Age 16
Nickname Jade
Status Active
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Born October 24th
Handedness Right
Complexion Light
Hair Light-Brown/Dirty-Blond
Eyes Hazel
Professional Status
Affiliation RWBY Fanon Wiki
Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki
Scholastica Gangs Wiki
PokéFanon Wiki
Team Scholastica Gangs Wiki Staff
Occupation High-School Student
Scholastica Gangs Admin
Personal Status
Relatives Mother, Father
Friends Verity
Various others
Additional Info
Likes Choir, singing. Being with friends. Video games.
Dislikes School, losing friends. Drama, gossip.
Special Skills Imagining things. Singing, creative writing. Math.
Weaknesses Executive functioning skills.

Hello! The name's Jade. I love to create characters, the list of characters on my various profile pages attesting to that. And now I'm building my Pokémon world too. If you want to know more about me, you are welcome to read on! Oh, and the tabs above will lead you to my creations and fanfics/RPs for this fandom. Feel free to click them!

About Me

Here, on the wikis, I'm a very helpful person. I've helped numerous people with their characters, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. My talk page is the best place to contact me, as I'm on the wikis a lot (probably more than I should be, but I can't help myself XD).

I'm also a good RPer - at least, when I remember to post. I tend to have a penchant for procrastination, unfortunately. Most of the time, it's not that I don't have ideas. My problem is that I think they're good ideas originally, then think they're outlandish as time goes on.

Besides this, I have one of the most sarcastic wits you'll probably ever see. So, if I say something that offends you, sorry in advance.

Other Interests

I have many interests outside of creating characters and writing stories, such as imagining scenes in my head. Though I have an odd talent of coming up with the most chilling scenarios... Anyway, I also like YouTube, though I mostly play music videos. Besides that, I watch the Let's Dub by Tyranee - the ones that are for the Ace Attorney series, anyway. It's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. And apparently, even in-flight PA systems can be ad-libbed. Not that the Ace Attorney series isn't already funny enough (seriously, not joking - it's pretty funny even without the ad-libs added by the voice actors).

Some of my other interests include reading (mainly fantasy books) with my favorite authors being John Flanagan and Rick Riordan, as well as playing games - board games, card games, video games; it doesn't really matter. I also like watching TV, mainly cop shows like Flashpoint (my favorite) and Criminal Minds. I also love to sing. I love choir, show choir, etc, and will sing pretty much anywhere. I have a pretty solid range, and have been told I have a pretty chest voice - in fact, I was actually an alto for most of my singing career, though I'm now in the soprano section.

While I don't really go there anymore, I've made several internet friends on Scholastica's Spirit Animals website, through the SAMB (Spirit Animals Message Boards - their version of forums). These include Hallie, whom I share many fandoms with, Verity, who recently created a wiki for our gangs (long story) which I am helping her set up, and Prank, whose RPs are very fun to participate in. Others include Rajani, Tiger, and Tilikum/Jetfire.

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