Hello, my name is Snowish! If you're an old friend, you may call me Lu.

Please use they/them pronouns when referring tome. I am non-binary.

I used to be an admin on this wiki, but since I never really did anything, I resigned. Still poppin' in every once in a while, but you can find me on tumblr. My main blogs are:

You can also find me at the following sites! Just click the link!


Current activity status is indefinite. Graduated from high school and focusing on building my portfolio/ask blogs while I have the time. I do pop in once in a while but whether I make an edit or not remains to be seen.

Breathing issue has been pointed in the direction of it being not anemia, but Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD). As I'm spending more time inside over the summer and not wearing myself out, breathing has been improving.

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