Age 45
Gender Male
Eye color Light Green
Hair color Grayish Blue
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Unknown
Trainer class Legendary Tamer

League Champion

Generation IV (as of the anime)
Games no
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Sinnoh
Champion of Sinnoh
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Tobias was one of the most powerful trainers in the world and owned three Legendary Pokémon.


Tobias was born in Hoenn and his very first Pokémon was a Mudkip. Nothing is known about his past except that he used Swampert to capture Darkrai and was able to catch both of the Eon duo.

Tobias was one of the very few trainers in the world who was the equal of Cynthia, Lance and Steven. While travelling through Sinnoh, Tobias' Darkrai, Latios and Latias defeated all challengers. He won eight badges effortlessly and advanced through the Pokémon League, using only Darkrai in the early stages until he faced Tom Norton. Tom managed to defeat Darkrai with his Garchomp and Latios with his Lucario but Latias finished Lucario winning the match for Tobias. Ash Ketchum proved to be a far greater challenge. Darkrai took out Heracross and Torkoal before losing to Sceptile. Latios defeated Sceptile and was knocked out by Pikachu. Swampert defeated Pikachu and Snorlax but whilst recharging from a Hydro Cannon he was knocked out by a single Steel Wing from Charizard. Charizard then managed to defeat Latias before finally falling to Ninetails' Fire Spin.

After winning the Lily of the Valley Island Conference, Tobias challenged the Elite 4. After beating all of them, he battled Cynthia who became the only known trainer to have defeated him. Tobias stayed as a member of the Elite 4 while Bertha retired and then challenged Cynthia a second time. This time he managed to win, becoming the Champion of Sinnoh.



Darkrai was Tobias' main Pokémon. It was a lethal sweeper who had defeated entire teams. During Tobias' battle with Tom Norton, Darkrai fought Spiritomb, Glaceon, Floatzel, Luxray and Garchomp. Spiritomb countered Dark Pulse with one of its own and then hit Darkrai with Ominous Wind before being frozen by Ice Beam and knocked out with Dark Pulse. Glaceon hit Darkrai with its own Dark Pulse by using Mirror Coat but Darkrai dodged Iron Tail and used Dark Void and Dream Eater to defeat her. Next it subdued Floatzel with a single Dark Pulse and defeated Luxray with the same move after taking a blow from Wild Charge. Garchomp tried to hit Darkrai with Dragon Rush. Darkrai dodged it and fired an Ice Beam but Garchomp narrowly avoided it. Garchomp then fired a Draco Meteor into the air but Darkrai dodged every single meteor and hit Garchomp in the chest with Ice Beam. When it tried to finish Garchomp with Dark Pulse however, Garchomp blocked the attack with his fins and slammed into Darkrai with Dragon Rush knocking it out.

Darkrai later battled Ash's Heracross, Torkoal and Sceptile. It resisted Heracross' Hidden Power and fired an Ice Beam. Heracross dodged it and smashed into Darkrai with Megahorn. Darkrai struck Heracross with another Ice Beam before dodging the next Megahorn and defeating Heracross with Dark Void and Dream Eater. Against Torkoal, Darkrai dodged Flamethrower and tried to hit Torkoal with Dark Pulse. Torkoal blocked it with Protect and hit Darkrai with Heat Wave. Darkrai then used Dark Void to put Torkoal to sleep before hitting it with Dream Eater. Torkoal was then put into more distress by Darkrai's Bad Dreams Ability and the Legendary Pokémon finished it with Dark Pulse. Against Sceptile, Darkrai took a hit from Quick Attack but then hit Sceptile with Ice Beam. Sceptile fired a Leaf Storm but Darkrai dodged it and tried to put Sceptile to sleep with Dark Void. Sceptile avoided it and hit Darkrai with Bullet Seed. Darkrai tried another Dark Void but Sceptile dodged it again before aiming another Bullet Seed which Darkrai avoided. Darkrai then raised a Dark Void above its head and fired a flurry of smaller orbs from the larger one it was holding. Sceptile dodged many of them but was eventually hit and put to sleep. Darkrai hit him with Dream Eater and then Sceptile was affected by Bad Dreams. However as Darkrai tried another Dream Eater, Sceptile woke up and Darkrai's attack passed through him harmlessly. Sceptile then activated Overgrow, leapt into the air, and slashed Darkrai with a devastating Leaf Blade, knocking it out.


