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Just a random roleplay for bureaucrat Uni and admin Lightning



Infinity (UniversalGuardian1003)

Saysayylene (UniversalGuardian1003 [currently] and Looneypop [owner])

Isecali (UniversalGuardian1003)

Iris (Owened by Maddy, played currently by UG1003)

Detritex (UG1003)

Team Strike (Owned by UG1003, Looneypop and Maddy)

Chris Blackwind(LoonyChris96)

Team StormBlitz [Victor Lightning, Pikachu XXV, Lieutenant Magneton, Clinger, Latchgrip] (Commander Lightning)

Team HydroShock [Hydro, Amp, Venusaur, Gliscor, Swampert, Charizard] (UG1003)

Waqron (UG1003)

Saurava (Tennantfan)

Entei (Tennantfan)

Season Two

Hello tyranitar!.jpg

Tyranitar: "So, Lightning what exactly are we doing here?"

VL Magnezone.png

Victor Lightning: "You'll know soon enough."


Salamence: "Its a....What is that?"


Chillarmy: Hi!

Hello tyranitar!.jpg

Tyranitar: "Thats a Chillarmy. They are like Chinchillas."

Lieutenant Magneton 1.png

Lieutenant Magneton: "And they're likely to be found in an army, if that's what the name implies."

Garchomp, strong.jpg

Garchomp: "And there is the army...."


Clinger: "Enh?" {Army?}

Infinity: "I guess..."

Detritex: "Remember, Palkia and Zangoose need to be stopped, too."

VL Magnezone (sinister look).png

Victor Lightning: "Oh, ve are well aware of that. I'm sending my troops out in full force."

Saysayylene: "So, where do you think they are headed?"

Pikachu XXV: "Most likely they're headed to Aegis Cave."


Hydro: "Lets Go, then!"

---At Aegis cave---


VL Magnezone.png

Victor Lightning: "Hurry! They went through the northern corridor!"

Northern Corridor, Aegis cave


Amp: "I see them!" *runs on all fours up to them*

Lieutenant Magneton 1.png

Lieutenant Magneton: "Be careful! It could be a trap!"


Venusaur: "I don't think so, I sense nothing."


Clinger: "Henh! {Easy for you to say!}"


Latchgrip: "Steady, Clinger."


Palkia: "Why did you follow us?"

VL Magnezone Angered.png

Victor Lightning: "Because you are out of control! You can't just go after Lux because he's the son of a random Dialga."


Palkia: "Who says?"

Scary Dialga face.jpg



Clinger: "The Dialga..."

Scary Dialga face.jpg

Dialga TBH: "Clinger, this guy is weak! Help us take him dowm!"

[Clinger and Latchgrip open fire on Palkia with Zap Cannons]

Dialga TBH: "This is It! Palkia!" *slashes palkia's throat with a very sharp Dragom Claw*

Lieutenant Magneton 1.png

Lieutenant Magneton: "That was too close..."

Pikachu XXV: "But the Zangoose has escaped!"

Where is Zangoose?

Waqron 2.jpg

Waqron: "Where is that Zangoose? We should watch ou-" *zangoose ponces on him and knocks him out*

(All characters with pictures have been introduced, no more need for pictures)

Lieutenant Magneton: "There he is!"

Infinity: "Uh....MASS EXTINTION!" *Blows Zangoose to pieces* "That worked. Almost too well."

Pikachu XXV: (stunned) "That was rather... ...predictable..."

Detritex: "Zangoose and chips, anyone?" *Gets out meat batter and deep frier with potatoes and frie cutters*

Team StormBlitz: "No thanks..."

Infinity: "Now what are we going to do?"

Saysayylene: "Ummmm....the nonucbleac fluid?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Forgive me for asking, but nonucbleac fluid? What is that?"

Detritex: "Hey, not everyone knows! Nonupbleac fluid looks a lot like water. But, its not. It sucks up all the power a person has, and transfers it to the host. The thing is, you need to figure out who the host is to stop it."

Infinity: "It is what is flooding the planet."

Victor Lightning: "The problem is that the host may be under all of that fluid, and I will not take such a risk with any of my troops or my team."

Nonupbleac Fluid

Infinity: "I don't think so, most of the time, the host hires the species that makes the fluid." "We just need to find out who it is, and stop them."

