Your Yamask image names are just random letters and numbers, could I change that and give them proper file names for easier usage? ArlonAkai581 (talk) 03:33, March 13, 2021 (UTC)

I don’t see the problem tho,so send me to it 9:28,March 14th,2021 (EASTERN)

I mean instead of it being named CA13263F-A4CD-4AD0-8A6A-83B3608D8A0B.png, could you name it Galarian Yamask anime.png? I hope I didn't offend you by asking you this. ArlonAkai581 (talk) 23:16, March 14, 2021 (UTC)

sure! 7:18 Pm,March 14th,2021


Will May's Sneasel evolve at some point since it needs a Razor Claw, and since Cyndaquil admires Typhlosion that it'll evolve into one - NegimaLover - hello everyone 12:49, 16 April 2021 (UTC)

Yes! Maybe May’s Sneasel will evolve in the Sinnoh arcs while King Susie Pen’s Cyndaquil MAY evolve anytime soon. 8:55 AM April 16th,2021 (EASTERN)

Wartortle will evolve at a later date, while Oshawott will evolve in The Cuteness Quotient! and when Servine will evolve is still in the works. I have plans for the Marine Obstacle episode, but it's still being decided. I also use my own order of episodes, not the order that canon Journeys uses: https://pokemonfanon.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_A_Champion%27s_Path_Episodes. Thank you for the ideas though! ArlonAkai581 (talk) 15:54, April 19, 2021 (UTC)

ok,I see that! But I meant Ash’s Dewott will evolve in JN063. 12:27 pm April 19th,2021 (EASTERN)

It's a big possibility that Dewott will evolve Marine Obstacle episode. Thanks again for the ideas. Your version of Ash Ketchum also gave me the idea of giving him Zapdos and a few more ideas of what I want to do in my version of Journeys. Feel free to ask anymore questions if you want. ArlonAkai581 (talk) 20:08, April 19, 2021 (UTC)

i added Zapdos,Silicobra,and Gyarados because there Pokemon that Goh tried to caught but failed. I feel like Ash needs to add them to his team and that would be amazing if he did that. 4:23 Pm April 19th,2021 (EASTERN)

It then evolves into Typhlosion after some training. - NegimaLover - hello everyone 22:36, 19 April 2021 (UTC)

like I said,it’s a possibility that Quilava could evolve off-screen 6:38 pm April 19th,2021 (EASTERN)

Sorry for the late reply, its pretty good, and i have the pic of weavile too - NegimaLover - hello everyone 03:49, 20 April 2021 (UTC)

idk but maybe soon,May’s Sneasel will evolve,that’s up to me 9:58 AM April 20,2021 (EASTERN)

Oshawott has been changed to Dewott. I would have Ash catch another Pikachu and evolve into Raichu if I did want one on his team. You are very welcome for the help. Silicobra was a strange catch I will admit, I would have thought that it would just be a Goh capture. Lombre, Ekans, and Omastar are also surprising choices to give Ash. Most people would give Ash a Kabuto or Aerodactyl over Omanyte or Omastar as a Kanto Fossil. (Sorry I haven't replied to your past questions, so I did them now) ArlonAkai581 (talk) 23:26, April 20, 2021 (UTC)

that’s ok,but Silicobra,Lombre,Ekans,and Omastar are good additions to Ash’s Galar Team. 7:32 April 21,2021 (EASTERN)

I have an episode that may work, One Step Closer for Quilladin! - NegimaLover - hello everyone 09:30, 21 April 2021 (UTC)

uuuuhhhhh,what will happen? 8:01 AM April 21,2021 (EASTERN)

Ash Ketchum

Currently working on polishing your Ash's Pokémon template (Basically reorganizing the Pokémon by order of caught). If I may ask, when did Ash catch Floette and why is there a Charmander there along with a Charizard? Also what made you give Ash the Galar Starters and a Flygon for his Journeys team? ArlonAkai581 (talk) 03:24, April 22, 2021 (UTC)

He got Floette during his kalos Arc. Charmander because maybe Pokemon Journeys (not sure). The galarian starters because they rival against Goh’s Galarian starters. And flygon,I feel like ash should of got flygon and not Goh.

