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Phantomirage is a group of phantom thieves/Pokémon Trainers recruited by Professor Phandy to recover the Himitsu Keys. In order to do so, they steal Reverse Jewels from Team Yell's hearts to purify them into Himitsu Keys and later return their treasures to them by granting them a wish. They soon becomes famous from media and Internet, but also become targets of both normal police and Gyakugyaku-Police. Each girl owns a Himitsu Key and a Phantomi Ring, which they can use to transform using the lock-shaped bracelet, a Pokémon Wristlet (ファントミリスティ, Pokemonristi).[1] Each girl uses a Phantomi Trick (ファントミトリック, Fantomitorikku), a key-shaped baton that extracts and purifies Reverse Jewels into a Himitsu Keys.[1] The Himitsu Keys allow them to use different spy and stealth capabilities with their Phantomi Wristlets.

Kokomi Sakurai (桜衣ココミ, Sakurai Kokomi)
Played by: Minami Hishida[3]
Kokomi is a bright and energetic girl who loves fun things and people's smiles. Her family owns a bakery and cafe, which is very popular among both teenagers and young adults. Her Scorbunny evolves into Phantomi Raburn (ファントミハート, Fantomi Usakaen), with the catchphrase "My heart goes Flame-Flame!"[4] After meeting Phangry, she is given the Phantomi Dyna, which allows her Pokémon to enter a mode called "Daimax Style" and use the weapon/Max Move Phantomi Final.[5]
Saki Asumi (明日海サキ, Asumi Saki)
Played by: Kira Yamaguchi[3]
Saki is a cheerful and trendy girl who knows the latest Pokémon news. Though her parents are currently working overseas and return during the holidays, Saki is never lonely, since she always hangs out with Kokomi and Yotsuba. Her Sobble evolves into Phantomi Intelleon (ファントミスペード, Fantomi Intereon), with the catchphrase "It's just getting started!"[4]
Yotsuba Shizuki (紫月ヨツバ, Shizuki Yotsuba)
Played by: Toa Harada[3]
Yotsuba is gentle girl who has a high regard towards her family, raised by her mother who works nightly since her father died and looking after her sickly younger sister. Yotsuba decided to join Phantomirage in order to cure her sister's illness. She transforms into Phantomi Clover (ファントミローバー, Fantomi Kurōbā), with the catchphrase "I want to protect those who I care about!"[4]
Seira Kureha (紅羽セイラ, Kureha Seira)
Played by: Ran Ishii[6][7]
In the beginning, Seira was a mysterious girl who gives a clues about her. Initialy, she refused to work with the other girls due the she believes they are amateur and inexperienced and always working alone. This is resulting her life in danger. Later, after Seira is saved by Kokomi and others, she later learning both their wish and problems. Seira later admits she wanted recover her families phantom thief legacy. She started becomes more open and is like an older-sister to the others. With the Phantomi Dial, Seira transforms into Phantomi Diamond (ファントミダイヤ, Fantomi Daiya), with the catchphrase "Like a Phantomi, I've got it!"
Sarai (サライ, Sarai)
Played by: Ria Yamaguchi[5]
Sarai is a bright and cheerful 5th grade student who holds a mysterious power. Her catchphrase is, "I've located your uncool heart!"[5]

Allies and Civilians[edit]

Kumachi (くまちぃ, Kumachi)
Voiced by: Tsubasa Honda[3]
A teddy-bear like fairy sent from the Upside-Down World to recruit ideal Phantomirage members under Phandy's order. Her silk hat is a portal that allows her to send the Reverse Jewels that the Phantomirage trio retrieves to Phandy.
Phandy (ファンディー, Fandii)
Played by: Mandy Sekiguchi[3]
Phantomirage’s boss and mentor, sending Kumachi to the human world to recruit the Phantomirage members in order collect the Gyāku Jewels which he keeps in his safe. Normally communicating with the Phantomirage via holograms, he warns them not to reveal their true identities to non-Secret Heroines or something horrible will happen, and may scold the Phantomirage also for putting people's lives in danger.
Shinichi Sakurai (桜衣慎一, Sakurai Shinichi)
Played by: Takumi Saitoh[3]
Kokomi's father runs a family bakery and cafe which his daughter and her friends hang out. Shinichi is the first reverse police victim as they turning him into the Ikenaier Amakunaier (アマクナイヤー, Amakunaiyā) before his daughter returned him back to normal.
Minoru Umeno (梅野 実, Umeno Minoru)
Played by: Takafumi Imai
Kokomi's uncle and Shinichi's little brother who frequently visits their shop.
Fumiaki Sakagami (坂上 ⽂秋, Sakagami Fumiaki)
Played by: Ryoka Minamide
Fumiaki is the girls' classmate who often visits Kokomi's shop, he starts up a Phantomirage fanclub after first seeing them in action.
Kazuha Shizuki (紫⽉ ⼀葉, Shizuki Kazuha)
Played by: Seiko Iwaidou
Yotsuba's mother who started working at a flower shop after losing her husband. Despite never being together with her daughters, she always loves them.
Nanoha Shizuki (紫⽉ ナノハ, Shizuki Nanoha)
Played by: Miyu Sasaki
Yotsuba's little sister whose illness motivated Yotsuba into becoming a Phantomirage.
Phangry/Jun Oguri (ファングリ / 大栗純, Fanguri / Oguri Jun)
Played by: Shun Oguri
Phandy's older brother and the boss of Phantomirage.

Gyakugyaku Police[edit]

Gyakugyaku Police (逆逆警察, Gyakugyaku Keisatsu, Reverse Police) are an illegal police group from the Upside-Down World who "Reverse Arrest" a nice and cool person, using the Reverse Jewels to polarize their hearts and turn them into an evil, uncool Ikenaiers (イケナイヤー, Ikenaiyā). Their actions attract the attention of the real police.

Chief Gyanne (ギャンヌ署長, Gyannu-shochō)
Played by: Nicole Ishida[3]
The Chief of the Gyakugyaku Police, using her subordinates to do all the work due to being lazy.
Officer Magyakku (マギャク巡査, Magyakku-junsa)
Played by: Kōdai Kuroishi[3]
The Clique of the Gyakugyaku Police in childish clothing who is normally partnered with Abekobe, preferring forceful arrests that than thinking things through.
Detective Abekobe (アベコベ刑事, Abekobe Deka)
Played by: Pee[3]
The brains of the Gyakugyaku Police, though it is a mystery if she’s actually smart or not.
Chief Summer (サマー署長, Samā-shochō)
Played by: Miyuki Ōshima[8]
A summer-only leader of the group.

The Tokusatsu type can be Pokémon like Yatterwoof etc.

The Girls x Heroine mascots are like Pokemon since they appear outta everyday stuff.


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