Tornmark Island, Watch Out!
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United States September 9, 2017
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Jon, Kyle, Maria, Zoey, April, Drake, Kukui and Beth are outside the Pokemon school the next day. Mary then walks up to them.

Mary: Hey there.

Jon: Hi. Have fun?

Mary: Yeah. So, are we leaving today?

Drake: Sure are.

Kukui: Have a safe boat trip.

Zoey: Look after yourselves.

Maria: And next time we meet Jon, I want to battle you.

Jon: Considering it done.

Beth: I hope to see you soon cousin.

Piplup: Lup!

Jon: Take care of Beth Piplup.

Piplup nods.

Drake: Right, shall we continue?

Jon, Typhlosion, Drake, April, Mary and Rotom-Dex leave the school grounds and the screen fades to them on a ship. The ship is a resort liner heading to Ula'ula Island. There is a swimming pool on the main deck. Jon and Drake are in the swimming trunks. Typhlosion, Mary and April are sunbathing on deck chairs. There are many other trainers, people and Pokemon on the boat too. Popplio is out of her Pokeball and the rest of Jon's Pokeballs are by his clothes near Mary. Jon, Drake and Popplio are swimming and playing in the pool. Jon climbs out and as he does, he hears some commotion.

Jon: What's that about?

Suddenly, a Turtonator walks into view from the side pathway of the ship. Turtonator uses Dragon Pulse towards People.

Jon: Not good. Moonblast!

Popplio uses Moonblast and the move hits Turtonator. A female trainer wearing a green summery dress walks next to Turtonator.

Female: Why are you angry Turtonator?

Turtonator then uses Hyper Beam and the move lands near Jon, causing an explosion which sends him overboard the ship and crashing into the sea below. Popplio jumps out of the pool and jumps off the side of the boat into the sea. Jon's vision gets blurry and he closes his eyes. Soon, Jon slowly opens his eyes and sees the sun shinning on his face. He moves his head right and sees Popplio, who is happy that he is awake. Jon sits up.

Jon: Popplio?

Jon remembers what happened.

Jon: You saved me after I got blasted off the ship?

Popplio: Pop.

Popplio nods.

Jon: Great, thanks Popplio. However, we have no idea where we are.

Popplio looks sad. Then Popplio sees some smoke in the distance.

Popplio: Pop!

Jon: You're right, it is smoke. Might be a house over there, let's look.

Jon and Popplio begin to walk along the coastline of the Island, however they are soon stopped in their tracks by a Crabominable.

Jon: Great.

Crabominable uses Blizzard towards them.

Jon: Moonblast!

Popplio uses Moonblast and connects with Blizzard, cancelling out the move.

Jon: Bubble Beam!

Popplio uses Bubble Beam and hits Crabominable.

Jon: Let's run.

Popplio jumps into Jon's arms and then Jon runs. They are now in a forest area. Jon treads on a green leaf, but it grabs his left foot and causes him to fall over and drop Popplio. The Pokemon grabbing hold of Jon's foot is a Fomantis.

Jon: A Fomantis! I didn't--

Jon gets cut off by Fomantis using Weather Ball on him. Jon rolls back and Popplio creates a bubble to stop him from rolling.

Jon: Thanks Popplio.

Popplio then uses Hyper Voice towards Fomantis, but Fomantis uses Leaf Storm to cancel out Hyper Voice.

Jon: Bubble Beam!

Popplio uses Bubble Beam towards Fomantis but Fomantis jumps and dodges the attack.

Jon: I think we need to retreat.

Popplio nods and jumps into Jon's arms as he runs. Fomantis uses Solar Beam and hits Jon and Popplio causing them to fly into the air and land on the floor, skidding along the floor and towards the edge of a sharp drop. They finally stop, halfway across the ledge, balancing. Jon sighs and the rock breaks, causing Jon and Popplio to fall towards the floor and lands on a big pile of leaves.

Jon: That was a soft landing.

Popplio nods. Jon gets up and walks along more but gets stopped by an Ursaring.

Jon: An Ursaring!

Ursaring uses Focus Blast hitting Popplio.

Jon: Popplio!

Popplio gets up.

Jon: Great Popplio.

However, Ursaring unleashes a barrage of Hammer Arm's, hitting Popplio a lot. Popplio is on the floor. Ursaring looks at Popplio and charges up for a Focus Blast, but Jon stands in the way.

Jon: Don't attack Popplio!

Popplio tries to keep her eyes open. Ursaring doesn't listen to Jon and uses Focus Blast at him, hitting him and causing him to fly backwards and crash into a tree.

Popplio: Popplio!

Popplio struggles up, but collapses. Ursaring moves towards Popplio slowly, and tauntingly. Jon staggers up and runs in front of Popplio, protecting her from Ursaring. Ursaring stops and then uses Hyper Beam towards Jon. Popplio jumps in the way and takes the full force of the attack.

Jon: Popplio!

When the dust clears, Popplio is covered in blue light. Ursaring moves back a little and Popplio's body changes and evolves into Brionne.

Jon: Brionne!

Brionne then uses Ice Beam and freezes Ursaring.

Jon: Great job! Let's get a move on fast!

Both Jon and Brionne run as fast as they can and arrive at a house where the smoke was coming from. An old woman is sitting on her porch. Jon and Brionne go to the porch.

Woman: Oh dear, why are you running?

Jon: Well we arrived here after I fell off a ship, Brionne saved me and then we kept running into wild Pokemon who wanted to attack us.

Woman: Oh dear, that sounds horrible. Why don't you come in for a bowl of soup both of you. And you can call the Police on Ula'ula Island too.

Jon: Thank you.

Jon and Brionne follow the woman into her house and after a while they exit, where a Charizard is waiting outside for Jon and Brionne.

Jon: Thanks Charizard. And thank you for the hospitality.

Jon climbs onto Charizard and Brionne jumps up onto Charizard too and Charizard takes flight. Soon, they arrive at the port and see Drake, Mary, April, Typhlosion, Rotom-Dex and officer Jenny.

Drake: Took your time.

Jon and Brionne get off Charizard.

April: A Brionne?

Mary: Did Popplio evolve?

Jon: Sure did.

Rotom-Dex: Allow me.

Rotom-Dex scans Brionne.

Rotom-Dex: Brionne, the Pop Star Pokemon. Brionne is a Water type. It cares deeply for its companions. When it's trainer is feeling down, it performs a cheery dance to try and help.

Jon: That's cute.

Drake: Right, shall we head to the Pokemon Center and get some rest?

Mary: Yeah.

The screen freezes.

Narrator: It's been a busy day for our heroes, but for Jon and Popplio the most. After being lost on Tornmark Island, Jon and Popplio tried to get off it but were attacked by a lot of Pokemon, which lead to Popplio evolving into Brionne. Now, with a new Pokemon, our heroes adventure is sure to be jam packed.

Major Events

  • Jon's Popplio evoles into Brionne, and learns Ice Beam.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Maria Winterman

Kyle Winterman

Beth Spencer

Zoey Spencer


Old Lady




  • Crabominable
  • Ursaring
  • Fomantis