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This is the story of Aaron, a boy and a brand new trainer from the region of Disen-Dagger. The story follows his slightly dark yet comedic journey as he tries to find out really, who is he? He holds the natural and uncanny ability of creating a negative response from most pokemon, even those that he has caught. The first few chapters will focus on him beginning as a trainer, and him meeting his companion(s). It should be a good story...hopefuly.

Age 15
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Blue
Region Disen-Dagger
Relatives Mother
Trainer class
Generation 3
Leader of Unknown
Badge None
Elite Trainer of
Champion of
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None


Aaron is a rather quiet teenager, preferring to keep to himself rather than expressing his constant thoughts. He often dresses for a cold climate, this usually includes a white coat, a muffler, ear muffs and gloves. ALways prepped for battle, he carries his pokeballs inside of his coat, that way securing them and ensuring that he doesn't lose them.

Despite his quiet and cold personality, Aaron cares greatly for his pokemon, willing to put himself in harm's way if his pokemon are ever presented with a threatening situation.

Aaron's Team

Aaron is the protagonist of the story "Touch of Trust". By a series of intriguing events, a professor gives him a choice of either one or two of the 15 starter pokemon. Aaron, being completely unaware of the responsibility, chooses 2 starters. He has a rather limited range of knowledge, and relies heavily on his pokedex.


Chapter 1. A Waltz in moonlight

It was midnight, or at the very least close to it. The moon was out, and nocturnal pokemon had sprouted out of their homes, flying or crawling into existance. But none of that mattered to the boy. He was on the sand, on the beach, his feet getting washed by the seawater every passing second. He was conscious, he was injured, he was starving but most of all...he was alive. The men in black and white coats with those knives, the blinding lights, the tubes in his throat, none of that would ever come back to haunt him. He had run out of the labarotory, and jumped off the cliff face into the ocean. Under normal circumstancs he would be dead, but a passing herd of Wailords had saved him. Even now he could not believe he was free. That lab had been his life, those men never told him what they were doing, and yet he did not resist. But, one question kept on bugging him:

What now?

In his time in the lab, he had read books about money, about how these things called shops did not provide materials unless you gave them money first. He had no money...

It was dark, and he was hungry and freezing. Was he going to die?

Normally that thought would be laughable but, for a seven year old who had just been in the ocean for the past few hours, it was close to a reality. However, his time would not be yet. For it would seem that the holy gods of the world, or Arceus if you would, had decided that they would grant him another chance.

His eyes were heavy...his throat was parched. There was much water but, he wasn't too keen to drink it, as he had thrown up when he had swallowed some. In the black darkness, a soft light came from where his eyes could not reach. The light slowly grew stronger and larger, and from several meters away it looked like a person in the odd...was this some sort of invention that the lab coat people created? Perhaps it was an angel...beasts of the sky who were servants of Arceus. Slowly, the figure came closer until he had to squeeze his eyes tight to avoid being blinded.

Squinting, he could make out a white dress...that had no legs. A green paw that held three finger like objects reached down and patted his head. The light was soon bearable, and looking up, he could make out a round head...the only part that was definite to him being the red eyes that peeked out of a green fringe. It smiled at him, before closing his eyes. Breathing in deep, he felt completely at peace, as the mysterious figure slowly slipped away, taking his past along with it...

_____________________________________8 Years On_____________________________________

The door to the house slowly opened. Into the house a teenager dressed completely for winter stepped in. Turning around, a women in her 30s greeted him "Oh! Welcome back Aaron!". In reply, Aaron simply nodded before making is way upstairs into his room. At the top of the stairs, he turned left and opened a door that had been painted with a snow like colour. Stepping in, Aaron walked to his bed and collapsed, exahusted from the day's activities. He wasn't a trainer yet, even though there were kids younger than him that already had their pokemon. Sighing, Aaron put an arm over his eyes and remembered what he had said to the professor

Why can't I have a pokemon?

Because Aaron, you don't hold enough responsibility

Why, does this have to do with me not being able to remember who I was?

No, not at all, this has nothing to do with that

Then why?

Because, you don't hold responsibility.

What do you mean by-

What I mean is that you don't love these pokemon. Yes there are despicable people out there such as Team Galactic or Team Rocket but, they at the very least see their pokemon as a partner, somebody that will fight for them. Let me ask you this Aaron, what do you see pokemon as?

Grumbling, Aaron woke up and got out of his bed and went to his desk. Turning on the lamp, he opened his all time favourite book and once again began reading it.

In the world, there are countless legends that have existed. Sure, there may be stories about Arceus, Groudon and Kyogre, Lugia and Ho-Oh, The three legendary dogs, even of Mewtwo and Mew. But, there exists legends who are not pokemon, rather they are trainers. Trainers who had saved the world on at least one occasion and, just like the legendaries mentioned before, these people are very much real.

Firstly, there was Red and Blue. Blue went on to become the leader of the Cinnabar Island Gym, taking over after it's leader was revealled to be the mastermind of Team Rocket. Red on the other hand, became known as one of the strongest trainers in history, and amongt the world's current elites today.

Ethan would spring up several years later, exactly three years after Red was marked down as a champion. After much hardships, he proved himself as a legend by saving Johto from immense danger and managing to succesfully defeat Red at the summit of the legendary Mt. Silver.

Alongside Ethan would be a girl by the name of Lyra. Like Ethan, she became a primary champion in the Johto league, and was noted down for taking a major role in saving Johto from danger.

There are several other champions in the course of history. Brendan, May, Lucas, Dawn, Hillbert, Hilda, Kris the list goes on for some length. But, the question is: What makes a Legend? Is it their deeds? Their character? Their strength? Their pokemon? Or is it something entierly different. Read on and you yourself may become a grand Legend yourself!'''

Closing the book, Aaron put it away. Leaning back in his chair he didn't look like he was going to be getting a pokemon anytime soon...which lessened his chances of becoming a campion of some sorts in the world. Getting up, he walked over to his window and saw that it was dark outside...exceptionally dark. But, in the distance he could see a white light, a light that seemed to be like a constant flash. Aaron frowned, he was certain he had seen that light before but...where? Curiosity soon got the better of him as he buttoned up his coat and put on his usual attire. Running down the stairs, he quickly anounced to his mother that he was going out for a bit, before quickly closing the door. Making his shoes were tied, Aaron made a dash for the white light, not realizing that it was in the middle of a forest...

Chapter 2. What is a Pokemon to You?


The appearance of Aaron is of Uranus, or Grigori 03, from the action manga Psyren. His speciality is Ice type pokemon, yet he prefers to avoid using them unless necessary.

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