I am surprised by the choice. Victini is a good Mythical to add to his team. ArlonAkai581 (talk) 00:56, 14 May 2021 (UTC)

Yes. It’s true!

Do you mind if I start creating some pages for you that haven't been created yet? Such as Ash's Thwackey, Drizzile, and Flygon? ArlonAkai581 (talk) 14:18, 18 May 2021 (UTC)

that’s ok...

Hello There

Nice to meet you, Kaaaylee2007; this is Wyvern 0m3g4 here. I hope I'm not being too rude, but I can't help but ask for the sake of my own selfish curiosity; do you need help with your pages? Are you offering to collaborate with me? Or is there something else that I'm not getting just yet? Thing is, I'm not used to people coming up to me and asking if I'd like to edit their pages. My past experience with editing on fan wikis like this one have mostly been "I edit my pages and let other people edit theirs." A "live and let live" mindset, if that explains what I meant. The only times I've purposefully edited others' pages is if they needed help with something, if we had co-ownership over the page, or if I had to make necessary changes as part of a wiki's administration team. So this offer was very unexpected and confusing for me to come across just now.

I'd appreciate it a lot if you could explain what's up since I'm so lost right now. Do you need help? Is this just for fun? I'm so confused.

Wyvern 0m3g4 (talk) 02:14, 18 May 2021 (UTC)

I need help with all my pages.

You said you wanted to talk to me on my talk page? ArlonAkai581 (talk) 23:18, 20 May 2021 (UTC)

You can now Add the Pages like Drizzile and Thwackey. Plz all of them were added to his team the same episode he caught Gyarados.

For Thwackey and Drizzile, I will need some information to complete the page. Do you think you can give me the gender, ability, how and where they were caught and when they evolved. I would also like to let you know that I finished polishing your other Ash's mon's pages. ArlonAkai581 (talk) 19:55, 21 May 2021 (UTC)

They were both Caught at Cerise Laboratory and Grookey evolves Episode 63 while Sobble evolves Episode 69. But you can do it right now.

I will add more pages once I get permission to do so. Your reply on May 18th sounded like you were uncomfortable with me creating new pages, so I held back. ArlonAkai581 (talk) 21:31, 21 May 2021 (UTC)

You can! Anybody can help my pages and create ones I haven’t...

A collab seems interesting, is there a way you can give me more information of this collab somewhere other than fandom? It would seem irksome to talk on these pages back to back. Discord or email perhaps? ArlonAkai581 (talk) 23:31, 25 May 2021 (UTC)

Email,Prehaps. Let’s talk on Email.

arlonakai581@gmail.com ArlonAkai581 (talk) 03:02, 26 May 2021 (UTC)

My Series

Hey! Sorry, I am almost finished with my series and not doing another one. I have no plans to at the moment. Sorry. The only one which is happening at the moment is a series based on Hana and Liam, Jon and Josie's kids, in the future. I'm co-writing it with NegimaLover. Again, sorry I can't have your character in my main series. I would if I wasn't already at the league. Polarbear114 here. Check out my series! (talk) 23:18, 31 May 2021 (UTC)

oh no,but can we Pokemon Fanon Journeys together? I can be in the place in Goh!

By any chance your OC is King Susie Pen for this series polar and I are making? - NegimaLover - hello everyone 11:13, 19 June 2021 (UTC)

well,I want to be in it so....

Have you noticed Vanillite had evolved into a Vanillish - NegimaLover - hello everyone 00:01, 13 July 2021 (UTC)

Yes and Chespin will join the next Episode and it will be called "Hi Ho,Chespin"

Can we discuss Pokemon Sinnoh Adventure

So far, there are 5 episodes, here are the basic plots of each of them: 1. The beginning 2. Boy catches Starly 3. King Susie Pen's debut episode 4. Girl's debut episode 5. Group gets Poketches Any ideas for episodes leading up to the Roark battle?

