To School Where It All Begun
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United States August 23, 2017
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Our heroes arrive in Hau'oli City and head to the Pokemon Center. They give their Pokemon to Nurse Joy and then get a coffee each and sit down at a table.

Kyle: It must feel weird being back on Melemele Island.

Jon: A bit yeah. Considering this is where we all met.

Drake: Yeah. Time has sure flown by.

Mary: I wonder what they are doing at school now.

April: They'll have new students for sure.

An announcement noise is heard.

Nurse Joy: Can Jon and his friends please come to the desk. Your Pokemon are fully healed.

Everyone finishes their drinks and get up and get their Pokemon from Nurse Joy and then leave the Pokemon Center.

Kyle: Right, to the Pokemon School!

Kyle runs off.

Jon (Yelling): Wrong way!

Kyle suddenly stops and chuckles then runs to the group and they all run towards the Pokemon School. At the school there are four students outside with Professor Kukui, Sycamore and Maria.

Kukui: So, everyone understand move typing a bit better?

All the students nod. Then a Sludge Bomb lands near the students. They look around and see three Team Skull members. They have Zubat, Salandit and Golbat out.

Kukui: You guys.

Skull Grunt: Well look here, your school is now ours.

Maria: Don't count on it.

Skull Grunt: I see. Salandit, Venoshock!

Salandit uses Venoshock towards Maria, but a Ferroseed gets in the way and takes the hit, taking no damage.

Maria: Ferroseed!

Kyle, Jon, Mary, Drake, Typhlosion and April run in.

Kyle: You okay?

Maria: Yeah, thanks.

Kukui: Well, this is a surprise.

Jon: Why don't you numbskull's ever get the message.

Jon sends out Minior.

Jon: Let's go.

Kyle: You want help?

Jon: Yeah. Let's beat them.

Skull Grunt: Fighting talk. Salandit, Toxic!

Salandit uses Toxic on Minior but nothing happens.

Jon: Huh?

Kukui: You see in its Meteor form, Minior can't get poisoned or take any status damage.

Drake: Cool.

Kyle: Pin Missile!

Ferroseed uses Pin Missile and hits Zubat.

Jon: Acrobatics!

Minior uses Acrobatics and hits Salandit and Golbat into Zubat, and they are all on the floor.

Jon: Finishing move?

Kyle: Always.

Jon: Dazzling Gleam!

Kyle: Flash Cannon.

The two moves heads towards Team Skull's Pokemon and hit them, causing them to crash into Team Skull. Team Skull return their Pokemon and run off.

Students: Cool!

Jon: Ferroseed is as great as ever.

Sycamore: Sure is.

Ferroseed glows blue.

Kukui: Oh my.

Maria: Ferroseed is evolving!

Students: Awesome!

Ferroseed's body increases in size and gets three arms. The blue light disperses and Ferroseed has evolved into Ferrothorn.

Kyle: Cool.

Rotom-Dex scans Ferrothorn.

Rotom-Dex: Ferrothorn, the Thorn Pod Pokemon, and the evolved form of Ferroseed. Ferrothorn is a Grass and Steel type. They attach themselves to cave ceilings, firing steel spikes at targets passing beneath them.

Jon: Like how Ferroseed met you.

Kyle: Yeah. Thanks for your help Ferrothorn.

Kyle returns Ferrothorn.

Jon: Great work again Minior!

Jon returns Minior.

Kukui: I didn't know you guys were coming back here.

Sycamore: You should have told us.

Maria: Either way, I'm pleased to see you all.

Maria hugs Kyle and then Jon.

Jon: It's good to see you too Maria.

Drake: So these are the new students then.

Kukui: Yes. We have just gone over move typing.

Mary: Cool.

Callum: I'm Callum.

Daisy: I'm Daisy

Millie: I'm Millie.

April: Nice to meet you all.

A Piplup walks up to Jon and looks at him.

