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 Current Alias Zeraora
 Kanji スコール
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 Aliases Knucklehead Scorbunny (ナックルヘッドヒゼラオラ Nakkuruheddo Zeraora?)
Appleatic (リンゴ中毒 Ringo chūdoku?, Lit. "Apple addiction")
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Tyr (ティール Tīru?) is the name that an Zeraora gave himself upon being "born" into the world. In reality, Tyr is a reincarnated human known as Aether, a Pokémon Trainer who died in the Alola region.

At some point, Tyr became an mythical Pokémon, and is credited as one of the Five Kings by the Aura Order.


Origins & Birth

Aether was an well known Pokémon Trainer born in the Johto region who participated in three different leagues. Aether was the son of Nyx and a trusted friend to Professor Elm and Oak, as well as Cythnia and the elite fours of Johto, Kanto and Sinnoh leagues, including being called a great hero in all three regions.

Throuhout his travel in Sinnoh, Aether was known to be strategic, this is commented upon his encounter with Ash Ketchum, who noticed his calmed composure during the many battles, showing him to be experienced. After his defeat in the Sinnoh league and the many leagues after, he decided to have a vacation and went to Alola.

At Alola, Aether brought his Pokémon that he has befriended with him, relaxing at the island region. Due to his status, he has been invited by Professor Kukui to educate on the students at the Pokémon school, not knowing that Ash was attending also. At the school, Aether showcased his own Pokémon he has acquired, including the mighty lugia, shocking and also making Lana faint from exctiment. However 10 days after visting the Pokémon School, Aether and his two Pokémon; Lucario and Huginn were forced into combat against a total of three Bewears. During the fighting, one of them was able to bypass Lucario and grabbed Aether for a hug, instantly breaking his spine and killing him instantly. Lucario in the fit of rage and agony, was able to engage Mega Evolution without the need of Key Stone or Mega Stone, and used her augmented aura capabilities to defeat the Bewears.

At this point in time, Aether's Pokémon transported his body to Professor Kukui due to not knowing what to do, where Kukui arranged transport back to Johto for a proper funeral and burial.

New Life

An Zeraora suddenly jolted awakened after having a supposedly vivid dream, but also not knowing where he is, who or what he is. As he began to sit straight, he began to remember vivid memories, his past life where suddenly he called himself Aether and remembered he was battling against Bewears before one was able to get to him, only remembering a sudden intense pain before nothing. Shaking his head, he noticed a pond and would stand to walk over to it. As he looked at his reflection, he was shaken internally as he find himself staring at a yellow-furred Pokémon. He remembered now, he died and somehow either reincarnated into this Pokémon, or this Pokémon somehow has memories of a human. Nevertheless, he believed himself to be Aether, and believes that he was reincarnated as soon as he died in his past life. However he also decided to change his name from Aether, as Aether is now technically dead, and began to call himself Tyr.

Appearance & Biology

Tyr full body.png

Tyr is an Zeraora ,a bipedal feline Pokémon with primarily yellow and black fur. The fur is thinner and black on his lower legs, lower body, upper arms, and face, and is thicker and yellow everywhere else. There is also a zigzagging black stripe on each thigh and two more stripes on each forearm. There are small tufts of light blue fur on his chest and a longer tuft on his forehead. He also has a single, lightning bolt-shaped blue whisker on each cheek. A long, ponytail-like or tail-like bunch of fur extends from between his shoulders. He has large ears with black insides and blue eyes. His forepaws have four clawed fingers and light blue pads, while his hindpaws have only three clawed toes.

Zeraora lacks an electricity-generating organ, so Tyr learn to gather and store electricity from outside sources. He learn to create a very powerful magnetic field through the strong electric currents emitted from his paw pads. Using this magnetic field allows him to levitate and move at high speeds while airborne, and through this can travel as fast as a lightning strike. His fur is known to stand on end whenever it is using massive amounts of electricity. He can tear its opponents apart with its high-voltage claws, even if the opponent dodges, they still get electrocuted by the flying sparks. Lighting flashes and thunderclaps can occur when he starts running.


Zeraora and forest Pokémon.png

Inheriting the traits of his previous life, Tyr showcase an strong, composed personality and a curious individual who wish to seek out know knowledge, beginings, endings and find out what there is in the world. Upon discovering to being a Pokémon, he felt lost and confused and didn't know what to do. However with the help of surrounding Pokémon that helped him, he began to set himself and not see himself as a human, but a Pokémon. In time, he came to find the Pokémon that helped him as close friends and decided to stay with him and help them in any way. Through this, he cherishes these Pokémon like they're family and would do anything for them.

