Waqron (humanoid form) using the original Force Glove

Waqron the Metagross

Basic Info
Name Waqron
Species Metagross
Type(s) Steel.gif Psychic.gif
Age 13
Gender male
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
Aliases None
Political/Battle Info
Affiliation Team Aex, The Light
Held Item(s) Focus Glove
Contact Moves


Ranged Moves


Status Moves


Ability Levitate


Waqron Aex is the patriarch of the Aex family, and a member of Team Aex.

He used to be the Head Guardian, but aged out and retired some years back, supplanted by his daughter, Infinity. When he must blend in to the Pokemon world, he is seen in the form of a levitating Metagross with red claws and a modified Focus Glove. This Focus Glove increases the precision of his usage of Balefire.

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