that obscure his face. Recently lost a battle against Lisa and a partner in the Brotherhood's research facility. Supposedly, his first Pokemon was a Pikachu, and he has kept it in that form to this day.


  • Poliwrath
  • Arcanine
  • Pikachu


Admins are the highest ranking agents under the leader. They are known for their leadership skills, brutal training tactics, and (for some) their cunning and intelligence.


A muscular agent, Fred isn't too bright. He fancies himself the "Dog Master" and trains Pokemon to that effect, but his bark is worse than his bite. Of all the Admins, he is the only one to openly call the group "Team Thrash," and he is the least respected of the Admins. Many grunts have mentioned trying to replace him.


  • Poochyena
  • Growlithe
  • Houndour


Jane & Justin


The head scientist for Thrash, he initially comes off as cool and calculating. However, during battle or when his intelligence is insulted, he often flies into fits of rage. While this can make him a more brutal battler, it also causes him to sometimes not make logical battle decisions. The fact that his college grade point average was only 3.96 (as opposed to 4.0) is one of the triggers that set off his temper.


  • Omastar
  • Ditto
  • Muk


Commanders are one rank lower than Admins. Instead of being assigned to single large-scale missions, they are roving agents who usually are assigned shorter tasks to supervise. Sometimes they are not assisted by fellow agents and work by themselves.

Thomas Frederick "Tommy" Junger

A 67-year old man and the reported father of the Brotherhood's leader, he has a long history with Lisa Northwood and the Northwood family. He was employed by Northwood Industries International until Lisa photographed him committing health insurance fraud. He would later kidnap former employees and was foiled by Lisa once again. Now out of prison, he has joined his son in the Thrash Brotherhood and carries a personal vendetta against Lisa Northwood for putting him in prison.

Exol & Naps

Two very skilled and brutal Cipher agents who use Sunny-Day themed battle tactics. Some regard them as the toughest subordinate agents in the entire Brotherhood, and the leader seems to favor their style.

Mission Heads

These are less-skilled trainers than Admins or Commanders, and are assigned to lower-risk missions or areas of expertise (in the case of Maxie).


Buster is the first Thrash member that confronts Lisa, soon after she is recruited by the Pokemon League Enforcement Division. He was headquartered in the Thrash Training Camp until his arrest.


  • Mankey
  • Growlithe


A former Cipher agent, Arton and his assistant, Agent Sissger, were put in charge of the Greenville City Casino. They were subsequently defeated by Lisa and Giovanni, then taken into police custody.


  • Fearow
  • Primeape
  • Charmeleon
  • Oddish


A former Cipher agent, Skrub and his assistant, Agent Addler, were tasked with stealing the Vernon Power Plant's generator. They were subsequently defeated by Lisa and Eldes, then taken into police custody.


  • Magnemite
  • Graveler
  • Huntail
  • Hitmontop


The former Magma head and his right hand man, Tabitha, were part of an elaborate plot by Thrash to locate the legendary Groudon. Maxie posed as a reformed scientist at the Weather Research Lab while funneling information back to his superiors. Maxie lured Lisa to the top of Mount Lexin and captured her, but Archie and Shelly defeated him and Tabitha and rescued the girl. Maxie and Tabitha were then arrested.


  • Graveler
  • Torkoal
  • Camerupt
  • Tabitha used Sandslash, Houndoom, and Mightyena.

Odlow, Acrod, and Snidle

Three former Cipher scientists who were brought over to work on Thrash's research. Odlow is somewhat lecherous, as he attempts to prey on his female captives, especially Lisa. Acrod serves as the "straight man" to Snidle's constant use of (presumably) made-up statistics. Though none of them are seen in the midst of battle, it is revealed that Acrod has a Cacturne while Snidle uses a Magneton.


Assistant scientist to Tony, also worked for Cipher under Ein. Battles alongside his supervisor in the laboratory.


  • Magneton
  • Alakazam
  • Nosepass
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