Tyler Redding
タイラーレッド Taira Reddo
Tyler Red
Artwork from Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Mom
Trainer class Pokemon Trainer

Tyler Redding is one of the main characters of the Pokémon Reborn series and is the central protagonist of Pokemon Reborn: Kanto Quest. His appearance is based off of Red from the Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green third generation games.

Character History

Pokemon Reborn: Kanto Quest

Tyler wakes up early in the morning in his Pallet Town home and walks down stairs, his mother bids him goodbye as he is going on a Pokémon Journey and will be leaving home. After his mother says her goodbyes to her son, Tyler leaves the house and heads over to Professor Oak's Laboratory, inside of the laboratory waiting for him is Professor Oak. Standing with Professor Oak is his arch childhood rival, Tommy Blue and his close friend Leira Green who are both waiting on him so they can choose their Pokémon. Professor Oak allows Tyler to choose his Pokémon first which he picks Charmander because he has dreams of wanting a Charizard later on in his adventure, Tommy then picks Squirtle so he can beat Tyler with it whilst Leira chooses Bulbasaur as it is the only Pokémon left. As the three trainers prepare to leave Professor Oak's lab so they can begin their adventures, Tommy challenges Tyler to a battle in which Tommy is ultimately the victor. After the battle with Tommy, Leira suggests that she and Tyler travel together which Tyler agrees to. Both Tyler and Leira leave Pallet Town and journey out to Route One where Tyler captures his first Pokémon, a Pidgey. Tyler and Leira then arrive in Viridian City where they Tommy losing a battle to a girl with a Pikachu who then introduces herself as Electra Yellow, Electra then asks if she could join Leira and Tyler on their travels which they accept.

Tyler along with Electra and Leira journey into Viridian Forest and are attacked by a swarm of Beedrill. Tyler flees the scene, leading Electra and Leira to deal with the Beedrill swarm. Tyler later bumps into a strange man wearing a suit with a red printed "R". The mysterious man then directs Tyler out of the forest. Tyler heads in Pewter City and challenges the gym leader Brock to a battle, at first things appear to be going bad for Tyler durng the battle as his Pidgey is quickly defeated by Brock's Geodude however when Tyler checks in his Charmander who learns Metal Claw Tyler is able to defeat Brock and his Onix and earn the Boulder Badge.

After earning his Boulder Badge, Tyler and his crew head to Mt. Moon where they meet Dennis, a Pokémon Trainer/Scientist who is looking for rare Pokémon in Mt. Moon. Tyler and his gang agree to help Dennis search for his rare Pokémon and they journey inside of Mt. Moon. Tyler and his gang quickly encounter a member of Team Rocket abusing a Sandshrew, Tyler and his crew watch as Dennis defeats the grunt with his Rhyhorn and then Tyler captures the injured Sandshrew.


On Hand

Charmander HGSS


Tyler's Charmander was the first ever Pokémon to be owned by him. Tyler obtained the Pokémon from Professor Oak at the beginning of his adventure in Pallet Town as a starting Pokémon. Tyler's Charmander is a strong willed fighter but overall has a childish and naive perrsona.

Started with in Chapter 1 of Pokemon Reborn: Kanto Quest.



Tyler's Pidgey was the first Pokémon that Tyler captured on his adventure. While venturing on Route One, the Pidgey attacked Tyler in a fit of rage. Tyler defeated the Pidgey and captured it. Since being captured Tyler's Pidgey has become a useful Pokémon on Tyler's team.

Captured in Chapter 1 of Pokemon Reborn: Kanto Quest.



Tyler obtained his Sandshrew while trekking through Mt. Moon. The Sandshrew was being tormented by a member of the notorious Rocket Gang. After the Rocket Gang member was defeated, Tyler befriended the Sandshrew and captured it.

Badges Obtained

Indigo League

Badge Obtained in
Boulder Badge Chapter 3


  • Tyler's name is a pun of the game name of Fire Red. (Tyler = Fire)
  • Tyler is based off Red from the Pokémon games.
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