Tyr saving a girl and an Pokémon

As an Pokémon, Tyr no longer is attracted to that of humans, where he became to investigate his psychology and how being a Pokémon would affect him long-term. Due to being a human, communication with human speech was essential, and he is concerned on the mental consequences and backlash would occur in being a new body. He began to seek out certain Psychic-type Pokémon who may help him with this. Thankfully as time went on, he felt no negative backlash in the new, and went on that he'll be fine mentally. However he is very concerned in being captured inside an Pokéball by any wandering trainer, he wish to not be captured and want to live a free life, this extends to his Pokémon allies he has made. He would protect them from any danger by human contact, and will not allow them to use a Pokéball on then. This is when he realized what it truly is being a Pokémon, where he began to think maybe capturing Pokémon is wrong and should not be taken. With this new belief, he soon vows to save Pokémon from humans who would attempt to use a Pokéball on them. However he does not hate humans, and is willing to go far to assist them if he deems them worthy enough for his loyalty. At some point, he went in and saved a human female child and her Pokémon from a falling boulder, protecting them with his body.

Tyr now hating humans.jpg

At some point, humans noticed Tyr's efforts in protecting the group of Pokémon and decided to help him in this regard, having created an sanctuary, so he and his Pokémon friends would be safe and under protection. This act of kindness to the humans allowed him to more trusting towards them then before. He even agreed to allow humans to enter to meet and greet the Pokémon inside the sanctuary, being happy that he's a Pokémon. However despite that, in truth the people were actually Pokémon Hunters that had a plot in capturing everyone for profit, including himself and betraying his trust. This caused a all-out battle to occur as the Hunters charge and began to battle and forcilly capture the Pokémon inside. Despite his efforts, he was unable to protect them all, whereas one of them had one of the titans, Regirock and was severely wounded by it, where he was forced to flee and leaving his Pokémon friends behind. Due to his act, he began to severely dispise humanity and regretting every trust them and blames himself for endangering the Pokémon and being captured.

Ash cuddling Tyr's tail.png

Since that day, Tyr stayed from human eye, becoming very hostile to anyone who would confront him, including attacking the humans directly. If he saw humans with Pokémon, he wouldn't intervene as despite what he wants, they belong to them but he would never harm their Pokémon regardless of their status. However when he was injuried by Pokémon Hunters, he was saved by a human named Edward Harlock, who used his power of Aura to defeat the Hunters, having a Lucario with him. His encountering with Edward got him on high alert, however he soon began to trust Edward where he helped him not only heal, but protect him from the Hunters. This act made him less hostile in the coming months, but not entirely docile around humans and would still attack if anything happens. This is shown with his encounter with Ash Ketchum, who began to pet his tail that almost caused him to use Thunder Punch on him in anger, only to be stopped by Edward's Lucario. He hated humans who just touch Pokémon without permission, especially if they're utter strangers and not even friends at all.

Despite being a human individual, reincarnatnig as an Pokémon has began to change his perspective and has embraced in becoming an Pokémon, where he was encountered by a Butch Florida in Alola in a "unpredicted event" that went to his first and official capture of a human. Upon being taken out of the Pokéball, he laid eyes on a fully-evolved Delphox, Florida's main starter Pokémon from Kalos. Seeing Florida's Delphox had him realized he has fallen in-love with the Fox Pokémon. At first, he tired to bury this emotional feeling, but soon realized he himself, is a Pokémon and simply accepted it. Having journeyed across Alola and finally, Galar made him got closer to Delphox, and Delphox herself also gotten closer to him. Upon challenging Leon in the final championship of the Galarian Pokémon League, one can say the two are now a "couple". Upon being officially with Delphox, he also became highly protective of her, upon which he will rage out if anything happened to her, including to Florida himself, though apologised for such a aggressive output. In the end, he cares deeply not only for Delphox and Pokémon, but even Florida, the second human he trusts besides Edward Harlock.

Abilities & Skills

Gifted Intellect: Tyr is the reincarnation of a former human known as Aether who was known at school as incredibly gifted. he is shown to have extraordinarily high level of intelligence, capable of understanding situations quickly and judge and act accordingly. Due to him being technically very young, he can be considered a genius in this regard, having great strategic and tactical knowledge which he demonstrated while defending wild Pokémon. Due to being a former trainer in his past life, he can coordinate wild Pokémon and give them orders for moves.


Thunder Punch (かみなりパンチ Kaminari Panchi?)

Thunder (かみなり Kaminari?)

Plasma Fists (プラズマフィスト Purazuma Fisuto?)

Trivia & Notes

  • Tyr while directly based on Aether due to being reincarnated, he also should be considered a fanonified version of the movie The Power of Us.
  • Physical description taken from the official site, and edited to fir the article.
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