Jon: A Piplup.

Piplup then walks towards a girl with a yellow dress on and brown hair. Jon recognises her.

Jon: Beth!

Beth: Jon!

Jon and Beth hug.

Mary: You know each other?

Jon: Yeah. Beth is my cousin. But I thought you were living in Sinnoh?

Beth: We did for a bit, but we moved here to Alola. I thought I may see you around when I call your house and Uncle Michael said you were on a journey travelling around Alola.

Jon: Hehe.

Drake: Well, I'm Drake.

Kyle: My names Kyle.

Mary: I'm Mary.

April: And my name is April.

Sycamore: So, how have your trials been?

Beth: Your taking the island trial?!

Jon: Yeah.

Kyle: I've beaten the Kahuna's on both Melemele Island and Akala Island. It's Ula'ula Island next.

Jon: Same here.

Drake: What are you two teaching here then?

Maria: I'm showing them contest moves and strategies.

Sycamore: While I'm showing them about Mega Evolution. Do you have your Mega Stone on you Jon?

Jon: I've left it at home.

Sycamore: I see. I was hoping to show them a Mega Pokemon.

Callum: Aw, that sucks that we can't.

Jon: Well, since there's a trading machine nearby.

Jon runs off and soon returns.

Jon: Right, come on out Beedrill!

Jon sends out Beedrill. Beedrill then gives Jon his Mega Ring, which has his Mega stone attached in the Mega Ring.

Millie: A Beedrill?!

Kukui: I never knew you owned a Beedrill.

Jon: I got Beedrill when it was a Weedle in Johto. Want to show them Mega Beedrill?

Beedrill nods.

Sycamore: Right, Mega Evolution is an extended evolution where Pokemon get stronger. Jon, do you mind showing them Beedrill's power now and then when it has Mega Evolved?

Jon: Sure. Use Venoshock on that boulder.

Beedrill uses Venoshock on the boulder, causing it to melt.

Beth: Awesome.

Jon: Right, let our hearts combine. Mega Evolve!

Jon taps his Key Stone and strings of light head towards Beedrill. The Beedrillite glows and sends strings of light towards Jon. The strings of light combine and then Beedrill glows blue and changes form. When the light disperses, Beedrill has Mega Evolved into Mega Beedrill.

Daisy: Cool.

Jon: Now, Venoshock!

Mega Beedrill uses Venoshock on the nearby boulder and it shatters into pieces.

Beth: That much power?!

Sycamore: Mega Evolution effects Pokemon in many ways. Some get a defence boost, some attack boost. Some get all their stats boosted.

Mega Beedrill then reverts back into Beedrill.

Callum: Wait, Beedrill can de-evolve?

Jon: Mega Evolution isn't like a normal Evolution. It's a special sort of Evolution.

Beth: That doesn't really explain it at all.

The school bell rings.

Kukui: Right, home time.

The students wave goodbye and head home. Beth and Piplup are still with Jon and the others.

Beth: Are you going to be here long?

Jon returns Beedrill.

Jon: Not sure. We still have Ula'ula Island to explore.

Mary: But staying for a while can't be bad.

Jon: Nah. This place is a bit nostalgic. If you're okay with us staying Professor?

Kukui: Of course. All the help we can get the better.

Mary: Alright!

The screen freezes.

Narrator: Our heroes arrived in Hau'oli City and went to the Pokemon School but Team Skull were causing trouble, but Jon and Kyle sent them packing. Jon met up with his cousin Beth and now our heroes are staying on Melemele Island for a bit to help out.

Major Events

  • Kyle's Ferroseed evolves into Ferrothorn
  • Our heroes return to the Pokemon School


Jon Spencer

Mary Potts

April Cass

Kyle Winterman

Maria Winterman

Beth Spencer

Professor Kukui

Professor Sycamore




Team Skull





Team Skull

  • Zubat
  • Golbat
  • Salandit