Latchgrip: "It's not going to be easy. The host is probably not even on the planet."

Tyranitar: "What about Black Venom? He seems to steal power for his own."

Victor Lightning: "He's perhaps the closest suspect to this crisis."

Salamence: "Now, we have to set a trap."

Garchomp: *facepal- er...claw* "You have been watching too much scooby-doo. Its not that easy."

Victor Lightning: "We all know how dangerous Black Venom is, Salamence. Dealing with him is not abstract simple anymore."

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Swampert: "So, how do we catch him? Make a power show?"

Victor Lightning: "That would only drive him away, Swampert."

Meanwhile, in a small cave...

A Saurava is sleeping when it is woken up by a buzzing sound


Saurava: "Hello? Who's there? Hello?"

BZZZZZZZZ [Beedrills swarm out from deep within the cave, the Saurava runs] Saurava: "Ahhhhhhh!!!! Help me!" [Saurava bumps into something and looks up.]

Saurava: "Please don't hurt me!" [Saurava puts its hands over its eyes.]


Entei: "Do not worry my child! I shall protect you!"

Saurava: "You would protect m... m... me?"

Entei: "Of course, I would never harm a fellow fire-type unless they attack me."

Saurava: "Thank you Mr. Entei, sir!" [Entei uses flamethrower, knocking out all the Beedrills.] Saurava: "Thanks! Your my best friend!" [Entei turns around and walks off.] [Saurava runs after him.] Entei: "You should leave me alone, or you'll get in alot of trouble."

Saurava: "So, I'm going to stay with you till I can return the favour!"

Entei: "Very well, but as soon as things get too intense I'm taking you home!"

Saurava: "I don't need baby sitting!"

(From another cave section)

Latchgrip: "I can hear someone nearby..."

Hydro: "So can I."

Clinger: "Enh! Beh!" [peeks behind the cave walls, and listens in]

The mystery of the cave

Amp: "Who could it be?"

Pikachu XXV: [listens for a few more minutes, then shrugs] "Well, whoever it was, they're long gone now."

Amp: "Pikachu, why have you never evolved?"

Ace's Charizard.png

Charizard: "That is a very good question."

(0ff for the night.)

Pikachu XXV: "Because I can't. Because of the incidents at the Kanto Power Plant and New Mauville generator; the strange surges have somehow nullified out my ability to evolve. The Thunderstones do nothing, except raise my stats. Besides, I prefer not to evolve. No offense, Amp."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Many have the choice of not evolving, Charizard. They don't have to if they don't want to."

(Well, I'll see you tomorrow.)

Charizard: "When I reached level 16, I panicked, and so, I evolved uncontrollably. I thought that was the end of my life, and what it feels like to die."

Hydro: "My evolution story.........Is a long one, I will not tell it unless asked."

Latchgrip: "Of course. We won't force you to tell. That decision is also up to you, Hydro."

Victor Lightning: "That's the beauty of it. You always have a choice."

Evolution...feels weird

Hydro: "Anyone for training? We must have softened up, we haven't battled anyone for a while. So, moderate, hard, or ultra?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Wait. This isn't going where I think it's going, is it?"

Hydro: "What do you mean, all we are doing is exploring a dungeon."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Ah. I see." (((For a minute there, I thought that she was about to say for me to get a Coronet Stone. I was worried for a moment.)))

Victor Lightning: "Wait a second. How could we have softened up? Not us, that's for sure."

Pikachu XXV: "Our team keeps in shape with routine training in the simulation fields."

The last time you really explored a dungeon was.......?

Lagoon: "When was the last time you explored a hard dungeon? And I mean explore, as in not plow through."

Victor Lightning: "Just a few days ago. 3 to be exact... Not plowing through it. Why would you think that?"

Lagoon: "Just asking. So, I will repeat what my friend Hydro Said, would you like to explore a hard dungeon, a moderate one, or an ultra hard one?"

Victor Lightning: "You know we prefer to do things in order, right? We start with moderate, then work our way to the last choice."

Latchgrip: "A strategy that involves preparation."

Lagoon: "I like being messed up." :p

Hydro: "Preperation? For what?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's almost like level difficulty. You start off easy, or in this case: moderate, then work your way up from there."

