ゼオン Zeon
Age 21
Gender Male
Eye color Storm Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Fortree City
Region Hoenn
Relatives Unknown
Trainer class Ace Trainer
Generation Generation VII
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Hi, I'm Zeon1, also known as Zeon, Z, Zeo, Z-bro, and a few other nicknames.

Originally, I was a pretty ambivalent Pokémon fan, but after getting back into the franchise with Pokémon Y, my fandom has been revived and remained stronger than it was ever was the past few years. 

I'm currently in the midst of researching and conceptualizing my original region, based on India. This will hopefully allow me to incorporate elements that I and others have loved from previous versions of my main project while allowing me to play with something new and enjoyable. 

Stay tuned for updates, both for this project and Pokémon games I've/am playing!

Pokémon Games I've Played

Current Projects 

Future/Planned Projects

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