CuadradytTriangult (#???)Formyt
Helmayns Region
Cuadradyt (#001) – Triangult (#002)Formyt

Name Triangult
Japanese Name -
Stage Stage 1
Evolves from Cuadradyt (Lv 19)
Evolves to Formyt (Lv 30)
Species Electro-Triangle
Types All
Height 1' 9"
Weight 2 kg
Ability Mutant Body

Triangult is a FakeMon crated by Platin-chird.

In the PAAA Anime

Is one of the Andrew's Starter Pokémon. It started with Cuadradyt, but it evolved.

In the games

Appears only in Pokémon Riamao, in it egg, or specialy obtained from the Professor Oak.

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