The question is........Which dungeon?

Amp: "Okay, in that order, the dungeons would be Ultra Easy: Beach Cave, Easy: Foggy Forest, Medium: Aegis Cave, Moderate: Surounded Sea, Hard: Sky Stairway, and Ultra Hard: All Zero Isle dungeons."

Pikachu XXV: "Good call."

Lieutenant Magneton: "And the options are from Moderate to Hard to Ultra Hard. So therefore we start with Surrounded Sea, right?"

Hydro: "Correct."

Victor Lightning: "Then Surrounded Sea it is..."

Surrounded Sea


They leave for surrounded sea

Victor Lightning: "I remember when we were first here. We witnessed someone finding Manaphy's egg at the end of the dungeon."

Hydro: "Oh yes. Fond memories of that manaphy. One night my husband Walrein brought him home. He told me all about you."

Lieutenant Magneton: "He was able to tell you all about us?"

Hydro: "Not everything, just the details....And he wanted toins of gümees....."

Victor Lightning: "Walrein wanted tons of Gummis?"

Hydro: "No, that manaphy did....Did you spoil him?"

Victor Lightning: "Oh we knew Manaphy wanted tons of Gummis, but I thought when you mentioned Walrein, that he would refer to Walrein then. Then we were almost under the impression that they both wanted Gummis."

Hydro: "Actually, they did, but i was talking about Manaphy....He went insane ransacking the house for gumis....."

Pikachu XXV: "He ransacked the house?!!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "That must have been obsession, not appetite."

Victor Lightning: "No, we didn't spoil him, but he hardly did anything wrong. I would say that ruining the house was the first thing Manaphy did wrong."

Hydro: "Oh well. It was easy to fix. Oh! Its a Kingdra!" She fires Focus blast.

Victor Lightning: "Good shot, Hydro! I guess this means it's time to get moving. I have an idea of how to handle this. We'll take them down in groups until we meet up onto the next floor and plan another course from there."


Amp: "Crappers........." He points at a monster house with the stairway in the room.

Victor Lightning: "We'll handle it. Lieutenant Magneton will inform you once we've taken care of the monster house."

Monster House!!!

Hydro: "We will help!" Hydro fires Blizzard.

Victor Lightning: "Then together it shall be." [hovers into the air, and fires a Zap Cannon]

Amp: "Here we go!!" He fires Discharge.

Gliscor: "Thats all of them."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Then let's proceed."

Victor Lightning: "Lieutenant, you catch on quickly."

The Next Floor

Victor Lightning: "I always hated monster houses then, and I still hate monster houses now." [looks around, annoyed]

Everyone shivers

[Team StormBlitz looks back at them]

Lieutenant Magneton: "What's wrong?"

Venusaur: "The mere memory of when we were only level 20 and we ran into monster houses..."

Pikachu XXV: "I see......but we're in a group, and they can't take all of us down so easily."

Hydro: "Yes, that is true. The- Oh! Its the stairway!"

19th floor, Miracle sea.

Victor Lightning: "Well, we're almost at the end of this dungeon..."

Pikachu XXV: "And there were more of those monster houses than usual..."

Amp: "Yes, something may be wrong."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I can't even think of what we'll find at the end."

Venusaur: "Let me see...........Yes........Something is utterly and ultamately wrong.......Its not clear what, but, there is something coming...something bad...Ooh........." Venusaur faints.

Latchgrip: "That's not good."

Clinger: "Aghbehneh!"

Latchgrip: "You said it."

After 30 minutes

Venusaur gets up

Venusaur: "I'm fine now. Lets go."

Victor Lightning: "We'll attack them from the left... ...the rest of you take whatever direction you want."

Charizard: "Who put you in charge?"

Victor Lightning: [turns around, glaring at Charizard] "Do you want to fall from a full frontal attack against whatever's in there?!"

Charizard: "Hydro Can lead. Or Amp. No one put you in charge...Yeah...I'm a rookie so I ca't......."

Victor Lightning: "Typical of rookies. Always thinking they're ready. That's why they challenge a strategy that's put in place. Team StormBlitz will attack from the left, anyway. Do whatever you'd like."