Uuuuhhhh, King Susie pen catching Treecko?

Sounds nice. Any other ideas?

Yes,there is King susie pen's Rival named Barry,who owns an Piplup and Elekid at the beginning.

Lol there's 2 Piplup now. Also should we do stuff from the Sinnoh anime for this series? Like, the Hearthome Tag Battle and other things.

Yes but King susie pen and Barry's Piplups will evolve.

Speaking of, how many episodes should the starters stay unevolved? Like, how many episodes should they spend in their unevolved stage and first stage?

Boy's Chimchar will be 6 episodes as a Chimchar and 134 episodes as a Monferno

Girl's Turtwig will be 169 episodes as a Turtwig and 34 episodes as a Grotle

King susie pen's piplup will be 9 episodes as a piplup and 23 episodes as a Prinplup

Barry's piplup will be 1 episode as a piplup and 54 episodes as a Prinplup

King Susie Pen's Treecko will be 45 episodes as a Treecko and will be the Serena's Braxien of this series,it will not evolve into sceptile until in the Kalos series,where it is revealed to evolve into a sceptile prior to that episode.

Woah. You've already got this planned out lol. Also I gave Boy and Girl names: Brayden and Scarlett. BTW I came up with some ideas for their teams:

Brayden: Snorlax, Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray, Floatzel, Abomasnow

Scarlett: Torterra, Rapidash, Pachirisu, Togekiss, Gallade, Glaceon

King Susie pen: Seviper, Empoleon, Zangoose, Grovyle (Sceptile in Kalos), Charizard, Rayquaza (I also catch Giratina in Episode 99)

Cool. So, considering the main plot is basically over by Episode 99, where does that leave the episodes after that? Also, how many episodes should the Pokemon be unevolved? (not counting Pachirisu, Seviper and Zangoose)

No. Also i will use Giratina when ever i want to and i want a snow episode where Eevee will evolve.

59 episodes as a Munchlax 35 episodes as a starly and 15 episodes as a Starvania 49 episodes as a Shinx and 23 episodes as a Luxio 10 episodes as a Buizel 52 episodes as a Snover 6 episodes as a Ponyta 4 episodes as a Togepi and 63 episodes as a Togetic 10 episodes as a ralts and 2 episodes as a Kirlia 96 episodes as an eevee 2 episodes as a Charmander and 40 episodes as a charmeleon

Okay, but wdym by 'No'? Also any ideas for upcoming episodes? Btw yeah I can do a snow episode, maybe one on the way to Snowpoint City

Because i dont want the series to end at episode 99.

King susie pen catching charmander should be in episode 25 called "Charming Charmander" and its evolution into charmeleon should be "Wanna be Charmeleon". Also episode 26 should be called "Charizard Action!".

Ok. But my question was what episodes should come after the Team Galactic stuff is over, aside from the final gym

Since Every Series ends with a League why not let the final 10 episodes be League episodes, where I catch a Cyndaquil before in episode 289.

Ok. How many episodes do you think this series will go for?

Possibly Between 300 and 310

Oh my. That means around 189 filler episodes before the league! How will we do it?

They will be a Giratina Arc where king Susie pen catches a Giratina.

Wait. So the Team Galactic Arc and the Giratina Arc are 2 seperate things?

Its Up to You!

Ok. I'll get to editing the episode page so that there's 10 more episodes. Here's the link


You can edit it, if you want.


Hey, in December, I'll be away for 2 weeks leading up to New Years, so if I can't get the wifi where I'm going, I'll tell you the episode plots simplified:

23. Turtwig, Rapidash and Pachirisu get lost, finding a Togepi egg in the process, and reuniting with Scarlett by the end of it. 24. Beggining of the Hearthome Tag battle tournament. The gang all pass the first round. 25. Turtwig gets lost, leading Scarlett to use Rapidash in the next battle while Pachirisu goes to look for Turtwig

I'll hopefully be back by January 3rd.


