Torracat Nightmares
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United States July 15, 2017
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Everyone is asleep in their rooms in the Pokemon Center. All of Jon's Pokemon are out in his room. The camera moves in towards Torracat. Then we see Torracat in a field with loads of Litten and an Incineroar. Torracat uses Fire Fang on a rock, but fails and hurts its teeth. The Litten and Incineroar begin to laugh.

Torracat: Torra!

Incineroar: In Incineroar!

Torracat tries again and fails. All the Litten and Incineroar laugh again. Torracat suddenly wakes up, panting. Torracat looks around and sees Jon in bed, with Typhlosion, Popplio, Bounsweet, Mudbray and Jangmo-o sleeping on the floor in Pokemon beds. Torracat sighs in relief that it was just a dream, but can't shake the feeling that he can't use Fire Fang. Torracat leaves the room, waking Jon up in the process.

Jon (Yawning): Torracat?

Jon gets changed and follows Torracat, soon finding him outside using Fire Fang on some rocks. Torracat uses the attack successfully. Torracat tries again but fails.

Jon: You're practising on mastering Fire Fang?

Torracat turns around and sees Jon and then nods.

Jon: I thought you had it mastered when you evolved? Why do you feel that you don't?

Torracat: Cat, Torracat Torra Ra.

Jon: Ah, I see. Another nightmare.

Torracat looks surprised.

Jon: I know you've had nightmares when you were a Litten about not being able to use Flame Charge effectively. Or any of your fire type attacks. You perform to the best of your ability and this is all that I ask of you.

Torracat smiles.

Jon: So, let's go for a run, it'll help clear our minds.

Jon and Torracat begin to run. The run around the whole of Heahea city, and return to the Pokemon Center.

Jon: Now, use Fire Fang!

Torracat runs towards the rock using Fire Fang, and it is working till he remembers his nightmare and then Fire Fang fails and Torracat just bites down on the rock.

Jon: What happened?

Torracat: Cat, Torracat.

Jon: I'll still want you as my Pokemon Torracat, no matter what.

Josie, in her usual clothes, walks out of the Pokemon Center towards them.

Josie: So it's you two.

Jon: Hey. Did we wake you?

Josie: A bit yeah.

Jon: Sorry.

Josie: Don't worry about it. So what are you two doing?

Jon: Torracat wants to perfect Fire Fang as he keeps on having nightmares about failing the move when surrounded by loads of Litten and an Incineroar.

Josie: Oh, I see.

Jon: Again!

Torracat runs towards the rock and uses Fire Fang, but the move fails at the last second.

Josie: I know what you are doing wrong.

Jon: Huh?

Josie: Come on out Torracat!

Josie sends out Torracat.

Josie: Use Fire Fang on the rock!

Josie's Torracat vents heat from her stomach towards her mouth and then uses Fire Fang and hits the rock successfully.

Josie: Just like that.

Jon: So you concentrate fire energy around your waist and then execute the attack. Want to give it a try?

Jon's Torracat nods. Josie's Torracat goes through what to do in stages with Jon's Torracat, who follows it all precisely.

Jon: Do it!

Jon's Torracat uses Fire Fang at the rock and manages to pull off the attack successfully.

Jon: Way to go Torracat!

The sky begins to turn orange, as the sun rises.

Josie: Sun rise.

Jon: Haven't seen one of them in a while.

???: Well, well, well.

Jon, Josie and their Pokemon turn around to see Team Skull there.

Jon: You guys!

Grunt 1: You have picked the wrong time to cross into our path!

Josie: How could we if we were staying still in the same place!

Grunt 2: Arguing back isn't very nice. Go!

Team Skull send out five Yungoos and five Garbodor.

Jon: You really want to fight?

Josie: Then you'll have one! Bite!

Josie's Torracat runs towards the Yungoos using Bite.

Grunt 1: Use Hidden Power!

The five Yungoos use Hidden Power and hit Josie's Torracat back.

Jon: Use Scratch!

Jon's Torracat runs towards Garbodor using Scratch.

Grunt 2: Venoshock!

The five Garbodor use Venoshock and hits Jon's Torracat.

Josie: This isn't working. Flamethrower!

Josie's Torracat uses Flamethrower and the move hits the Yungoos.

Jon: Great hit. Now, Fire Fang!

Jon's Torracat runs at Garbodor using Fire Fang and is close to hitting them, but Fire Fang fails and Jon's Torracat is just biting one of the Garbodor's.

Grunt 2: Gunk Shot!

The Garbodor shakes Jon's Torracat off and then they all use Gunk Shot, hitting Jon's Torracat, causing a lot of damage.

Jon: Torracat!

Jon's Torracat gets back up.

Jon: That's a relief.

Josie: Fury Swipes!

Josie's Torracat runs in towards Garbodor.

Grunt 2: Venoshock!

The five Garbodor use Venoshock, with Josie's Torracat dodging three of the attacks, but the other two hit and sends Josie's Torracat towards Josie, landing on the floor.

Josie: Argh.

Grunt 1: You can't win.

Josie's Torracat stands up and then glows in a blue light and begins to evolve. Torracat stands on two legs and grows taller. When the light disperses, Torracat has evolved into Incineroar.

Josie: Incineroar!

Jon: Whoa.

Incineroar then runs at the five Garbodor and hits them using Darkest Lariat.

Jon: Awesome. Now Work Up!

Torracat uses Work Up and increases his attack.

Jon: Now, Flame Charge!

Torracat uses Flame Charge and the move hits the Yungoos, knocking them into the air.

Josie: Flamethrower!

Incineroar uses Flamethrower and sends the Garbodor into the air.

Josie: Darkest Lariat!

Incineroar uses Darkest Lariat and hits the Garbodor and Yungoos down onto the floor, in front of Team Skull, knocking them out. The Skull return their Pokemon.

Grunt 1: You'll regret this!

The Skull Grunts run off fast.

Jon: Nothing ever changes.

Josie chuckles.

Josie: It's awesome you evolved into Incineroar!

Incineroar: Roar!

Jon: Torracat, do you want to try Fire Fang once more?

Torracat looks a bit scared.

Jangmo-o: Jangmo-o!

Mudbray: Mudbray!

Bounsweet: Sweet!

Popplio: Popplio!

Typhlosion: Ty!

Jon, Josie, Torracat and Incineroar turn around and see Jon's Pokemon, Rotom-Dex, April, Mary and Drake standing behind them.

Jon: See, everyone believes in you. Go for it!

Torracat nods and then runs towards the rock and uses Fire Fang, and makes contact with the rock, causing it to shatter into pieces.

Jon: Yes!

Josie: Seems like Torracat has mastered Fire Fang.

April: Awesome.

Mary: What happened out here?

Jon: Just Team Skull.

Drake: Them again.

Mary: Shall we get some breakfast?

Josie: Yeah!

Everyone heads back into the Pokemon Center. The screen freezes.

Narrator: The night began with Torracat having a nightmare about failing as a Pokemon and not being able to use Fire Fang. But with the help of Jon, Josie and her Torracat, he was able to know what the best way to deal the attack was. Then Team Skull arrives and attacked, with Josie's Torracat evolving into Incineroar, they defeated Team Skull, and then with everyone's help and cheers, Torracat successfully mastered Fire Fang. Now, our heroes head in for breakfast.

Major Events

  • Jon's Torracat have nightmares about using Fire Fang, but masters the move by the end of the episode, coached by Josie's Torracat.
  • Josie's Torracat evolves into Incineroar and learns Darkest Lariat.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Josie Adams

Team Skull




Team Skull

  • Yungoos (x5)
  • Garbodor (x5)