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Special Ability
Location captured
Route 109
Current Location
Professor Rowan's lab

Spiritomb was one of Tom Norton's Pokémon.


Spiritomb was captured after Ash Ketchum's Buizel accidentally smashed its shrine. After it defeated Ash's Pikachu, Tom battled it with his Chimchar and managed to catch it. However because of Spiritomb's vicious temper, Tom decided to split from Ash, Dawn and Brock.

Spiritomb later formed a friendship with Cynthia's Spiritomb who convinced it that humans weren't as bad as it thought they were. It then became Tom's strongest Pokémon although it lost its position when Tom caught Gabite and was surpassed when his Riolu evolved into Lucario.

Spiritomb battled against both Maylene and Fantina and in both battles it defeated two Pokémon in a row, defeating Maylene's Meditite and Machoke and Fantina's Mismagius and Drifblim.

Spiritomb was also used to battle Tobias but was frozen by his Darkrai's Ice Beam and then knocked out by Dark Pulse.

Spiritomb spent most of its time at Professor Rowan's lab. Since it was such a rare Pokémon, Rowan enjoyed studying it. Spiritomb fought in the Silver Conference where it defeated a Mismagius and a Smeargle in a row.

Spiritomb became one of Tom's most commonly used Pokémon while he was the Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid.


When Tom first met Spiritomb it was extremely aggressive to the point of trying to kill Ash's Pikachu. Spiritomb was a danger to everyone around it and was very disobedient in addition to being extremely violent. However when it met Cynthia's Spiritomb it realised that living with a trainer wasn't so bad. Although it had gotten over its aggression, Spiritomb still enjoyed scaring everyone around it although Tom and Lucario got used to this. Most of Tom's Pokémon gave Spiritomb a wide berth with only Lucario seeming comfortable around it.


  • Dark Pulse

    Dark Pulse.

  • Shadow Ball
  • Hypnosis
  • Dream Eater
  • Hyper Beam
  • Confuse Ray
  • Ominous Wind


  • It is impossible for a Spiritomb to have the Levitate Ability in the games but it is clearly shown levitating in the anime.
  • Spiritomb is the only one of Tom's Pokémon apart from Shedinja who has no gender. However unlike Shedinja it can be male or female in the games. The reason it has no gender is that it is made up from 108 spirits and 54 of those spirits are male while the other 54 are female.
    • Spiritomb is also essentially the opposite of Tom's Celebi in regards to genders from the Pokémon games. Although Celebi is genderless in the games, Tom's Celebi is female and although Spiritomb can be male or female in the games, Tom's Spiritomb is genderless.
  • Spiritomb was the first Pokémon to disobey Tom.
  • Spiritomb is the only one of Tom's Pokémon that has no type weaknesses. This makes it arguably one of Tom's strongest Pokémon.