Anyways, tomorrow (for you, at least) is the premiere of the series. I'll be gone for 2 hours, though, so hopefully we can do this before I have to go.

Yeah, so uh, plot twist, it turns out I don't have that thing where I leave for 2 hours today, so maybe this premiere can go smoothly.

Ok but Hoepfully it will be here today! Right!

So, its like 'Brayden's off with his Munchlax to deliver something to Professor Rowan. Turns out another reason he was sent there was because his parents wanted him to get a Starter Pokèmon and a Pokèdex. So, he gets his Pokèdex and a Chimchar, and off they go on a journey. BTW I think it should go like: Brayden connects with Azelf King Susie Pen connects with Uxie Scarlett connects with Mesprit

You know what! I do love Uxie so you are perfect! Its my favourite out of the trio! :D

lol what a coincidence


BTW I had to make some episodes happen later, like the Charmander episode not being the 25th one and instead happening later

Like episode 32?

Yeah it's episode 31. Also episode 29 is the Eevee episode

So, who's gonna edit the episode page?

I am!

Ok, I'll edit Brayden and his Pokemon. You can get there from this link

Ok! Gonna add my paga?

ok, here you go

I mean king Susie pens page.

Oh. I'll do that when we get to Episode 3. But there's the 1st episode page. Edit it, if you want.


You gonna edit it? Or will you leave that stuff to just me?

I am gonna edit but i just dont have enough time.

Ok, BTW I'm editing it, don't worry

Hey, you there? If so can we continue talking?

Sure but i am running out of time.

OK. So, next episode is coming out this Friday. Also I posted a new topic.


I have a great idea

You know what I should do? I should add Tokyo the Riolu to your Galarian Team. He would debut in Episode 30 and will join the Galarian Team in the same episode.

I also gave him a redesign in the Galarian Team series. In this series, Tokyo would be epicly smug, and have a parent in form of a female Lucario. Do you like this idea?

TheRandomBlock (talk) 11:55, 16 July 2021 (UTC)

I love Riolu and Lucario so It Sound Good!

I have a question about something you said

So, one time when we were talking about Pokemon Sinnoh Adventure, you said that Grovyle wouldn't evolve until the Kalos Series. So does that mean after this series, we're doing a Kalos series?

Yes but we have to so a unovan series 1st before the kalos series.

Ok. Is it connected to Pokemon Sinnoh Adventure or...

Yes it is.

By that do you mean 'new trio start their journey and later the old trio returns' or 'trio heads to Unova, leaving their Pokemon behind except for their starters'

A New Trio but King Susie Pen returns in Unova and The Old Trio along with Calem in Kalos.

Ok, so, basically, about this trio:

Boy gets Tepig Other Boy gets Oshawott Girl gets Snivy

Also I'm guessing Brayden and Rachel are in Kalos to learn about Mega Evolution with their Abomasnow and Gallade

Yes,also I am gonna mega evolve my charizard into mega charizard x. Also I will have a serperior in my unova team.

I have 2 questions 1. Did you change Scarlett's name to Rachel or did I forget her name? 2. Is King Susie Pen's Serperior from the Professor?

Also I posted something on the Discuss page

1. You maybe forgot her name 2. No,I got Serperior as a Snivy from an Egg.

OK, also I have a talk page


Also have you seen my new post in Discuss?

OK! what is it about?

A Poll that says 'Should I make a Unova anime series unrelated to Pokemon Sinnoh Adventure?' Purely because Black was my first game, and I have some ideas. You can ask me a question about it on my talk page.

I did saw that one.

OK, but I recently added a new poll that says 'Scratch that, should I do a Unova or Alola series?'

Care to help us?


I hope you can help me and my friends with the main series (Guardians of Harmony)! If not, it's okay.

Sure! Since it has Pokemon in it,i will help!