Amp: "Theres the Stairway!!" They head towards it.

Hydro: "Are you ready?"

Pikachu XXV: "Ready as always, Hydro!"

The Twenieth floor..............

[Team StormBlitz flanks the left side of the area upon arrival]

Hydro: "I do not see anything..."

Lieutenant Magneton: "How strange..."

Victor Lightning: "Don't let your guard down just yet. It could be a trap."

Hydro: "Hmm....Something is about to happen...I just know it..."

Many Legendary pokemon jump out of nowhere

Victor Lightning: ...

Pikachu XXV: "Look!"

Everyone: "Oh.......MY............GOSH."

Latchgrip: "What are they all doing here?"

(I have business to deal with.....)

Victor Lightning: "They couldn't just all appear here at random."

Hydro: "A totally agree."

Arceus: "Calm down everyone, we have guests."

Kyogre: "Hmph."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Wait. Kyogre, what's going on here?"

Arceus: "This is a meeting of The Legendary Counsel."

Victor Lightning: "The Legendary..."

Pikachu XXV: "...Counsel?"

Dialga TBH: "We make decisions upont all pokemon. What they should do as a team to make Origin a better place."

Victor Lightning: "Should we join in this meeting?"

Arceus: "You may. We normally do not let visitors join, but you look like a tough bunch and may be able to represent all Pokemon as a whole."

Pikachu XXV: "We're honored to be part of the meeting."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes. Thank you."

[Team StormBlitz joins in the meeting]

Arceus: "We have a problem at hand. A vicious murderer outlaw is murdering millions of Pokemon. And No one can catch it."

Clinger: "BLEHGAH?!!!"

Latchgrip: "MILLIONS?!!!!"

Arceus: "Yes, Millions." [A Video is Broadcasted upon the ceiling, it shows a shadowy figure in Zero Isle, holding some sort of Scythe]

Victor Lightning: "No..."

Pikachu XXV: "It can't be..."

Arceus: "Do you doubt your Alpha?"

Victor Lightning: "If you know about that wraith, then God must have told you directly. That looks like Death himself!"

Chapter 3: Death Itself

Groudon: [Looks at Arceus, Arceus nods] "Yes. We believe he is the Pokémon manifestation of The Devil."

Team StormBlitz: "WHAT?!!!"

Victor Lightning: "This isn't right. This can't be happening..."

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Lieutenant Magneton: "Why the Devil?"

Groudon: "He represents all evil. He also grabs the dead and pulls him down to his lair, Hell."

Latchgrip: "He left that dimension and pulled the dead back into said dimension? That's awful!"

Arceus: "Yes he did. Now, we need to track him down and stop him."

Victor Lightning: "I hope we can track him down quickly."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Of all of the enemies, we have to fight him."

Palkia: "The last place we tracked him to was The Final Maze. Please go defeat and arrest him."

Victor Lightning: "We're on the way. Don't wait too long to contact us."

[Team StormBlitz hurries into Final Maze]

[Team HydroShock follows]

Amp: [Worried] "Hopefully we can get through this place. Last time we tried, we hardly got out alive."

Victor Lightning: "That's because your team was alone."

Pikachu XXV: "We'll stick together this time, Amp."

Amp: [Relieved] "Phwew, good thing."

Lieutenant Magneton: "What did Palkia mean by "arrest him"? Is this the actual Devil, or...?"

Arceus: ((If you do not find him there, he will most likely be in oblivion Forest. Possibly The Treacherous waters, Southeastern Islands, Inferno Cave, or Zero Isle Center. Yes he is the Devil himself. You are just arresting his manifestation of a pokémon.))


Lieutenant Magneton: ... (((Strange...)))

Victor Lightning: ((Arceus, I was planning on killing the manifestation....))

Hydro: (We wanted to kill him.......)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Well, shall we, then?"

Hydro: "Yes, we shou-"

Arceus: "NO YOU SHALL NOT!!!!!!!"

Victor Lightning: "WHAT?!! What did you just say?!"

Arceus: "Do not kill the manifestation! If you do he will come back, but stronger! I Must deal with him!"

Victor Lightning: "Then find him and smite him! I want him dead!"

Hydro: "Let's keep going."

Lieutenant Magneton: "At once."