Latios was first seen during Tobias' battle with Tom Norton where he fought Tom's Garchomp and Lucario. Latios dodged Garchomp's Dragon Rush and tried to hit him with Luster Purge. Garchomp blocked the attack with his fins so Latios tried to strike him with Dragon Claw. Garchomp used Crunch on Latios' arm and then hurled him to the ground before hitting him with Dragon Rush. Latios used Recover and in frustration Garchomp learned Giga Impact. Latios countered with his own Giga Impact but since he still had most of his energy thanks to Recover he endured the explosion while Garchomp fainted. Latios then battled Lucario easily resisting Aura Sphere and firing Luster Purge. Lucario hit Latios with Quick Attack and Latios used Dragon Claw to knock him away before using another Recover. Lucario slashed him with Metal Claw but was hit by Luster Purge which was quickly followed by Giga Impact. Exhausted but determined, Lucario got back up and hit Latios with Quick Attack before ducking under a Dragon Claw and striking him with Force Palm. Latios fired another Luster Purge but Lucario jumped and then hit Latios with two Metal Claws in a row, first with one hand, then with the other. Latios crashed to the ground and Tobias recklessly ordered him to finish Lucario with Giga Impact. Lucario waited until the last moment and then used Quick Attack to propel himself into the air. With Latios underneath him, and helpless whilst recharging from Giga Impact, Lucario slammed a Force Palm onto his back, creating a huge explosion. Lucario back flipped out of the smoke and landed on his knees, exhausted but still conscious. Latios was knocked out by the blast.

Latios then fought in Tobias' battle against Ash Ketchum where he took a blow from Sceptile's Overgrow boosted Leaf Storm. Sceptile then dodged Luster Purge and slashed Latios with Leaf Blade slamming him into the ground. Unlike against Lucario, Latios took the blow and used Recover. Sceptile hit him with another Leaf Storm but Latios fought back with Giga Impact and knocked him out. Latios then fought Pikachu, taking a Thunderbolt and overpowering Volt Tackle with Giga Impact. Pikachu then smashed Latios in the face with Iron Tail before striking him with another Thunderbolt. Latios used Recover and then fired Luster Purge. Pikachu dodged and hit him with Quick Attack but was then slashed by Dragon Claw. Latios attempted to use another Dragon Claw but this time Pikachu jumped onto his back and hit him several times with Thunderbolt until Latios threw him off. As Pikachu descended Latios fired another Luster Purge but Pikachu used a combination of Volt Tackle and Iron Tail somersaulting over and over until he hit Latios with both attacks. Latios collapsed and fainted.


Latias was first seen in a battle with Tom's Lucario. Lucario countered her Mist Ball with Aura Sphere and then hit her with the same double Metal Claw attack he had used against Latios. Latias fired another Mist Ball but Lucario dodged and hit her with Quick Attack before jumping above her, hoping to use the momentum of his fall to power up his Force Palm just as he had against Latios. Latias hit him in mid air with Hyper Beam and knocked him out.

Latias was later used against Ash's Charizard. She fired a Mist Ball and Charizard countered with Flamethrower. Charizard then tried Steel Wing but Latias dodged it and slashed him in the back with Dragon Claw throwing him to the ground. Charizard quickly recovered and hit Latias with a powerful Dragon Pulse followed by another Steel Wing. Latias used Recover but while she was using it she was hit by Flamethrower. She then hit Charizard with Mist Ball followed by Hyper Beam. To both Latias and Tobias' shock, Charizard stood back up and then used Seismic Toss. Latias proved to be one of the very few Pokémon capable of enduring Charizard's Seismic Toss but was badly hurt. Nonetheless she managed to get up and use Recover but was hit by Dragon Pulse in the middle of her Recover. She fired another Hyper Beam but Charizard used his Steel Wing as a shield before knocking out Latias with another Dragon Pulse.


Swampert was Tobias' Starter Pokémon and was stated to be the one he used to catch Darkrai. Swampert easily knocked out Ash's Pikachu with a single Hammer Arm and then fought against Snorlax. He countered Snorlax's Ice Punch with Hammer Arm and then hit it with Ice Beam. Snorlax used Hyper Beam but Swampert blocked it with Protect before hitting Snorlax with another Hammer Arm. However when Swampert tried another Ice Beam, Snorlax charged forwards and used the Ice Beam to power up his Ice Punch, freezing Swampert. Snorlax then used Hyper Beam, blasting Swampert out of the ice but also causing massive damage. Swampert then activated Torrent and defeated Snorlax with Hydro Cannon. Ash then sent out Charizard who easily defeated Swampert with Steel Wing before it could finish recharging from Hydro Cannon.


Ninetales was used to battle Ash's Charizard and as soon as it was brought out it used Drought. Charizard fired Flamethrower and Ninetales dodged it and hit Charizard with Fire Spin. Charizard, who was exhausted from battling Latias, was unable to take a Drought boosted Fire Spin and fainted.